Mt. Pamitinan, Rizal

Mt. Pamitinan, Rizal

Mt. Pamitinan is a famous hiking destination in Rizal along with Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Hapunang Banoy as its neighbor mountains. These three mountains can be conquered in one day and is called the Trilogy Hike in Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez, Rizal. Mt. Pamitinan is a more established trail compared to the other two and it takes roughly 1.5 – 3 hours going up. This mountain has been the most famous of the three not only because it’s the easiest to climb but also because the popular death-defying stunt is part of its trail.

A distant Mt. Arayat, Sierra Madre Mountains, Town of Rizal and Mt. Hapunang Banoy comprises its prominent list of sights.


How To Get There

Option 1: From Cubao

Ride a van from Cubao to Eastwood Rodriguez, Rizal. The fare will be PHP100.00 then charter a tricycle to Brgy. Wawa, PHP60.00 one-way trip is reasonable for 5 people.


Option 2: From MRT Shaw Blvd. (Cheaper than option 1)

Ride a Tanay jeepney from Park Lea and tell the driver to drop you off at Cainta Junction, (PHP10.00). From Cainta junction, ride a jeepney to Sta. Lucia East Mall, (PHP10.00). From Sta. Lucia, ride a jeepney to Rodriguez, Rizal then tell the driver to drop you off in the tricycle lane to Brgy. Wawa, (PHP27.00). Charter a tricycle to Brgy. Wawa, (PHP60.00/5 pax).


Conquering Mt. Pamitinan

The first part of the trail is forested, you will pass by a few viewpoints such as the old balete tree and the rock climbing.

As you reach the Hapunang Banoy junction, the rest of the trail will be different from the forested trail since it will be a rocky trail that will require extra caution especially for those who are not into rock climbing.

For hikers who enjoy this kind of activity or trail, it will be manageable for them but for beginners, extra caution should be exercised. The use of gloves will be required in this trail since the rocks are a bit sharp.

There are a few viewpoints before reaching the summit such as the famous death-defying photo-op and spectacular views which is 15 minutes before reaching the summit.

Are you brave enough to do this?!

Tip: Don’t look down, it won’t help. Exercise extra caution! You didn’t go this far to chicken out!

Finally, the summit at its best! As usual, the feeling of conquering another mountain is irreplaceable and such an achievement! Mt. Pamitinan, by far, has one of the most beautiful summits I’ve ever seen and there’s more to come on our next adventures!


Suggested Itinerary

Mt. Pamitinan Dayhike

0500 Cubao to Eastwood Rodriguez, Rizal

0630 Take a jeep or tricycle to Brgy. Wawa

0700 Register and hire a guide at Brgy. Hall/Tourism Office

0730 Start trek

0830 Arrive at Hapunang Banoy Junction

1000 Summit, photo-ops, rest

1030 Start descent

1130 Lunch at Hapunang Banoy Junction

1300 Back to Brgy. Wawa

1530 Back to MNL


Other Tips & Information

  • Jump-off Point: Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez, Rizal
  • Days/Hours to Summit: 1 day/1.5-3hrs
  • Specs: Minor Climb
  • Guide: Required
  • Guide Fee/Mountain: PHP500.00 per 7 pax
  • Contact Person: Kuya Ronche 09076457391
  • Mobile Signal: Smart users only
  • Use of Gloves: Required
  • Bring at least 2L of water and packed lunch
Our only photo with our kwelang guide, Kuya Ronche!


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  • Is it possible to join to other groups?? I’m with my friend, just the two of us and it’s cheaper if we have 5 more pax to pay for the guide fee….

    • Hi there! 🙂 Yes it’s possible, provided that the total will be maximum of 5. 🙂 As for us, we didn’t get the chance to join the other smaller group since there’s 4 of ’em and there’s 3 of us which makes it a total of 7.. 🙁

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