Pinto Art Museum, Rizal

Pinto Art Museum, Rizal

Pinto Art Museum is perfect for people who wish to get a quick weekend getaway as it is not too far from the busy city of Manila. Pinto Art Museum gives you a welcoming ambiance and a serene atmosphere that will surely give you a peaceful and relaxing feeling. Just 30-40 minutes away from the city and you can already reward yourself a quick break.

The museum is combined with nature, art, and photography that will make your visit worth the time. As you enter the Museum, an old door with an old bell on its top will welcome you to a serene place like no other.


How To Get There?

Option 1: Via Jeepney

From MRT Shaw Blvd., head to Park Lea and ride a jeepney bound to Tanay/Antipolo and tell the driver to drop you off at Ynares Center. Jeepney fare is around PHP40.00 to PHP50.00. Charter a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum, a fare of PHP40.00 is good for 5 people.


Option 2: Via Private Vehicle

From Robinson Galleria, head straight to East Ortigas then just go straight ahead to Taytay. Turn right onto Cabrera Rd then continue to Marigman Rd. Turn left onto L. Sumulong Memorial Circle and lastly turn left onto Grand Heights Rd.


Pinto Art Museum: Walking To A Peaceful Mind And Soul

Antipolo is not only home to myths and legends, it also has a museum that is a shelter to different arts and photography of Filipino artists from different walks of life.

There are several galleries you can choose from. All these galleries feature inspiring works of Filipino artists and each gallery comprises different taste of artworks and crafts.

Tourists should not miss a spectacular masterpiece, the “karnabal“. “Karnabal” is a must-see as it frees your mind, opens you up to the realities of society, then and now. It depicts a clown confessing to a priest, Darna without her abilities, Superman dressed down to his sando, a monkey operating a mechanical monster among other scenes of seditious acts.

The “Karnabal” is one of my personal favorite above all other galleries in the Museum. It really made me realize a lot of things in life, most especially the reality that has been happening in the world right now.


One with Nature!

If you are not a nature lover, then this should be a heads up to you since the Museum will not only leave you amazed with all its arts, paintings, and photographies. It will also bring you closer to nature like no other museum does.

A peaceful and serene atmosphere that will surely take your mind and soul away from a busy and toxic life in the city! I So much love places that are always inspired by nature, I can’t explain the feeling it gives me. I just always feel like I’m home.

This museum deserves to be explored and discovered by people! A day in this museum just walking around the galleries, understanding the stories each art or painting is trying to impart, and just wandering around the artistic corners of the Museum is truly a day that will rest you physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

I highly recommend  a place like this for you to come and visit! Your PHP200.00 will be more than worth it!


Other Information:

  • Entrance Fee: PHP200.00
  • Operating Days/Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9 Am to 6 PM
  • Address: Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal
  • Contact Information: 697-1015 and 633-0329 or e-mail
  • Parking Lot: Yes
  • Accessible: Yes


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