Boracay Toilet Restaurant: My Toilet Story!

Boracay Toilet Restaurant: My Toilet Story!

Experience dining at a unique-themed restaurant to the next level! The Toilet Restaurant is located in Boracay Station 1 and is the first toilet-themed restaurant in the Philippines. You can add this up to your epic Boracay escapade and challenge your mind to eat in a place full of toilets, shower curtains, toilet tissue papers, bathtub and toilet tubes!


🚽 A Toilet Story!

As you enter the restaurant, you will notice the chairs are actually toilet bowls and the tables are designed with bathtubs and toilet tubes around it. Experience eating on a tableware made out of small porcelain toilets. The menu was taken to the next level too as you will notice they were labeled with stinky names!


🚽 What’s On The Toilet Menu?

You will be surprised that the list of foods is labeled with stinky toilet-related names, too! As for me, it actually adds up to the unique experience and it’s a bit funny to tell your order by saying “one order of Inihaw na LiemPOOP”!

The price per person is a bit high considering it’s a unique restaurant but it will range from PHP240.00 and above which is acceptable.


🚽 Additional Information

  • Operating Days/Hours: Open daily/11:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Address: Boracay Station 1, near Willy’s Rock Formation
  • Wifi: None
  • Parking Space: None


🚽  Additional Photos

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