Best Resort in Nueva Ecija Celebrates its 9th Year Anniversary: Crystal Waves Resort

Huge resort filled with fun and exhilarating activities are the first descriptions that comes to my mind whenever I try to remember our 2 days and 1 night trip at Crystal Waves Resort with my fellow bloggers.

Before anything else, I’d like to thank Sir Chris and the resort’s staff for arranging such wonderful staycation for me and my friends. We truly enjoyed our stay and we are very much happy to be celebrating 9 years with you. Best wishes!

Honestly, the last time I ever visited Nueva Ecija was when I was in second year college and my family and I just visited our relatives there. I’ve never tried to tour in this Province either so I got really excited when I finally got an invitation located here. Things gets more exciting exploring a new province you haven’t visited and it gives you the chance to mingle with the locals, taste the province’s cuisine style, know the province’s main source of living, and all that. Yes, we just stayed in one resort for 2 days but that didn’t stop us to explore Nueva Ecija’s culture and ways of living. C

The Resort : Crystal Waves

Located in the greenery fields of Talavera in Nueva Ecija is a huge resort that will soon celebrate its 9th year anniversary on March 9, 2019. In line with the celebration to another milestone reached, the resort will be holding up a PHP99.00 entrance fee promo instead of the regular PHP300.00 entrance fee that will start on the day of their anniversary, 9th of March, ’til the end of the month. No plans for pre-summer yet? I think we have an obvious clear suggestion for this!

Crystal Waves Resort

What to do in Crystal Waves Resort

Let me give you a short story line of what me and my co-blogger friends experienced so you could have an idea how our stay went. Last 3rd of March, Bobby of Travel Tayo PH, Reyly of Travelokaloka Girl, and I (yours truly, your solo traveler girl of Joan’s Footprints), went on a 2 days and 1 night vacation at the resort and experienced the resort’s amenities and facilities, including the activities such as zip line, wall climbing, and giant slide as part of our adventure too.

Although the weather in Nueva Ecija is in no doubt, hotter than the heat in Manila, so we got off the bus at 2:00 in the afternoon and we found ourselves in a large open space, particularly pertaining to the greenery field alongside the highway, that made us quickly felt the province vibe.

“Aahh, I can’t remember the last time I felt this vibe.” The first comment I thought.

We walked towards the entrance of the resort and checked in to a reserved Diamond Room booking for the three of us. All I can comment is that, the resort’s staff are very friendly and welcoming! Not only the front desk clerk that welcomed us cheerfully but I also noticed that all the staff in the resort proved a perfect “approachable-staff” image. Good job Ates and Kuyas!


After a 30-minute rest, Sir Chris met up with us in our room and we started touring in the resort. We did 2 activities for that same day which was wall climbing and zip line. We tried the giant slide on the next day since there’s a cutoff time at 4PM.

Zip Line

Getting that bird’s eye view of the whole resort is something you should not miss doing.

Tandem zipline with Travelokaloka Girl!

Wall Climbing

Up for an exhilarating activity? Try this call climbing too! It was my first time ever to try this activity and all I can say is “super freakin’ crazy and scary!” For a second I thought I won’t be able to make it to the top, but good news fam! Because I did it! I’ll be uploading a vlog soon on my Youtube channel so I can teach you how to wall climb like a pro! Kidding.

Giant Water Racing Slide

How are you with adventures? This giant slide looks fun when you look at it from below, but once you sit on that slide, you’ll immediately feel the rush of blood in your heart. Feeling challenged yet? Try this!

Mickey Mouse Swimming Pool

This huge swimming pool which is also the main pool shaped as Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse. For me, this is the resort’s best view and you’ll best appreciate it while on a zip line. This Mickey-Mouse-shaped swimming pool really goes up to the next level at night when everything is dark and the lights at the swimming pool is on, this is when the resort transforms into its best phase.

Wave Pool with Jacuzzi

Like any other resort with a wave pool, this one also has a scheduled operating time. The wave effect is not continuously operating for the whole day so there’s only a specific hour that it’s on, but don’t worry because the staff while announce it pretty loud that all guests inside the resort from every corner will know.

Giant Chairs

These colorful giant chairs are scattered on different corners of the resort. It’s also nice to take a photo here for the gram!

Function Halls

How to get there

Option 1: DIY

From Cubao, ride a bus to San Jose via SCTEX at the Baliwag Transit. Bus fare is PHP226.00 and travel time is 2.5 to 3 hours. Tell the driver or the bus conductor to drop you off at Crystal Waves Resort in Talavera.

Promo, Rates, and Packages

Daytour Admission Fee

Adult – PHP300.00

Child – PHP250.00

Senior Citizen – PHP240.00

Cottage Rates:

Jade (10-15 PAX) – PHP800.00

Amber (15-20 PAX) – PHP1,000.00

Adventure Camp:

Zipline Superman Adventure – PHP200.00

Zipline Professor X Adventure – PHP150.00

Wall Climbing Spiderman Adventure- PHP200.0

Rappeling Batman Adventure – PHP200.00

Room Rates:

Opal Room (double sharing) – PHP1,500.00

Diamond Room (double sharing) – PHP2,900.00

Emerald Room (quad sharing) – PHP4,200.00

Aquamarine Dormitory (good for 20 PAX) – PHP12,000.00

** Room rate includes complimentary breakfast

** Additional PHP550.00 per head for extra adults

** Check in time – 2:00 PM and Check out time – 12:00 NN

Online Reservation: Book here for advance reservations.


Videoke Rental – PHP700.00 til 6PM only

Griller Rental – PHP200.00 with 2 bags of charcoal

Other Helpful Information, Reminders, FAQ’s

Address and Contact Information

Address: Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija

Contact Information: (044) 803 – 5090; 0932 867 5855; 0915 311 7739

Operating Days and Hours

Monday – Sunday 8AM – 10PM

Tuesday closed for maintenance

Reminders and FAQ’S:

Proper swimming attire is required

Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area

Bottles drinks and hard drinks are strictly prohibited


Parking lot: Yes

Wifi: Yes

For updated guidelines, please follow their official Facebook page Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort.

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