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For those who haven’t tried hiking and camping for an overnight stay in the woods, get ready because this experience is extraordinary! This type of adventure is for thrill-seekers, those who are willing to spend the day and night with limited resources and few unexpected situations that might come your way while hiking and camping. Let’s not go beating around the bush, hiking could be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken seriously. So I suggest that before you finally go and decide to hike, read some tips online and pack light but pack the things you will only need. Remember that you only got limited supplies in the woods and those are all your eyes can see inside your backpack.

Mountains are hiker’s happy place, my happy place. The feeling after finally reaching a mountain’s summit is irreplaceable! It gives you unexplainable joy and satisfaction.. a feeling of fulfillment that you survived a long hike and the view on top is your prize.. Money can’t even buy that feeling. Although it wasn’t long enough since I started climbing mountains, I already got a list of mountain names for me to cross out! So what are you waiting for?! Check our Travel Guides and hike on weekends!


What’s Inside a Campers Backpack?

Don’t forget to pack only the things you need. Pack light and pack smart! Check the list below…

Forget-me-not: Cash and Credit Card, Lightweight Clothing, Power bank, Camera, Mobile Device and Chargers, First-Aid Kit, Personal Necessities, Toiletry Kit, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Flashlight, Tent and Rain Tarp, Trail Food, Mess Kit.


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