Jomalig Island, A Gold Sand Paradise!

Jomalig Island, A Gold Sand Paradise!

It’s not surprising that most people choose to visit places that are already known to the public. Most people don’t realize yet that the real treasures are hidden to the eyes of many. One of the main objectives of our blog is to promote those places and bring more exciting adventures like those already known places. One of them is a piece of heaven that lies on the outskirts part of Quezon Province.


Let me take you to one of the places that I have printed my foot on to

Welcome to the Paradise of Jomalig! I also just found and heard about Jomalig Island on social media, like every people I curious about the place and wanted to see for myself if this place is really spectacular. When I finally saw the place, I think my eyes just literally sparkled! “Medyo OA mga beshy, but really! No kidding nga!” With its gold sand beach and crystal clear water, a day on this island will be filled with so much happiness. As a beach lover, my standards when it comes to beaches are quite high. I’ve been to so many beaches and experienced the nooks and crannies of these places, but this is surely one of the best! I wouldn’t let this place pass on my list of recommendations because this piece of heaven deserves to get bragged.


How to get there?

Experience a relaxing break! For complete travel guide, expenses and how to get there click on Read More!


Gold Sand and Crystal Clear Water


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