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“Is there Hope for Mankind?” – We decide our future

“Hope for mankind” is a very cliche phrase but time has not faded its significance. No matter how many times we say this phrase, it will never decrease the amount of importance we should put into it.

People has been blessed with a pair of eyes but not all are blessed to have a heart for our mother nature. In this article, I’d like to point out the importance of having hope for mankind. This mortal life is soon to last but the world we live in can continue to support life for our future families so long as we are responsible human beings.

In this article, I may always mention and put the blame on human actions. But I want you to know that I wrote this in a way that I think will best deliver my message to people. By the end of this article, I hope I’ve made some changes in your current perspective. I would be glad to share ideas with you in the comment section below!

What is “The Reality”?

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the reality? In a hypothetical calculation, I am 100% sure that 90% of the human’s population (excluding babies, children, mental-diseased people) are aware of the reality but we choose to be blind about it. Nevertheless, let’s try to lay down the facts of what has been really happening in our world today.

Our mindset has been brainwashed

Fact #1: We live in a world where people’s mindset has been brainwashed that mankind is hopeless. Agree? It’s hard to accept but it’s the sad reality. And Fact #2: Instead of doing preventive measures for our nature, those in control feeds our mind with successful developments and future plans for our world which manipulatively blindfolds us with the crying help of nature.

Our mindset has been brainwashed by these future developments, factories, plantations and new technologies. Below are some of the examples I have gathered:

  • We are told that mankind needs new buildings and road widenings for the betterment of the majority. As a result, we sacrifice our nature by cutting down our trees and compromise thousands of species living in the forests for mankind’s growth.
  • For example, if you have passed by Agoo, La Union if you’re going to Baguio or Ilocos, did you notice the huge trees that occupy the side of the road? Its branches widely spreads on top of the road which prevents the direct heat that goes to the passing vehicles. The trees were there even before I was born. And now those in control ordered to cut it down. People have been sharing this on Facebook to create a voice but those ruthless people behind this turns these posts down.
  • Plantations are built in the middle of the seas where non-biodegradable and harmful chemicals are being disposed while humans are okay with it. We are told that we need these products/items for our future’s improvement which again, provided them the perfect excuse to endanger our oceans.
Agoo, La Union cutting down of trees
Credits to Sir Nelvin Nieva. It was only his photo that remained active on Facebook after people turned down posts about Agoo, La Union’s situation about the trees.

Perhaps having a pair of eyes is not the issue here, it’s about having the heart to see and understand what’s happening. These trees provided all living things on Earth the very oxygen we breathe. If only these trees can scream..

Threatening the Survival of Million Species

Humans continue to threaten millions of species. Delete in your mind that it’s only the human lives who’s at risk because million species of plants and animals are also at stake. We are not the only ones entitled to live in this world, we are putting every living thing at risk because of our irresponsible actions.

Just in case you didn’t know, our nature has provided us with food, water, shelter and even the air we breathe in. It supports million lives and different species of plants, animals and people. All it asks in return is to take good care of them and not destroy them.

Destroying the world in the process of finding a new inhabitant world

Here’s a question: “How do you think mankind will take care of a new inhabitant planet if on Earth we have already allowed ourselves to destroy it?”

We do not need further explanation for this because this is indeed self-explanatory. I have pointed out earlier about how people’s mindsets are being brainwashed for what we call “mankind’s sake”. We forget that this world does not only belong to humans but to million species.

Researchers and scientists are so focused on finding a new inhabitant world that they forget that this is NOT the solution to Earth’s extinction. People has been exhausting every bit of resources and destroying nature just to find a new world. We have already killed our planet by the time we accepted that it’s done. What people didn’t know is that the new world we will find has the same fate as Earth’s if we don’t start acting for a change.

hope for mankind
Manila Bay’s seaside

Why are Humans smarter than other animals?

What really makes humans so special that we are smarter than animals? In a biblical theory, we were created by God to take care of his creations. But that’s not how it works for scientists, does it? It took millennia for scientist to arrange the perfect order of every living thing basing to their intelligence and other capabilities.

Taking advantage of human superiority

Human superiority created the biggest impact in this world. Our human superiority gave us the very reason to take advantage of those who are below us. We care more about how we can do a lot of things that other animals can’t and we care less about how we should use it to care for these animals.

If we really are the smartest in the food chain, why do we act like we are the ones who needs babysitting? Animals are good in the forests without humans taking care of them but here we are cutting down trees and developing everything because that’s what human intelligence gave us.

I have asked this same question to myself. Why? If you’re a believer you would just simply say it’s God-given. But if you’re not a believer, then where do you stand? It took a while for me to grasp on this but I think humans are smarter than animals because we are meant to play the biggest role. And that is to take good care of the animals and the world we live in. So..

What can YOU do about it?

Our next question is, what can YOU do about it? We have lay down the facts about the reality of what’s happening and why humans are smarter than animals. Now, let’s try to do some self-check and enumerate preventive measures below:

One small step can create a big impact

This technique is one of the best and I’m happy to have learned it from Cebu Pacific’s campaign. One small step, combined together, can create a BIG impact. Cebu Pacific started using recyclable materials on board and disregarded the use of plastics. Hats off CebPac!

  • Throw your garbage properly
  • Limit the use of single-use plastic
  • Use metal straws
  • Be a responsible traveler, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints
  • Pick up trashes in the ocean or do a clean-up dive
  • Create ecobricks
  • Plant trees yearly
  • Adopt a pet
hope for mankind
Trashes I have picked up while doing clean-up dive during my trip in Romblon last July 2019

Using Social Media to Start a Domino Effect

I believe in the power of a domino effect. If one starts using the power of social media to spread awareness, it will create a domino effect where people will pass on to others what they’ve learned.

Nowadays, we can see more and more people sharing posts and articles online about nature. Eye-opening videos and photos are being uploaded about mankind destroying nature, disturbing footage of animal cruelty and the shocking revelation of how our world looks like now.

Below are the list of things you can do using the power of social media:

Let’s use our platforms to spread awareness and our voices be heard. It is not about doing good things in private if it’s really from our hearts. It’s about showing more and more people and let that create the spark to start doing what’s right. To influence and to inspire more people by publicizing what you do for the world we live in. It’s about using our voices, be it small or big, to educate our family and friends of the right thing to do.

Join the #influencerchallenge #challengeforacause by Jecaholic. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big influencer or not. You can document what you’ve been doing and upload it on Youtube or start creating ecobricks and share it on your IG stories. Your talents will guide you. You can compose a song about nature, hike for a cause in mountains where Aetas live, write an article, clean up dives, whatever you want just film it and upload it. Why? Because more uploads online means more chances of people seeing this action.

And don’t forget that in everything you do and post online, always put the hashtags #influencerchallenge #challengeforacause and tag your favorite influencers. This way, we will reach more influencers who will start publishing this challenge too, therefore, reaching more people to start joining the action.


Start, stop, continue is a positive technique that has been proven effective in so many hypothetical situations. For example:

START with yourself
STOP the negative attitude
CONTINUE spreading this to your friends and family

“Is there hope for Mankind?”

If you have read everything I have written in this article, then the answer is a big YES. What we decide today is what our future will be.

Learn from the past, do something about it in the present and get a positive outcome in the future.

Mankind is not hopeless. Only those who thinks it that way.


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