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Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin Watching: Negros Oriental

Famously known and dubbed as the Maldives of the Philippines, Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin Watching offers a breathtaking view and experience that will surely leave you a marvelous experience.

Watch the dolphins as they play and race to your boat, snap a good photo at the picturesque sandbar, or just enjoy a refreshing buko juice at the Manjuyod floating huts.

Negros Oriental is truly a proof of a rich marine life and resources. This destination should definitely be next on your bucket list.

Its Marine Life and Resources

Manjuyod is a famous island hopping destination situated in Bais City, Negros Oriental. Dubbed as the Maldives of the Philippines, Manjuyod is also rich in marine life and aquatic resources. Locals in the area has been very caring for these delightful creatures and fishermen are prohibited to catch fish near their natural habitat so that the dolphins will not leave to find something to eat. As a result, countless dolphins has made this place their home and natural habitat for quite some time now.

manjuyod sandbar and dolphin watching

In our experience, you will not believe how many dolphins we saw during our island hopping tour. There are so many of ’em! I’ve never felt this magical feeling in my life. I mean, who hates dolphins right? They’re sweet and playful creatures! They’re like the friendliest little beasts of the sea.

During our tour, this whole bunch of a dolphin herd went to our boat and played with us. They were surrounding us and underneath the water you can see them swimming and racing in front of our boat while flying and jumping through the air! Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Unlike those of the water parks where dolphins are trained and fed to entertain the audience, these dolphins who are living freely in the ocean are naturally playing with us. I gotta say, this is one of the best experience I’ve ever had to date and I’m so thankful that I’m blessed to see this with my own eyes.

manjuyod sandbar and dolphin watching

Home to Rich Mangrove Park

A large number of mangrove trees lies in the outskirts of Negros Oriental. As part of our tour, we had the chance to explore the Talabong Mangrove Park  and appreciate nature at its finest.

Talabong Mangrove Park

Our boat anchored at the end of the long bridge going to the mangrove forest. We walked to it and while our boatman showed us the way, he told us that back in the days due to the strong typhoon “Yolanda”, the bridge got damaged and there are some part of the bridge where the side foundation has been destroyed. That’s why we should only walk in the middle of the path because the middle has a strong foundation. Of course, my sea legs got alarmed immediately.

As soon as we got to the forest, we immediately fell in love with the place. There’s just so many mangrove trees and we were so delighted to take lots of photos for the gram.

talabong mangrove
talabong mangrove park negros oriental

Seafood Buffet at the Sandbar

Enjoy a fine seafood meal while getting indulged in the stunning view of the sandbar. Just imagining this kind of setting makes me want to go back! My favorite food plus a relaxing view. What more could I ask for?

manjuyod sandbar and dolphin watching

Manjuyod Sandbar

After filling our tummy in with some decent fresh seafood, we immediately head to the sandbar to take some good photos. I originally planned to swim but since it was in the afternoon and the sun is up burning our skin, we decided to pass.

manjuyod sandbar

The Famous Over-water Bungalows

If you’ve heard of Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin Watching before, the picture that will first strike in your mind is probably the over-water bungalows in Manjuyod. Why? Well this has got to be the famous photo ops when in Manjuyod. That’s why I decided to pose for it and joined the club.

You can book an overnight accommodation to one of these bungalows. Just contact the person I posted on below (where you’ll book a cheap tour).

manjuyod sandbar

Where to Book Your Island Hopping Tour

I got my tour from Sir Teofanes, he’s been operating island tours for a long time now and I just got his number from the internet too. I super thank the things we can do now with the help of the internet. You just simply have to type on google what you need and poof, granted like a genie. Everything is on the internet now.

Beware of the scams online who charge you bigger price than PHP800.00. Don’t agree to that price and be careful of booking your tours. I highly recommend my contact, complete package at a low rate.

Sir Teofanes: 0997 136 7882

Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin Watching Travel Vlog

Yes! Your virtual travel vlog is up on my Youtube channel! 🙂 Check out my video and see how I literally yelled so much happiness when I saw those playful dolphins. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and hit at that bell to get notified every time I upload a video. 🙂

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