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El Patio Razon: Kawa Bath in Tanay, Rizal

El Patio Razon in Rizal will definitely leave you wondering if you taste good or not. Kidding! Real question is, have you ever tried getting a hot bath from a giant cooking pot? I mean like literally cooking yourself with fire from a stashed wood underneath the pot you’re in? Cause I’m telling you, it’s way more exciting and fun to do than your typical Jacuzzi nights.

el patio razon

El Patio Razon, Rizal

The story goes like this, one cold morning in Tanay, my friend and I decided to go on a motorbike trip high up to the slopes of Rizal. We wanted a quick escape from the daily routine and the busy life in the city, so we went uphill to relax ourselves with a stunning view of the mountains and a refreshing vibe of nature. It was drizzling that time, but it was cool, I still felt miles away from the stress in Manila.

We arrived 11 in the morning in El Patio Razon, the place where my friend and I enjoyed 1 hour relaxing in the giant cooking pot. Plus, the view was great! It’s a mountainous view from your Kawa that makes it more relieving and refreshing. I’ve seen a lot of Kawa Bath service from online, but this place is extra special as it gives you a promising view as a bonus.

Kawa hot bath with a breathtaking view

As we dipped into each of our Kawa, we had a lovely talk of some things we enjoyed in life. A few minutes after, I found myself stealing a quick nap. Well, can you blame me? The water was so relaxing and the view was too good to be true. Of course, we took a few snaps of this memorable experience for the gram and to share with my readers, too!

If you’ll ask me, I’ll tell you honestly that yes it was my first time experiencing a Kawa bath. But, I think I can tell if it’s good or not without having to compare it. It was worth it and I recommend it hundred percent especially if you’re living in Manila and you’re looking for something to do in the weekend without going too far. Rizal is just approximately an hour and a half drive from Manila. I’d say it’s worth it if this is the prize.

el patios razon

Roaming around El Patio Razon

Although Kawa bath is the most popular in El Patio Razon, the place was actually more to it than just Kawa’s and a breathtaking view. Going around El Patio Razon, there’s quite a lot of picturesque spot. We found Bilbo Baggin’s (The Hobbit) other home in here, too! I love how they preserve the place like from of those in the movies. It was more on greeneries than structures and buildings. Accommodations were nature-inspired too. There are cabins for rent that has a veranda with hammocks, really good for team-buildings or family getaways.

Overall, I recommend El Patio Razon as a refreshing getaway if you’re looking for a place high up in the mountains. I understand that most of us are looking for cold and fresh air, so, this place is for you!

el patio razon

How to get there:

  • For private vehicles, download Waze app. It’s surprisingly faster and easier than finding your way through google maps.
  • For DIY’s, from Cubao ride a jeepney to Cogeo. Then take a jeepney to Sampaloc, alight at Sitio Maysawa. You can opt to hike or ride a tricycle to El Patio Razon (PHP30.00 each for a group of 5).

Sidetrip: Treasure Mountain, Read more here.

treasure mountain tanay rizal

Expenses and other information

  • Entrance Fee and 1-hour Kawa Bath PHP350.00 (6.67 USD)
  • Address Sitio Maysawa, Tanay, Rizal
  • Operating Days/Hours For updated operating days/hours, please check their Facebook page linked below
  • El Patio Razon’s active facebook page here

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