Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Avoid getting bad memories by reading my top travel tips below! 🙂

Don’t let your guard down

Avoid showing off most of your gadgets in public, remember that you are a visitor you don’t know much of the place so best to keep a low profile.

Ask the Locals

It’s not bad to ask the locals for some best tourist spot near the place or best restaurants they recommend most. They are just the best way to know more about the place so don’t be afraid to ask.

Put on Sunscreen

ALWAYS put on sunscreen whenever you’re on a vacation. You’ll never know how much walking and running under the sun you’ll encounter. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays!

Bring extra batteries or power bank

Who knows how long a trip could take? Better to pack your extra batteries with you or a power-bank to avoid dead mobile phones and gadgets.

Plan ahead

Best to have Plan A to Z rather than ending up being disappointed in your whole trip. Think of other places nearby where you could go as an alternative in case your Plan A fails. Create your itinerary for the exact time departure and exact time arrival.

Make a list

It’s such a terrible feeling remembering things that you should’ve brought with you when you are already on your way. Create a list of things you need to bring to avoid forgetting it. It’s the best way to have a good vacation.

Check out Beach, Mountains, and Waterfalls for your forget-me-not list.

Learn simple phrases of the Local Language

Learn simple phrases in the place you will visit. A simple “thank you” and “good day” could make your whole day awesome.

Plan your outfit of the day

For some travelers, planning their outfit is a must! For me, I always plan what to wear because it makes my vacation more exciting whenever I dress up.

Take countless photos

And this will be my last tip, take countless photos everywhere. Like I always say, “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”.