There is nothing better than being indulged in the wellness of nature and that is an expectation that Nature’s Eye Resort can guarantee. Reminiscing my stay here I can say that I was able to connect not only with nature but most importantly with myself.

Nature’s Eye Resort promises you a romantic vacation that is close to nature. Experience tranquility with a compliment of cool atmosphere as you roam around the resort. This kind of vacation takes you away from a stressful life in the city and brings you to a life back in 1995.

Welcome to Nature’s Eye Resort

Nature’s Eye Resort offers 2-star accommodation in Guimaras and has a restaurant, garden and private beach area. It gives you an extraordinary experience of going back in the 1995 and try living the life like before. This kind of theme where you have to stay in a cabin-like in the woods automatically flips the vacation switch on.

At the resort, the rooms include a balcony. Featuring a private bathroom with a bath and free toiletries, rooms at Nature’s Eye Resort also feature a sea view. A la carte and Asian breakfast options are available each morning at the accommodation.

Guimaras resort

The location

Nature’s Eye Resort is located in Guimaras, an island province situated in the Western Visayas. The location of the resort is somewhere in a remote area in Brgy. Nueva Valencia which allows you to see a stunning view of the islets surrounding the resort and gives you a quick relaxing vibe.

Acommodations at Nature’s Eye Resort

Sunset Cottage

The sunset cottage is the best and most love room by Nature’s Eye Resort. It is specifically located on the resort’s side where the sun is going to set. A perfect and romantic way to end your day while relaxing by the balcony of your cottage with your friends and/or family.


Shell Cottage

This is the newest cottage in the resort. The shell cottage is in the middle part of the resort and is far from the other cottages. That way, everything is kept private and intimate for every guest to enjoy a wonderful stay. You will find no other houses or cottage near you, just the beautiful nature around you.

nature's eye resort shell cottage


Ocean Lower/Ocean Upper

The Ocean Upper is the highest accommodation in the resort. If you’re into a cliff view in your balcony, this cottage is perfect for you! Enjoy the stunning view of the ocean and the horizon with a cool breeze of air from the highest point of the resort!

nature's eye resort
Photo grabbed from Nature’s Eye Resort


Bird’s Eye Restaurant

Have you ever experienced dining in a place with a bird’s eye view yet affordable? If you’re not yet contented staying in a cabin that is close to nature, try their menu while having this kind of view. Don’t forget to try their sinigang and buttered shrimp, I personally loved it and their banana shake too!

Nature's Eye Resort

Things to do at Nature’s Eye Resort

I have mentioned earlier that there is no source of internet in the resort except at the resort’s lobby area or the restaurant. But while in your cottage, there will be no internet which is the best way to completely extinguish the use of your gadgets and social media, therefore, having more time to connect with nature and the friends you’re spending the night with.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you can do in the resort. You can get a package for an island hopping, watch the sunset, roam around the resort, and dine at the Bird’s Eye Restaurant.

Island Hopping and Snorkeling in Guimaras

“Hello Mam, Sir, on your right side is the crocodile island”, “Mam, Sir, i’ll carry your bags so you don’t have to worry”, “Be careful of your steps mam the way is slippery”

I can say that our island hopping was made memorable and fun by Kuya Dodoy. He is a local in Guimaras and he takes the guests of the resort to a very fun and educational island hopping. For some reason, Kuya Dodoy warms my heart everytime he speaks to us. His kind words and the sincerity in his voice made our stay extra special.

When it comes to island hopping, there are a lot of islets you can see in Guimaras. The crocodile island, payung payung island, and mangroves are some of the best destinations we’ve been to. Despite that the weather did not permit us to swim and stop by the other islands, overall it was still a wonderful adventure and Guimaras is such a beautiful island province. All thanks to Nature’s Island for this wonderful experience.

If you’re not gonna try the island hopping, you can still swim and snorkel around the resort. At the private beach area, guests can enjoy snorkeling and swimming. This is one of the activities you can do for free inside the resort.

Watch a Majestic Sunset at Nature’s Eye Resort

I don’t know about you but I’m a sunset person. I’m kind of addicted about sunsets and sunrise. This is something you can do during your stay at the resort. Although the sun doesn’t set at the viewpoint of the restaurant, you can walk to the other side of the resort near the Sunset and Shell Cottage to watch a stunning sunset.

sunset in nature's eye resort

Dine at the Bird’s Eye Restaurant

Like I’ve said above, the view is amazing and it’s just the best place to eat a healthy breakfast. This is literally a bird’s eye view restaurant!

bird's eye restaurant in guimaras

How to get there

Option 1: Via Public Transportation

Take a passenger jeepney to Pandaraonan and drop off at Dolores Crossing. Travel time is 1.5 hours and fare is approximately PHP40.00+. Then, ride a habal-habal from Dolores Crossing to Barangay Tando for PHP50.00 per head and travel time is only 15 minutes.

Option 2: Via Private Tricycle, Multicabs, Crosswind or Van

You may contact the drivers below:

  • Tricycle PHP500.00/one way/approximately 1 hour
  • Multicab (Lito: 0929-703-1104) PHP700.00/one way/approximately 1 hour
  • Crosswind or Van (Bongbong: 0999-917-6511) Crosswind with AC at PHP800.00/one way/approximately 1 hour; Van with AC at PHP1,500.00/one way/approximately 1 hour

Rates and Package Promos

rates and package at nature's eye resort


Other Useful Information

  • Contact Information: Nature’s Eye Resort Facebook Page
  • Click here for the resort’s FAQ’s
  • There are no ATM machines in the resort or near the resort, make sure to bring enough cash. All transactions in the resort are purely cash basis
  • The wifi is only available at the resort’s lobby/restaurant
  • Walk-in guests are allowed for a day-tour rate
  • Cooking or grilling is not allowed so no bringing of raw foods. If you will bring cooked food we will charge you PHP100.00 per head.
  • The restaurant only serves Filipino home cooked dish
  • Pets are allowed


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