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Kayak Inn: An Eco-Friendly Getaway in Tibiao Antique

The province of Antique is popularly known as the origin of kawa hot bath in the Philippines. Although Antique in Panay Island boasts off its very own Malalison Island, there are also stunning waterfalls and exhilarating activities waiting for adventure junkies in Antique Kayak Inn. Tibiao Antique is where you can find various resorts that offers river tubing, kawa hot bath, waterfalls trekking and many more!

Kayak Inn brings to you a place that will take you away from our day to day stressful and busy life. Dubbed as the eco-adventure capital of Panay island, this province is truly for thrill seekers and nature lovers.

Tibiao Antique’s Kayak Inn

Since Tibiao is the province home to Kawa hot baths, it is already expected that resorts around here are filled with activities that offer Kawa hot bath. Kayak Inn is a resort with a favorable environment especially to tourists looking for a serene atmosphere with less crowded environment.

A way to connect with Nature

If you’re looking for a place where you can disconnect with social media and connect with nature, Kayak Inn is the place for you! There is no phone reception in the resort. Therefore, it’s guaranteed that you’ll spend more time with yourself and with the people you are with. The resort is also located nearly on top of the mountains that’s why it’s surrounded by trees and greenery plants. Below the resort is a view of the river where the activity river tubing is done.

Waking up to a beautiful and peaceful place like this in the morning is surely one of the best. After all, it’s not everyday you get this kind of experience in the city. The refreshing and cold atmosphere brought to you by the trees and the unpolluted river will truly bring out the best nature-experience that you’re looking for.

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How to get there

The only airport in Antique is the Evelio Javier Airport (EUQ). Antique is part of the Panay Island. Therefore, the most popular land travel entry point to get here is either from Aklan’s famous Boracay or from Iloilo Province. But you can book your flight going to any airport in Panay Island such as Kalibo, Caticlan, Iloilo or Roxas City. Then you can travel to Antique by bus.

From Caticlan Jetty Port

There are yellow Ceres bus that is stationed just beside the Caticlan Jetty Port. From there, ride a bus going to Iloilo and advise the driver to drop you at Tibiao Antique. The bus fare is estimated PHP100.00 – PHP200.00 and the travel time is 1.5 – 2 hours. From the drop off point, you will see Tibiao’s arch and there are a lot of habal-habal drivers and tricycle drivers parked outside. Hire a habal-habal for PHP50.00/way/person to take you to Kayak Inn resort. There will be an environmental fee of PHP10.00, your habal-habal driver will stop at the point where you will pay the fee.



From Iloilo

From Iloilo, just ride a yellow Ceres bus bound to Aklan and advise the driver to drop you at Tibiao Antique. Just tell the driver that you will go to the kawa bath resorts and they already know the exact place to drop you off. The fare is PHP300.00 – PHP400.00 depending on the type of bus you will take and the travel time is 3-4 hours. From Tibiao’s arch, ride a habal-habal to Kayak Inn resort, the fare is PHP50.00/way/person and pay the environmental fee of PHP10.00 also.

Things to do in Kayak Inn

Kawa Hot Bath in Antique Kayak Inn

Like I’ve mentioned above, Kawa Hot bath is the most popular activity in Antique since it’s where it originated. The rate for the Kawa Hot bath starts at PHP250.00 -PHP350.00 depending on what type you will choose. For Kawa bath with milk, the rate is PHP400.00 per hour. But if you’ll go there by weekdays with less tourists, they will allow you to enjoy the Kawa bath for how long you want.

Here are the rates for the Kawa hot bath:

  • Kawa herbs – PHP250.00 (USD5) per person
  • Kawa with salt – PHP300.00 (USD6) per person
  • and Kawa with milk – PHP350.00 (USD7) per person
  • Package of Kawa bath + nipa hut (for overnight stay) + breakfast – PHP650.00 (USD13) per person
Antique Kayak Inn

River Tubing

If you’re looking for thrilling adventures, river tubing is what you want to do in Tibiao! The rate is PHP400.00 (USD8) per person and is good for 30 minutes only. But then again, if you visit by weekdays with less tourists, you are allowed to enjoy river tubing for an hour.

Kayaking at the river in Antique Kayak Inn

Another chill vibe activity is Kayaking. The rate is PHP900.00 per person and per hour. Since the location of the resort is up in the mountains surrounded by abundant trees and a refreshing river, this will be your sight-seeing surprise. We did not try Kayaking but I saw some of the tourists enjoying a relaxing vacation while kayaking in the river.

Play with Patricia the “monkey”

One of the highlights of my stay here is Patricia the friendly monkey. Haha! It was my first time playing with a monkey and she actually looks for food in your hair. It was really fun and enjoying playing with her. She would climb to your shoulder and play with your hair. It’s not an actual activity you can do here but I really enjoyed playing with Patricia. You can look for her when you visit Kayak Inn.

Accommodations and rates

If you’ll be staying in Panay Island for a long time, I highly recommend that you stay at Kayak Inn for at least 2 days and 1 night. Although there’s no phone reception here, it’s the best way to connect yourself with nature and the people you are with. I believe that it will be a relaxing vacation. Given that there are no gadgets around you to keep you browsing on the internet instead of cherishing the moment.

The rate is PHP300.00 per night and per person. If you want to add breakfast, it will be PHP500.00 per night and per person. This is the same rate regardless of what type of kubo (nipa hut) you will get. There are kubos good for 2-3, and there are good for families too. For bigger group/team, there’s a kubo good for up to 15 person.

Helpful Tips from Joan’s Footprints

  • Good news! You can book your stay at Kayak Inn with Agoda
  • Bring mosquito repellent if you’re planning to stay for the night
  • You can bring your own beverages and there’s no corkage fee
  • For advance reservation and inquiries, you can reach them at 0908-571-2581 or 0905-906-2380
  • Better visit during weekdays to avoid tourists and more chance to enjoy a longer kawa bath time and other activities
  • Click here for Kayak Inn’s official Facebook page
Antique Kayak Inn


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