New KUBO GLAMPING experience in Valleypoint Campsite – 2020 Travel Guide

There’s nothing better than being indulged in the wellness of nature. I never thought that camping in the sky with an astonishing mountainous view could be possible! Valleypoint Campsite brings to you a camping experience like no other.

Experience camping in an unlimited sea of clouds, dine in a window seat restaurant, watch a stunning sunrise with a complement of cool atmosphere, drink to an unlimited brewed coffee with a breathtaking mountainous view, read books and play board games or card games in the campers area, try airsoft, or just chill in the restobar.

Nestled in the mountains of Green Valley Benguet, Valleypoint Campsite brings to you a promising weekend getaway with your friends and family.

valleypoint campsite green valley

How to get there

Via public transportation: MNL – Baguio – Valleypoint Campsite (3 way step, my way)

Ride a bus in Cubao bound to Baguio City. Bus fare is PHP445.00 (8 USD) and travel time is 6-7 hours. Then from Baguio, ride a jeepney in Bayanihan (beside Igorot Park and Burnham Park) bound to Green Valley, travel time is 20-25 minutes and jeepney fare is PHP15.00, drop off at Santo Tomas turning point or advise the driver that you’re heading to Valleypoint Campsite. Walk 2-3 minutes to the campsite.


What to Expect in Valleypoint Campsite

Welcome to Valleypoint Campsite, a new travel destination in Benguet where you can camp in the sky while enjoying an endless sea of clouds and a breathtaking view of the mountains.

Valleypoint Campsite is designed for students, families, barkadas, couple dates, or even for solo travels. It’s where you can spend quality time playing board games and card games with your friends while relaxing in the campers area. Valleypoing Campsite gives you a quick weekend break from a toxic city!

valleypoint campsite, campers area

Dine at the Restobar

As you arrive in the campsite, you will first see the entrance to the Restobar. The staff will immediately offer you brewed coffee while checking for your reservation.

Walk ins are welcome but I highly recommend you to create an appointment with them through Facebook. Just send them an email to create an appointment. This will reserve you a slot if in case you’re going on weekends.

restobar valleypoint campsite

Chill at the Campers Area

This is where the fun begins. Enjoy countless board games, card games, and books you can choose from. The campers area is filled with bean bags where you can sit and relax while playing games with your friends. There’s a mini stage on the other corner of the room, and a veranda on the other side of the room where you can watch the mountains disappear and reappear because of the thick fog. There’s also darts on the side of the mini stage. Small tables are also available. The room is huge and it can occupy just enough people to enjoy the campsite.

Note: Shoes are not allowed inside the campers area.

valleypoint campsite baguio

New Attraction: Pool of Teddy Bears!

Last year 2019, the newest attraction in the campers area was added! It’s a pool of huggable teddy bears in different colors, shapes and sizes. Enjoy a photo-shoot with these bears or you can hug and play with them while relaxing in the bean bags.

Valleypoint Campsite

New Activities Added: Archery, Airsoft Maze and the Kulaaw Art Gallery

Aside from the other attractions and accommodations added, Valleypoint Campsite has added new activities that will surely add to the Baguio experience you are looking for.

To complete your stay, here’s an activity you will surely enjoy. Try airsoft for the first time and hit the target like a pro!

Valleypoint Campsite
Valleypoint Campsite
airsoft valleypoint campsite

Valleypoint Campsite Accommodations

The place is not called a campsite for no reason. This experience is the main highlight of your stay. Enjoy a glamorous experience camping in the sky! Kubo Glamping is the new accommodation provided by Valleypoint Campsite to their beloved guests. Glamping tents are still available in the campsite with a bed, blanket, pillows, and a container for your things.

Watch the skies change color from the outside of your tent or kubo, or just wait for the fog to cover the mountains and the campsite itself. This part is what I personally enjoyed most! Sunset with a complement of a cold weather and a delicious brewed coffee by my side. The view is just so stunning and relaxing!

Just imagine camping in an endless sea of clouds with a serene atmosphere. This place is truly worth bragging!

Valleypoint Campsite
Valleypoint Campsite
glamping tent

Rates and Inclusions:

For updated rates and online bookings, contact them through their Facebook Page by clicking here.

New Kubo Glamping Rate!

rates valleypoint campsite
rates valleypoint campsite
rates valleypoint campsite

For further assistance, feel free to contact them directly.

Valleypoint Campsite Travel Vlog

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