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Siargao is a fast rising destination located in the province of Surigao del Norte. With this given, tourists can expect a number of best places to eat in Siargao. From sophisticated restaurant to cheap and budget places to eat, this guide will help you decide which restaurant to dine in during your stay.

During my travel in this tear-drop shape island, I was able to try a few good restaurants and ranked my best. Sharing with you my list below and other restaurants I have added in collaboration with my co-bloggers.

Where to eat in Siargao?

To start of, General Luna is the place where you want to get an accommodation. It’s the busiest place in Siargao and where all the high-end clubs and restaurants are located. During the night, the streets in Genereal Luna are filled with colorful lights and loud music like the typical island night life of your dreams. In this exact street is where you can find the best restaurants to eat in Siargao.

Harana Surf Resort

Harana is a surf resort that has its own chic restaurant in General Luna that serves a variety of Filipino dish with a distinctive style of preparing it. Located just beside Villa Solaria is a cozy restaurant with a bali-inspired theme. There are resident dogs around the restaurant, too, which make the ambiance a more friendly place. Bean bags and floor tables are provided for guests while they feast on their yummy foods.

If you’re looking for a place to chill with less loud music and party songs, this place is for you. You can just dine here and enjoy the place with a nice glass of wine. The price of food is ranging from PHP250.00 and above, which is reasonable for me since the food and the place justifies it.

  • Exact Location: 2 Tuason Point, Brgy. Catangnan,, General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte
  • Landmark: beside Villa Solaria
  • Recommended food: Chicken Joy or Sinigang
  • Facebook Page: Harana Surf Resort
where to eat in siargao harana resort
where to eat in siargao

Kermit Restaurant

Another favorite go-to restaurant is the Kermit restaurant which is popular for their best selling pizza. The ambiance in Kermit is a Hawaiian-theme restaurant in an island where customers are expected to be having a vacation on an island too. Candles and lights are filled everywhere, you have a choice to get a table and a chair or sit on the floor with cushions. The price ranges from PHP300.00 – PHP500.00 per person.

  • Address: Purok 5, General Luna, Siargao Island Philippines PH, General Luna, 8417
  • Recommended food: Kermit Pizza

kermit restaurant siargao

Mama’s Grill

If you’re a budget traveler and looking for a restaurant where your pocket can fit, this is the place for you! To tell you honestly, I’ve never actually tried eating in Mama’s Grill. Although we tried for so many times it’s just that the time isn’t always with us. Whenever we try to come here, it’s either the restaurant is already closed or the restaurant is already full. Jinx! But still, my friends say that it’s perfect for budget travelers and the food is average! The price range from PHP100.00 and above.

  • Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte
  • Recommended food: any inihaw!
mama's grill siargao
CTTO (photo grabbed in Google)

Bravo Beach Resort

Another laid-back resort that has its own bar and restaurant is the Bravo Beach Resort. Still, located in General Luna and is a perfect place to dine and enjoy a night life. If there are 2 reasons why you’re out at night which is to eat and party, find your way to this bar and restaurant. During the night, the restaurant turns to a wild night life. There’s no entrance fee in Bravo so you can add this to your list if you’re planning to get drunk on other bars and hop here afterwards. It also has its own beach front where you can stay and chill if the music is too loud for you. The price of food ranges from PHP250.00 and above, the drinks are the normal beers and cocktails.

  • Address: Siargao Island, Tourism Rd, General Luna, 8419 Surigao del Norte
  • Facebook Page: Bravo Beach Resort
where to eat in siargao
CTTO (photo grabbed in Google)


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