Masungi Georeserve: Giant Spider Web

Masungi Georeserve: Giant Spider Web

Masungi Georeserve is a conservation project that sits in the rainforests of Baras, Rizal. Its name was derived from the local word “masungki” which means spikes – describing the jagged limestone found here. It offers a unique outdoor experience which allows visitors to enjoy the 3-5 hours hike. Some of its trail features are the bayawak, duyan, sapot, nanay, tatay, and yungib ni ruben comprises its prominent list of sights.

A few reasons why I personally enjoyed my visit here is because the tour coordinators and park ranger guides are very knowledgeable and friendly, which made the whole hike more comfortable and fun. There were hammocks too at every stop where you can rest. The management has developed the Dahon Village at the end of the trail where there are a lot of hammocks in different shapes and sizes of leaves. Guests will be able to rest on these hammocks after a long and winding trek.


How To Get There?

In our group’s case, we decided to rent a van good for 14 people. Our hike will start at 7 in the morning and it will be too much hassle if we will try to commute since there are no jeepneys or other transportation vehicles that go there directly except for private vehicles. You can rent a tricycle from the junction of Baras, however, the one-way fare is PHP500.00 for 4-5 people and another PHP500.00 on your way back. So it’s best to form a group of 10-14 people to minimize hassle and most especially to minimize expenses.

Address: J. P. Rizal St, Baras, 1970 Rizal


Who Can Join and How To Join

You can request your visit through this platform:

Important reminders:

  1. Age of guest should be at least 13 y/o.
  2. When requesting for a visit, your group should be at least 7 people.
  3. Walk-ins are not accommodated, you should pay and book your reservation online prior to your visit to secure your slots.
  4. Proper attire should be observed.
  5. Sandals are not allowed, closed shoe is the only footwear allowed.
  6. Big bags are not allowed.
  7. Rules inside the conservation area should strictly be followed. Penalty fees will apply, otherwise.

How much is the fee?

  • The conservation fee will be at PHP 1,500.00/guest for the weekdays and PHP 1,800.00/guest for the weekends.
  • Inclusions: Local Park Ranger Guide, complimentary light refreshments, light bags that may be used through the trail; Guests are encouraged to bring their own water jugs (1 litre recommended) as refill stations are available at Silungan.

I highly suggest you request your visit through the link provided above. There are other third parties that don’t have legal contracts with Masungi Georeserve and are banned by the management itself for selling slots.

If in case you cannot complete the required minimum number of people to request for a visit, you can check their Facebook page for shared trail visits.

Click here for other information and for terms and conditions.


Exploring the Masungi Georeserve


Get a spectacular view of Laguna de Bay – the biggest lake in the Philippines – through this web-style viewing platform.

Trivia: Masungi Georeserve is also famously known because of this giant spider web.

Yungib Ni Ruben

An example of a cave formation that is part of a karst landscape, get up and close with cave characteristics or simply seek a cooler shelter away from the sun.

Trivia: Our guide said that the birds and monkeys from this area are fond of taking cameras away! Haha! So careful there for pricey camera holders!


Ditse, Patak and Duyan

This area contains an already existing cactus garden and an air house. This one of my favorite trails!



Named after the largest lizard that can be found within, climb down the Bayawak resting at the side of a tall rock edifice.

There’s no other way for you to go down there but this! I was the first to go down in our group and it was worth it. I love heights and this is such a spectacular adventure for me!

Tip: Just don’t look down if you have fear of heights. Always exercise caution by being mindful of every step you take.

Wasn’t that hard afterall huh 😀



This valley-like area with a bird bath and a rest area (Barangay Dahon) is designed for relaxation prior to the final ascent back to the visitor sheds.


Make your way back to the starting point by passing through Sawa (Snake). Sawa offers spectacular views of the Liwasan area.

This is the last trail and after that, you’ll be heading back to Silungan where you started your trail.



The first and taller one among the two peaks is a natural sculpture and formation composed of several rocks seemingly piled on top of one another.

This was really high and steep, too!



The second peak features five limestone rock peaks interconnected by bridges.

Trivia: The rock formation on this peak that can be seen in the photo below is Masungi’s logo.


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