Mt. Sembrano, Rizal

Mt. Sembrano, Rizal

This year didn’t just made me love pristine beaches but also made me appreciate the feeling after making it on top of the mountains. I never thought camping and hiking could be so wonderful as it brings out the best adventures anyone would like to have. It is never easy to climb a mountain, but the view on top is great!

Awesome! I could scream my lungs out whenever I make it to the top! It’s like looking down on a beautiful creation made just for you to see. If I were to choose over sunset or camping, I’d choose camping. Sunset is something that can be seen in the city but camping can only occur when you hike.


Expenses And How To Get There:

  • Ride a bus from Robinson Galleria to Tanay Rizal – fare is PHP70.00
  • From Tanay Rizal, ride a jeepney bound to Barangay Hall of Malaya – fare is PHP23.00. Pay the registration fee of PHP20.00/head and if you want to hire a guide there will be a fee of PHP500.00/10 people.
  • Major jumpoff will be in the Barangay Hall of Malaya.

The hike will last for 2-3 hours. You will reach the campsite in the first hour where you can set-up your tent if you are planning to do an overnight stay. There’s a small waterfall near the campsite that could be your water source. From the campsite, we decided to climb the 2 mountain peaks in the late afternoon to watch the sunset on top and also to minimize the heat of the sun. There’s a 45-minute hike going to the first peak or the North Peak. If you want to climb the second peak or the South Peak, there’s another 30-minute hike which I highly suggest you should go.

Fun Fact:

The view at the peak is scenic. Laguna Lake, Talim Island, the Sierra Madre, the Banahaw Trilogy, Mt. Makiling, and even a distant Mt. Arayat comprise its prominent list of sights.

On a more distinct reminder, forget not a bottled water with a strap to go all over your wrist. I may not have forgotten mine but my bottle slipped out of my hands on purpose and fell off the cliff. Clearly, it was the bottle’s fault I was quite dehydrated at the summit.


  • Wear a long sleeve top or bring with you an arm warmer. The trail from North Peak to South peak has tall grasses on the way that could result in minor wounds.
  • Bring rain tarp if you opt for an overnight stay.
  • Bring headlamps or flashlights if you wish to climb the 2 peaks on a late afternoon. Your way down to the campsite is going to be a night trek.

I recommend this minor hike to all hikers and campers near Manila who wish to spend their weekend in a mountain for a quick getaway from a toxic city. The view on top has always been great and life in the mountains is irreplaceable! That’s always one thing. Enjoy your climb!


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