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Eden Nature Park: 2022 DIY Travel Guide

The region of Davao is well known as the home province of our current President, Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte and where most of the durian crops are grown. This region do not only boasts off stunning beaches in the island of Samal but the highest peak in the Philippines which is the Mt. Apo is also located in this region.

Davao is also known as a very safe place in the country and most people say that the discipline here is incredible. I only hear stories about Davao’s rules and policies but it was only this month of September 2019 that I was able to validate that. The locals in Davao place a great deal of importance to their rules and policies. So if you’re planning to visit Davao alone, don’t worry because this is a guaranteed safe place for you!

Eden Nature Park

From island hopping in Samal Island to food trip in Roxas Night Market in Davao City, there’s also a cooler weather up in the mountains waiting for you in Brgy. Eden in Toril. Eden Nature Park is a close to nature experience that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Last September 16 this year, I went on a solo trip to Davao and Eden Nature Park is the first on my list of destinations. I did not hesitate to put this first on my list since I am a nature lover and I prefer adventure over city tours and stuff. Even as a solo traveler, you can still enjoy the activities and the breathtaking view of the mountains at Eden Nature Park.

eden nature park davao

About Eden Nature Park in Davao del Sur

This relaxing place is just 1-2 hours away from the busy city of Davao. As mentioned above, the location is up in the mountains where it’s guaranteed to have a serene atmosphere like that of Tagaytay and Baguio in Luzon.

The location of the resort was discovered around 1970 where it was nothing but a garden of grass and greenery trees. People around the area discovered a scenic view of Davao and this is where Eden Nature Park is currently standing now.

Things to do at Eden Nature Park

There are a lot of things you can do at the park. In its quest to provide their guests with quality and worth remembering moments with our family and friends. So whether you are looking for exhilarating activities to boost up the adventure junkie inside you or just relax in a fish village, you can do all these in one place!

For day trips, there’s an entrance fee of PHP300.00 or PHP600.00 depending on what type of food you want it to come with. For PHP300.00 fee comes with a snack and for PHP600.00 comes with a buffet lunch. Take note that the activities are not yet included here. You’ll have to purchase separate tickets for the activities you want to try. Moreover, you can enjoy roaming around the park and check other attractions for free like the amphitheater, birdwalk, hiking trail, lola’s garden and many more! The day tour is from 8AM to 5PM only.

eden nature park davao

Just a piece of advice, all the activities are fun but not for the faint hearted. Why? Most of the activities requires courage since it’s located 60 feet above.
Below are the list of things you can do for a day trip in the park.

Do an overnight stay with your family

You have a choice to stay here overnight if you want to fully maximize the things you can do at Eden Nature Park. The resort has a very peaceful ambiance and a close to nature experience.

Try the recreational activities

There are lots of activities you can do at Eden Nature Park! The most famous to date is the Skywheel, Skycycle and skyswing. These are just some of the exhilarating activities you can do here. Below are the complete list of activities you can do.

  • Skywheel – PHP200.00
  • Skycycle – PHP200.00
  • Skyswing – solo (PHP300.00); tandem (PHP400.00)
  • Skyrider – PHP150.00
  • Guided Shuttle Tour – PHP120.00
  • Horseback Riding – PHP100.00
  • Swimming – adult (PHP80.00); child (PHP55.00)
skycycle at eden nature park davao
skywheel eden nature park

Furthermore, guests can entertain themselves while waiting for their meals in its huge playground at the Vista Park. While roaming at the park, you will also see peacocks freely roaming around the park. There are so many of them! At first I was sock because my usual instinct whenever I see a peacock is that it’ll chase me. That’s as far as I can remember with what happened to me when I was a child, haha!

peacock at eden nature park davao
Peacocks freely roaming around the park!

Fishing and eating what you catch at the Fishing Village

Experience the simple joy of fishing and eating what you catch. This is another exciting thing to do! It’s like the normal life in the province where fishermen catch what they feed to their families. The Fishing Village is surrounded by cottages where you can wait while the chefs are cooking what you caught.

fishing village
The relaxing atmosphere at the Fishing Village

Check out the Looseleaf Lettuce garden

Beside the area of the recreational activities, you will see the garden of looseleaf lettuce. You can actually see them from above while doing the Skywheel or Skycycle activities. Looseleaf lettuce is distinguished by leaves having curled or incised leaves forming a loose rosette that does not develop into compact head. It’s a popular ingredient in salads and it takes 5-6 weeks from planting to harvesting.

Did you know? Fresh-cut lettuce from this garden constitute the ready-to-eat vegetable salad served daily at Eden Nature Park.

The looseleaf lettuce garden can be seen while skycycling!

Eden Nature Park special packages

Good news! You can now rent the resort for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, pictorials, teambuildings and many more!

Click here for more information about the special packages

Accommodations at Eden Nature Park

If you’re planning to stay overnight at Eden Nature Park which is I highly recommend especially if you still have a lot of time in Davao, below are the rates you can book.

Photo courtesy of Eden Nature Park

How to get there (DIY)

Eden Nature Park is accessible by land travel from Davao City and General Santos in South Cotabato. Check out the detailed guide below depending on what airport you’ll be coming from.

From Davao City

Ride a Toril jeepney from Roxas near Ateneo de Davao. Advise the driver that you’re going to Eden Nature Park and drop you off in Toril Mercury Drugstore. The fare is PHP25.00 and the travel time is roughly 1 hour. From Toril, charter a tricycle or habal-habal going to Eden Nature Park. The standard rate to rent the whole tricycle that can occupy 2-4 people is PHP200.00. But it depends on your negotiating skills to haggle with the fare. The travel time is 30 minutes. There are habal-habal you can rent for PHP60.00 one way fare only. Going back to Davao City is just the same. Don’t worry because there are tricycle drivers and habal-habal drivers outside the resort. No need to ask the driver to wait for you if you’re only visiting for day tour.

From General Santos, South Cotabato

If you’re in General Santos, you can do a side trip to Eden Nature Park which is 2-3 hours away from the city. Ride a bus going to Davao City and advise the driver to drop you off at the Mercury Drugstore in Toril. You can also tell them you’re heading to Eden Nature Park and they’ll know where to drop you. Same thing from Toril you can ride a habal-habal to Eden Nature Park for PHP60.00 one way fare.

Important Reminders from Joan’s Footprints

  • If you’re planning to stay for the night, make an advance reservation with them
  • Contact them through their Facebook page
  • If you’re traveling alone just like me, there will be photographers during activities and you can buy a hard copy from them. Every shot you will buy, they will upload the soft copy online.
  • Best time to come here is during dry season from November to May
  • The resort is huge and there are parking lots for guests
  • There’s phone signal here so don’t worry for phone reception



17 thoughts on “Eden Nature Park: 2022 DIY Travel Guide

  1. I would love to try that Skywheel but I have a fear of heights (rollercoasters scare me). If I want to stay in this park, are there tents available or are there cabins?

  2. There are so many things that you can do at Eden Nature Park. Skycycling looks very scary but I’d love to try it out. I am thinking that it must be impossible to fall.

  3. I just love places where I can explore and do some adventure and this place looks perfect for the same!!

  4. I miss my hometown! <3 Eden is without a doubt, one of the best places if you want to unwind. Back when I was still in Davao, this is where I bring my friends and relatives whenever they visit Davao and they too had a blast.

  5. I have been to Davao a number of times but I have not been able to visit this place yet. I will be surely bookmark your blog post.

  6. That is quite an experience for adventurers like me. I am thinking twice to have a getaway there. I am always looking for a reason to escape.

  7. This looks like a beautiful place to visit, though I don’t know if I could do that bike wheel thing. It looks scary.

  8. I have lived for almost 7 months in Davao and I could only confirm how awesome this place is. It’s very safe and the people are very disciplined. But I wasn’t able to visit this park and it looks really nice based on the photos you posted here. 🙂

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