Beach Lovers always on the go!

Summer has been quite the most favored season of all beach lovers. And since beach lovers are always on the go… that’s when the question enters, are you summer-ready? Not to worry because I’ll be helping you pack your bags so we can go get that tan done!

The Forget-me-not List

Some people tend to forget many things due to excitement and wanderlust! Some are just too lazy to make their forget-me-not-list so I’ll be making that one for you so you can save the time to enjoy your travel!

Forget-me-not: Cash and Credit Card, Lightweight Clothing, Power bank, Camera, Mobile Device and Chargers, First-Aid Kit, Personal Necessities, Toiletry Kit, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Flashlight, Tent, Travel Food, Mess Kit (for camping and backpacking).

Now you’re ready for a sun-kissed skin!

Best way to enjoy your summer getaway is to save yourself from forgetting things! Now the only thing you need to be worried about is getting that smile in all your photos. Forget to take nothing but photos and leave nothing but your footprints in the sand!

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