La Union: 4 Destinations PHP160.00 Itinerary

La Union: 4 Destinations PHP160.00 Itinerary

“Hanggang saan aabot ang PHP160.00 mo lodi?”


How did I do it? First, I believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in the heart of a person who truly desires travel. Secondly, there are so many places that you can see for FREE! That’s actually my ultimate secret for cheap travels. You just have to be patient enough to search for places and don’t just plan it, make it happen! Wag lang puro drawing mga beshywaps!


4 Destinations: PHP160.00 Expense for a Group of 5

  1. Bahay na Bato – PHP30.00 entrance fee
  2. Ma-Cho Temple – FREE!
  3. Tangadan Falls – PHP100.00 guide fee plus PHP30.00 entrance fee
  4. San Juan Surfing – FREE entrance to the beach!


Like I said, FREE access to tourist spots is the ULTIMATE SECRET!


When Is The Perfect Time To Visit ELYU?

La Union is best known for its huge waves and beach activities which is why it was named the Surfing Capital of The North. Therefore, the best time to visit the place is in its Surf Season – July to March.


How To Get To La Union:

Ready na mga besh? This has been asked on our Facebook Page by a lot of people so put your seatbelts on and let’s travel!


Option 1: From Manila

Ride a bus from Cubao to San Fernando, La Union. The fare is about PHP430.00 – PHP530.00 depending on the bus you will choose. Travel time will take 5-7 hours.


Option 2: From Dagupan, Pangasinan

There are ordinary buses that go straight from Dagupan to La Union but is hard to find. Alternatively, you can ride a bus from Dagupan to Agoo, La Union. The fare is about PHP50.00 – PHP60.00. And from Agoo, ride a bus to San Fernando, La Union. The fare is about PHP50.00 – PHP60.00 as well depending on the type of bus, too. Travel time is about 2-3 hours.


Places To Visit:

🌸 Explore Ma-Cho Temple

The Taoist Temple is very popular in San Fernando, La Union. The Temple is open every day at 6 AM to 5 PM. It is very easy to come and visit the Temple as it is just along the road which is why it is so accessible. Just a few reminders, although the place is very instagrammable mga beshy ko, we still need to pay respect to the place by wearing proper clothes and minimize the noise. Some people are in the Temple praying to their Gods.

Fun Fact: The Ma-Cho Temple is a Taoist Temple to the Chinese Sea-Goddess, Mazu. It was built around 1975.

How to get there: From San Fernando town or bus terminal, ride a jeepney to Ma-Cho Temple, fare is around PHP8.00. The locals and the jeepney drivers are really friendly and matulungin, so don’t be shy to ask around.


🌸 Surf at the Tropical Surf Spot!

ELYU rose to fame because of its surf spots. Bunch of celebrities and public figures come to the place almost every summer to enjoy the heat and huge waves. There’s a lot of activities you can do here! Check out below for the list and rates.

Remember guys, these activities are OPTIONAL. You can choose to just visit the beach and swim since the beach is just FREE ACCESS. In our case, we just rented for a Kayak which is good for 2-3 people.

How to get there: Ride a jeepney bound to San Juan from San Fernando, La Union. The fare is PHP11.00 and travel time is 20-30mins.

SEBAY San Juan: MacArthur Highway, San Juan, 2514 La Union

🌸 Trek and Swim at Tangadan Falls

Another of the many more activities you can do in La Union is trekking and swimming at the famous Tangadan Falls. There’s an hour trek going to the falls and the trail is 2/9 difficulties that also requires river trekking. There are 2 falls you will encounter, the first one is perfect for cliff jumping while the second one, which is the Tangadan Falls, is perfect for swimming. For additional activity other than swimming, you can rent bamboo rafts.

How to get there: From San Juan, ride a jeepney to San Gabriel. Tell the jeepney driver to drop you off in the tricycle lane going to Tangadan Falls. Jeepney fare is PHP20.00. Charter a tricycle going to the trailhead and fare is roughly PHP25.00 to PHP50.00. From there, pay the entrance fee of PHP30.00 to Tangadan Falls and the guide fee which is PHP500.00.

Tip: In our case, we did not hire a guide since there were tourists ahead of us who were also going to the falls so we just followed them throughout the whole trail. Tipid tips mga lodi!

Tangadan Falls, The Main Falls


🌸 Instagrammable Bahay Na Bato!

For me, this is the best PHP30.00 entrance fee of all! Sobrang sulit! Why? Because the place is very instagrammable considering that the entrance fee is only PHP30.00. This art gallery is good for prenup and photoshoots and is also open for occasions such as birthdays, baptismal and weddings. The place is very wide and consists of sculptures, paintings, rock formations, etc. It also maintains a very peaceful surrounding as it is situated on the pebble beach shore of Luna, La Union.

How to get there: Option 1 – Ride a jeepney from San Juan or San Fernando bound to Luna. The fare is PHP30.00 and travel time is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Charter a tricycle to Bahay na Bato, fare is PHP50.00 per head good for 2 persons.

Option 2 – If you are coming from San Gabriel, ride a jeepney back to San Juan then ride another jeepney bound to Luna.

Pak Ganern! Yes mga beshy PHP30.00 lang yan! G? G!

 Suggested Itinerary:


6:00am ETA San Fernando (breakfast)

6:30-7:30am Ma-Cho Temple (photo-op, sight-seeing)

8-10:00am Sebay San Juan (swimming and surfing)

10-11:00am Lunch at Halo-Halo de Iloko (optional)

12nn Start trek

1-2:30pm Tangadan Falls (swimming, photo-op)

4:30-5:30pm Bahay na Bato (photo-op)


Tip: The earlier, the better!


Where To Eat?

One of the many advantages in La Union aside from its accessibility is that restaurants are all over the place! There are a number of fast-food restaurants in town and if you want a budget-friendly meal karenderyas are also crowding in the streets and along the road.

Recommendation: If you’re not on a tight budget, you can try out the famous Halo-Halo de Iloko in town. For the restaurant’s menu, click on Halo-Halo de Iloko Facebook Page for varieties of food they offer. The cost per person is from PHP300.00 to PHP700.00. As for us, we were not able to eat there because it was under renovation at the time we visited Elyu, which was also devastating since we heard that the food in the restaurant is a must eat in town! So if you have a chance, don’t miss it!


Where To Stay?

If you decide to visit and stay in La Union for a few days, you can check online a lot of cheap places for you to stay. You can find the best deals on Traveloka and Trivago, just filter the type, amenities, and location that fits your perspectives.

Click Here To Book Hotels


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