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Boracay Island on a Budget


Boracay Island is undeniably one of the most visited islands by popularity in Asia. With its powdered sand and crystal-clear water, it’s only just fitting to describe it as one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Although given the popularity of this place and yearly more people from around the world has kept coming in and out of this island, it is overwhelming that the beauty of the place has been well kept preserved by the Department of Tourism and of course by the locals.

In my visit here last November 2017, I didn’t expect that I’ll still be amazed by its beauty. Not to mention a lot of people said that it’s not as beautiful as what others say. Now I’d like to set the record straight, Boracay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful island you will ever see.

Boracay Willy's Rock

Boracay Island Itinerary


There are 2 ways to get there since there are only 2 airports in Aklan: the Caticlan and Kalibo Airport. Caticlan airport is closer to the Jetty Port where you will ride a boat going to Boracay Island. On the other hand, Kalibo is 2 hours away from the Jetty Port.

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Option 1: Manila to Caticlan

Yearly, more and more tourist keep on visiting Boracay and Caticlan airport is always the busiest airport in Aklan since it’s closest to Boracay. This is also the reason why the airfare in this route is a bit high given the proximity.

Once you arrive in Caticlan airport, there are transfers that will be offered to you inside the airport. So don’t worry on getting your ride. You’ll be offered several options depending on the package you will choose. Some package include complete land and water transportation (Airport – Jetty Port – Boracay – Hotel) and some are just land transfer to Jetty Port and it will be up to you to buy your ferry tickets once you arrive the Jetty Port. Now to minimize the hassle, I suggest you just book on the complete land and water transportation, it will be ranging from PHP200.00 – PHP250.00 only.

Manila – Caticlan – Jetty Port – Boracay – Hotel

caticlan to boracay island

Option 2: Manila to Kalibo

This route is the alternative way to get to Boracay since Caticlan airport is always overbooked. Take note that Kalibo Airport is 2 hours away from the Jetty Port to Boracay. As for me, this was the route I was able to book for myself. I got my ticket on a seat sale for PHP1200.00 round trip fare. But again, you can score a cheaper price and get as low as PHP800.00 round trip fare during Cebu Pacific pisofare.

Once you arrive in Kalibo airport, there will also be agents who will approach you inside the airport to book your Boracay transportation. We booked a complete land and water transportation to minimize the hassle because when I tried calculating the expense, it’s just the same if we will do it on a DIY way. There will be a total of PHP500.00 for a complete land and water transportation. If you will notice, the fee is higher compared to Caticlan, this is again because Kalibo airport is 2 hours away from Boracay.

Manila – Kalibo – Jetty Port – Boracay – Hotel

kalibo to boracay island

DAY 1: Exploring Station 1, 2, AND 3

Boracay’s 3.5 kilometer-long white beach is divided into 3 stations. These 3 stations in Boracay are also classified on people’s hotel preference and ambiance.

Station 1 – It is where most luxurious hotels are found and, therefore, a much quieter area compared to the other 2 stations. It also has the best and finest white sand in the entire island.

Station 2 – If you are a person who enjoys night life, then this is your place. Station 2 is where all the clubs and night parties are located. The lights at night in this station will bring your party spirit to life.

The hotels in this station are also a bit expensive compared to Station 3 since they are close to hotels. The D’Mall and Talipapa is also located here.

Station 3 – This is the less crowded area and hotels in this station are cheaper.

station 1-3 boracay island

DAY 2: Boracay Island Activities

There are a bunch of things you can do in Boracay like parasailing, scuba diving, jet ski, helmet diving, island hopping, banana boat, fly fish, zip line, atv ride, hiking, and a lot more! You’ll never get bored in this island since the activities are overflowing and it’s quite hard to squeeze it all in one day.

If you are a budget traveller like me, it’s best to pick only the activities that are really famous here like parasailing, helmet diving and fly fish. The fly fish is quite an extreme activity and not recommended for the faint of hearts. Although it’s really an exciting extreme adventure, but the thought of falling out in an open water in the middle of the sea while the fly fish ride is being pulled by a speed boat actually scares me a lot since I have a phobia in an open water even though I know how to swim. Ironic is it! So since it’s a no no for me, I switched the fly fish activity to jet ski. Fly fish is not bad and you should try it! I still recommend it even though I didn’t get the chance to try it.

Helmet Diving in Boracay Island
boracay parasailing

We only spent a total of PHP1800.00 for these 3 activities.

  • Parasailing – PHP900.00 for 15 minutes
  • Helmet Diving – PHP400.00
  • Jet ski – PHP500.00 for 30 minutes

DAY 3: Boracay Island Hopping & Sunset

There is also an option of island hopping if you want. The price is ranging from PHP400.00 to PHP700.00 depending if you choose to have lunch on one of the islands.

Also, don’t forget to catch the sunset. It’s one of the best view as you walk by the beach.

DAY 4: Sun Rise and Going Back to Manila

On your last day of stay, I highly recommend you to watch the sun rise and take a morning dip on the beach before packing up your things and go to the airport. Watching sun rise gives you so much of a relaxing feeling after days of exploring the Island. And it will also give you time to cherish the place before you leave.

Going back to Manila is the same. The small difference is that you will have to find your way back to Jetty Port

Budget and Expenses

  • Roundtrip airfare: PHP1200.00 (MNL – KBO – MNL)
  • Roundtrip Airport transportation: PHP1000.00 (Airport – Jett Port – Boracay – Hotel)
  • Environmental Fee: PHP150.00
  • Hotel for 4D3N: PHP1500.00
  • Food: PHP2000.00
  • Activities (optional): PHP1800.00 for 3 activities
  • All in all: Total of PHP7,650.00 per person

What to do: Boracay Island Activities

Aside from swimming all day:

  1. Night life – bars in station 2 are the bomb!
  2. Get a henna tattoo
  3. Get a relaxing massage by the beach
  4. Water activities such as jet ski, parasailing, helmet diving

Where to eat: Recommended Restaurant

I recommend Boracay Toilet Restaurant for a whole new level of dining. It is the first and only restaurant in the Philippines that motifs toilet and bathroom as their main concept. So if you think you can handle this, try ’em out!

Boracay Toilet Restaurant

Where to stay: Recommended Hostels

If you’re looking for a place to stay, I recommend you to stay in La Bella Casa Boracay. I booked a room for 2 which only cost PHP3000.00 for 4 days and 3 nights and with complimentary breakfast. The location is so good since it’s near to the beach, only a 2 minute walk and you’re in the beach. Plus it’s literally in front of the famous Willy’s Rock so it’s really convenient to stay in La Bella Casa Boracay. The hotel is so clean, the staff are friendly and the money is worth it.

You can check Agoda for room rates and it’s where I also booked mine.

Recommended by Co-Blogger: Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay Read more here

Mad Monkey Boracay
Credits to my Co-Blogger Bobby of Travel Tayo PH

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