Pugad Adventure, La Union

What to do in Pugad Adventure, La Union

My family and I decided to go on an out of town family trip during the last 2 days of the year 2017. I was browsing for resorts in Northern Luzon where we could spend a vacation and I saw a few recommendations about this resort that sits in the mountains of Pugad, La Union. I was quite amazed after I read about the resort’s description. It has a mini zoo inside, 3 large pools, activities inside such as zip lines, kayaking, atv, wall climbing and paintball. After reading about this and learning that you could get in here and do these activities with a budget friendly cost, I didn’t have any second thoughts about the place and took my family on a day trip here. That’s when the fun begun.

Pugad Adventure is located in Pugo, La Union and is also very accessible since the entrance through here is just along the highway going to Baguio. My family and I only spent a day here but they provide accommodations if you want to stay here overnight.

Pugad Adventure La union


Via Commute

From Manila, ride a bus bound to Baguio City and ask the driver if it will pass Marcos Highway then tell the driver to drop you off at the tricycle lane to Pugad Adventure. From there, charter a tricycle going to the resort. How to get back is vice versa.


Before you enter, you have to pay for the entrance fee per head which is PHP200.00 and you need to select cottages where you can stay. There will be a map of the resort where you can select the cottage that has the capacity that will suit your group. There are varieties of cottages depending on how large your group is. In our case, we rented a small up and down cottage good for 15-23 people and it cost PHP1,500.00 only. The size of the cottage is so big and can really accommodate the given number of people. The first floor is for dining and the second floor is reserved for sleeping and resting.

Pugad Adventure

As you enter the resort, the first thing you will notice about the place is the cleanliness and orderliness. I was quite amazed myself that the management was able to maintain the most important thing, maybe this is why they are still in business because people who’s been here has spontaneously recommending them.

Pugad Adventure swimming pool
Pugad Adventure swimming pool

As far as I could remember, we took on 3 hanging bridge to get on our selected cottage. The resort is so big! While walking, I saw people enjoying zip lines, there’s 4 types and varies on different heights and lengths. There are marvel icons, too in the kiddie pool which is also big. Staff are very friendly and will greet you as you come by. Cottages and grilling area are very clean and sanitized. Over all, the ambiance is very welcoming and the resort has activities that everyone will surely enjoy! I highly recommend this for family and group vacation.


Below are the list of activities and prices that will surely add up to a thrilling adventure you are looking for. Boost up the fun and excitement as you conquer your fear on the highest zip line the resort offer, overlooking the whole resort on top in a superman position. Another adventurous activity to conquer your fear of heights is to do wall climbing. Are you in for play time with your group? Get messed up with a colorful play time doing paintball with the whole barkada! Want to explore the mountains of Pugad? Ready yourself for an ATV ride!

Pugad Adventure list and rates


  • Entrance Fee: PHP200.00/adult; PHP150.00/kids
  • Address: Pugo, La Union
  • Operating days/hours: Open daily/8am to 6pm
  • Parking Lot: Yes/free
  • Wifi: None
  • Facebook Page: Pugad Adventure, La Union
  • For bookings on accommodations, contact/email them at: 0917 506 6931/pugoadventure@yahoo.com

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