pulong guianlo, capalonga

Underrated Beaches in Capalonga, Camarines Norte

Whenever we say Camarines Norte, the first destination that comes to our mind is either Calaguas or Bagasbas beach. What most people didn’t know when travelling South, they are passing by Camarines Norte’s gateway – Capalonga, a place blessed in unexploited pristine beaches and stunning sandbars.

The unexplored Capalonga possesses an array of majestic natural wonders. Swim in its crystal clear waters, go kayak at the sea, get sun-kissed in its glorious long white sandbar, go island hopping, watch the beautiful skies change colors at dusk, stargaze at night or just tour in its tranquil municipality.

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Pulong Guijanlo: Capalonga

As soon as I laid my eyes on this island, without any hesitation, I dubbed this place as the Kalanggaman Island of the South. Seeing it with my own eyes, it makes me wonder how can a majestic sandbar like this be underrated. The long white sandbar plus the crystal clear water gives my island girl heart so much joy that I can’t wait to share it with all my viewers and readers.

On our first day of travelling to Capalonga from Manila, our team hopped on a boat and immediately explored the underrated islands and beaches. It was not over 2 hours that we sailed and went to our first destination which was Pulong Guijanlo.

The Island’s Sandbar

From our boat from afar, the island can be easily spotted with its long tail of sandbar. My heart was thumping as I wasn’t expecting such beauty lying in some place not known by so many people. Unexplored and unexploited, me and my fellow bloggers happily roamed around the whole island.

pulong guianlo, capalonga

While this side of the island features its long white sandbar, on the opposite side is a different phase. We went and explored the other side of the island only to see the abundance of trees scattered alongside of the beach.


It was a completely different phase on the other side so I took a photo of my friend here and then I noticed that there’s no wind on this side of the island which makes the water steady and convenient for these trees to grow. The big trees occupying the middle part of the island is blocking the wind which explains why it’s hot and dry on this side.

We were supposed to visit another island as part of our island hopping tour but due to bad weather conditions at sea, our team went straight to Selfies beach instead to spend the whole afternoon.

Selfie Beach Resort

The first developed beach resort in Capalonga is the Selfies Beach Resort. When we came here, some of the constructions are still ongoing and the resort is still under continuous development by the management.

selfie beach resort capalonga

I personally love how simple yet very relaxing the ambiance of this place is. The serene atmosphere plus a complement of a refreshing breeze of wind by the shore makes me want to come back.

My friends and I were able to mingle with the locals and played volleyball with them too. We even got a one good jump-shot with them. Some of the kids were playfully swimming by the beach and we were just lucky to watch them living a very simple and happy life. A life like this is something that cannot be seen in the city.


We had a great time roaming around and just taking photos of the peaceful place we were blessed to be in even for a short time. On the other side of the resort is a rocky phase and we managed to take splash shots by the rocks. Thanks to our very talented co-blogger slash photographer, Jan of Kapampangan Traveller.

selfie beach resort

It was almost dusk when we went back to the beach resort and to our surprise, a beautiful pink sunset finally showed itself behind the curtain. And just WOW, we were all amazed to have witnessed such beautiful presentation. I mean, it’s not everyday you get to see one especially when you’re living in a busy city.


The beach resort at night was incredibly relaxing and peaceful that I want to just lay down the beach all night. This is why I personally love to explore places that are off the beaten path. It makes me fall in love with travelling all over and over again.

Nothing beats a day spent on the island getting sun-kissed while witnessing glorious underrated beaches with friends to enjoy. Another great weekend days off on my full time job in Manila to go out of town and explore underrated beaches.


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