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Arca’s Yard: Romantic restaurant in Baguio City

There has never been a more romantic place in the country than the summer capital of the Philippines in Baguio City. Arca’s Yard adds up to the top reasons why you should visit Baguio City. The serene atmosphere and an at-home themed restaurant takes your mind and body away from stressful grown-up stuff.

Residents from Baguio City pick Arca’s Yard to (a) do research and school work or (b) hang out with friends and enjoy the tranquility of a mountainous view. One good thing why customers love to keep dining in Arca’s Yard is because it’s not located in the main city of Baguio where most tourists are crawling in each side of the streets. Arca’s Yard is located in Ambuklao Rd., which is a 10-15 minute drive from the main city of Baguio.

The restaurant cafe offers a breakfast menu, heavy meal, and a variety of healthy snack in a combination of fruits and vegetables to choose from. The place is a very recommendable destination for people who wants to snap a good photo for the gram. It’s guaranteed that there’s no single dull corner in this chic restaurant plus you can channel your inner soul to relax and chill here. All you need to do is order a hot cup of tea and a pastry of your choice and enjoy the view.

arca's yard

How to get there

Option 1: By Jeepney (For DIY travelers)

Ride a jeepney to Ambuklao beside Baguio Center Mall and tell the driver to drop you off at Arca’s Yard. Jeepney fare is P8.00 and travel time is 15 minutes.

Option 2: via Private vehicle

Find your way to Teacher’s Camp in Leonard Wood Rd., and go straight to Pacdal Circle, exit to Pacdal road and go straight up to Arca’s Yard on your right. Tip: download Waze or Google Maps for easier navigation.

Option 3: hire a taxi

If you’re traveling with a group of friends, the easiest way is to hire a taxi and split the fee. Just tell the driver you’re going to Arca’s Yard in Ambuklao.

Arca’s Yard Menu and Price

The menu in Arca’s Yard is ranging from P80.00-P300.00(USD6.00) per pax depending on your preference. There are varieties of breakfast and snacks to choose from. Beverage includes fruit shakes and smoothies, coffee and hot choco, soda and iced tea are available too.

Click here to visit their official Facebook page

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Arca’s Yard Dining Experience – an Honest Review

Describing the restaurant from a blogger’s point of view, I love how they transitioned a 3-storey house to a cozy cafe. It’s very Instagram worthy and the interior designing keeps the ambiance peaceful and relaxing.

arca's yard

There were book shelves like a typical American style living room. The second floor has a few view decks where you can choose to dine if you want a view of the mountains. Highly recommend this one. The third floor is more on indoor dining with creative interior designs.

The Food

It was my second time to visit Arca’s Yard and I love how they kept the place the same and just did a few amends on the interior. However, my judgement for the food is still the same. Nothing special on their breakfast menu, just a typical meal you buy in every restaurant. The fruit and vegies salad made quite a step up in the game, the salad dressing was delicious and of course the fruits and vegies are fresh.

The Staff

The staff was very friendly enough when they took our orders. My only comment is that they have a lot of staff to cater the 3-storey cafe but during lean hours, most of them piled upstairs and noone was left on the ground floor to assist us. I had to go up in the second floor to call one of them and ask for our bill. But still, the service was good.

The Location

I like it that the cafe is not located in the main city of Baguio. Why? Well there are more trees on the outskirts compared to the main city. More trees means more chance to breathe fresh air and a restful time for you.

Other useful information

  • Opening days/time: open daily/9AM-8PM
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Wifi: None
  • Official Facebook page: click here
  • Address: Ambuklao Rd, Baguio, Benguet
  • Phone: (074) 442 9706



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