Old Diplomat Hotel: Exploring Its Dark Past!

Old Diplomat Hotel: Exploring Its Dark Past!

The Old Diplomat Hotel is lying on top of the Dominican Hill. It has a long history of reconstruction way back in 1913 when it first used to be a school that became a retreat house and so much more until it transitioned to a hotel.

It has been quite a challenge for me to visit the famous Old Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City as I have read news and viewed documentations about this strange place where a lot of unexplained scenes and mysterious things happen most especially during the night. Houses nearby the place also claimed that they hear strange noise at night such as clattering and voices of people screaming in agony that seems to be trying to get some help.


The Story Behind Every Photo

The Fountain

When the place was still the famous Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, crying from kids and babies inside the hotel was a common noise which can be attributed to the massacre of numerous children that was done in the fountain.


The Cross

According to one of the employees of the Diplomat Hotel, for an unexplainable reason, a certain nurse in the building committed suicide by jumping off the third floor from this cross.


The Hallway

A lot of pictures on the internet has been circulating from time to time wherein a headless nun or priest can be seen in those photos. There are also reported news where headless apparitions are often seen inside the hotel. The claimed reason is that during the World War III, numerous nuns and priests were beheaded here.


The Hotel

According to reports, there was an incident wherein the hotel was burnt down by fire wherein several guests and employees were still inside the hotel and died in the tragic event. This is believed to be the reason why voices of people screaming in what seems to be agony are commonly heard in the old building at night.


The Transition History

To this point, Baguio Diplomat Hotel has been a famous tourist spot wherein tourists who visit Baguio always find a way to drop by the Dominican Hill to check the place. Baguio Diplomat Hotel has also been featured in so many TV Shows such as Rated K and Jessica Soho which made its popularity grow higher.


How To Get There

Option 1: Via Taxi

Hire a taxi going to Diplomat Hotel, PHP70.00 one-way fare is already reasonable which is good for 5 people.


Option 3: Via Private Vehicle

Find your way to Kisad Rd. near Burnham then go straight to Lower Quarry. Continue onto Queens of Angels Rd. then turn to Dominican Hill.


Other Information

  • Entrance Fee: None
  • Operating Days/Hours: Open daily at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Parking Space: Yes. Depends on availability.


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