Romblon DIY Travel Guide

2022 ROMBLON DIY TRAVEL GUIDE: (Budget & Itinerary)

Romblon province is another destination in the Philippines that is not known to many foreigners but is surely one of the provinces that caught my heart! If you haven’t read my previous travel guides to some parts in Romblon, the province is divided into 3 main islands which are: Sibuyan, Tablas and Romblon, Romblon. Last July 2019, I did a DIY trip to this lovely province and so I created this Romblon DIY travel guide for anyone who wish to visit!

Recent trip was September 2022, click on the link for updated 2022 article: TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN ROMBLON 2022

Rich in pristine beaches and stunning sandbars, known for its marble stones and freediving sites, a number of cliff-diving sites and clean rivers, these are some of the prominent list of sights to see in Romblon.

Some of its famous beaches includes Cresta de Gallo in Sibuyan and Carabao Island in Tablas. The Carabao Island rose to fame because it was dubbed as the twin sister of Boracay while Cresta de Gallo was accidentally discovered by a foreigner 3 years ago. This only means that there are still a lot to explore and this beautiful island and I’m excited to share it with you in this travel guide!

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Below are useful travel guides I have created if you are planning to visit the 3 main island of Romblon province soon!

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Ferry Schedules From Batangas Port to Romblon

What you should know? Romblon DIY Travel Guide

Since Romblon is not a famous destination especially to foreigners, traveling around the province can be tricky especially if you are not prepared. In this pre-travel guide I will discuss the necessary things you need to know before you pack your bags. Continue reading and let’s travel to Romblon!

About Romblon

Romblon has 3 main islands which are: Sibuyan, Romblon and Tablas. Sibuyan Island dubbed as the Galapagos of Asia, Romblon Island which is the capital municipality and also the smallest island, and Tablas Island as the largest of all three. Each island boast off its unique and stunning beaches. One of the famous mountain targeted by many hikers is also located here in Sibuyan which is the Mount Guiting-Guiting (G2).

The language spoken in Romblon is “bisaya” but tagalog is still widely spoken here. The native language by locals in Romblon is Romblomanon and Onhan which has a very similar accent and words with bisaya.

Since Romblon is rich in tropical island destinations, it is expected that the best time to visit is during summer season in the Philippines when the seas are calm and the skies are blue. Summer season starts by March until the end week of June.

How to go to Romblon? (Romblon DIY Travel Guide)

There are 2 ways for you to get to Romblon and that is (1) by plane and (2) by ferry from Batangas port to Romblon. Be sure to check out the details below and plan your itinerary well especially if you’re planning to go by ferry.

By Plane

The airport in Romblon (TBH) is located in the municipality of Alcantara, Tablas which also happens to be the only airport in Romblon. After the pandemic, flights are now back and open thanks to AirSwift! You can book through AirSwift website below:

By Ferry from Batangas to Romblon

The famous way to go to Romblon is by riding an overnight ferry and waking up arriving in the beautiful island. There are ferries in Batangas port where you can ride going to Odiongan in Tablas or Sibuyan island. Take note that these ferries has schedules per week. If you are planning to visit Romblon, check the schedules of ferry before planning your itinerary.


Where to Stay?

For budget travelers, there are lots of budget hostels in Romblon depending on which island you will be staying. The usual rate per night and per person is around PHP 150.00 – PHP400.00. Below are suggested hostels in Sibuyan, Romblon and Tablas.

Below is where I stayed during my trip in Romblon:
1. Sibuyan Island – Jenmar Lodge in San Fernando (PHP200.00 fan room/per person)
2. Romblon Island – Muravian Hotel (PHP600.00 fan room / good for 2 person)
3. Tablas Island – Kameo Lodge Carabao Island (PHP600.00 fan room / good for 2 person / beach front)

Romblon Fun Divers & Inn, Romblon, Philippines

Oceans Edge Resort – Carabao Island, Romblon, Philippines

Footprints beach resort, Romblon, Philippines

Where to Eat?

For budget travelers, you don’t have to worry because the food budget in Romblon is not really expensive!! Except in Carabao Island where lots of restaurants are already developed due to the fast-rising popularity of the island as Boracay’s twin sister. The budget for food in carenderyas are ranging from PHP50.00 – PHP150.00 per person.

In Carabao Island I highly suggest Bamboo Restaurant and Balai Karan-an in Hambil beach.

Important Contacts (Romblon DIY Travel Guide)

  • Cresta de Gallo – Kuya Pacik (0926-456-0588)
  • Romblon, Romblon – Kuya Ronnel (0935-890-2387)
  • Tablas Island – Kuya Jerson (0946-245-3165)
  • Carabao Island – Kuya Roger (0995-988-8828)

Places to Visit in Romblon

Carabao Island

Also famously known by the locals as their very own Hambil beach. Located in the Southernest part of Romblon and is 1 hour boat ride from Boracay Island. The Hambil beach has a stretch of long powdery sand that is like Boracay’s sand and also has lots of cliff-diving sites for adventure-junkies. Read the full travel guide here. –Romblon DIY Travel Guide

Romblon DIY travel guide

Kuding-Kuding Cliff Jumping

Romblon DIY travel guide

Cresta de Gallo

Another fast-rising destination located in Sibuyan island, Romblon is the impressive Cresta de Gallo! This was just discovered way back 3 years ago and it’s the most famous tourist destination in Sibuyan island along with Mount Guiting-Guiting. Read the full travel guide here. – Romblon DIY Travel Guide

Cantingas River

Get ready to take the plunge from 5-10 meters high on 3 different platforms to jump off in Cantingas River. Never miss a fun experience here especially that itโ€™s worth it and the entrance fee is just P10.00! Read the full travel guide here.

cantingas river romblon

Looc Fish Sanctuary

The Looc fish sanctuary is a must-visit when in Tablas, Romblon. The stunning view from the floating cottage, snorkeling with colorful fishes and clams, kayaking, fish spa and freediving. All of these things to do for only PHP100.00 entrance fee!

looc fish sanctuary
looc fish sanctuary

Aglicay Beach

This beach is another gem in Tablas located in the municipality of Alcantara. With just an entrance fee of PHP50.00, you can enjoy swimming and looking at the breathtaking viewpoint! Other things you can do at the Aglicay Beach Resort is renting snorkels and fins to check out the amazing underwater world in Aglicay. Read the full travel guide of Journey Era here.

Bon-Bon Beach

Bon-Bon beach in the capital municipality of Romblon can be accessed by land travel and I highly suggest to watch the sunset here! Watch my Romblon travel vlog on Youtube to see Bon-Bon beach!

Romblon DIY travel guide

Cobrador Island

My most favorite island of the 4 island hopping in Romblon is the Cobrador island! Enjoy swimming in a crystal clear water and if you want to go freediving, there is a fish sanctuary site where your boat can stop and you can freedive there. It’s an estimated 20 meter deep for those who will go.

Romblon DIY travel guide

Alad Island

Alad Island is a pebble beach island, do bring aqua shoes with you if you come here. The water here is also crystal clear like that of Cobrador’s.

alad island romblon

Logbon Island

In Logbon island there is a sandbar and you can see marble rocks here too. Romblon is quite famous because they are rich in marble rocks and in Logbon you will see lots of marble rocks scattered in the sand.

Romblon DIY travel guide

Mount Guiting-Guiting (G2)

One of the focal points of Sibuyan island is Mount Guiting Guiting which is also the highest peak in Romblon province. Sibuyan island is considered a very remote island in the Philippines because more than half of it is covered by forest. Nonetheless, the ecotourism is beginning to climb up because of Mount Guiting Guiting as a target destination especially to hikers.

Suggested Itinerary with Budget (4 Days and 3 Nights)

Day 0: Batangas Port to Sibuyan Island
9PM Board a ferry to Sibuyan island (Magdiwang Port)

Day 1: Sibuyan Island
7AM arrive in Magdiwang Port, ride a van to San Fernando
9AM arrive at Jenmar lodge, rest
10AM breakfast and head to Cantingas river
12NN ride a bot to Cresta de Gallo
5PM back to pier
6PM dinner
8PM lights out

Day 2: Romblon, Romblon
5AM ride a van back to Magdiwang port
7AM breakfast near the pier
9AM ride a ferry to Romblon, Romblon
11AM check in at Muravion Hostel, lunch
12NN island hopping: Cobrador island, Logbon island, Alad island, Bonbon beach
6PM back to hostel, rest
8PM dinner, lights out

Day 3: Tablas Island
7AM board a passenger boat to San Agustin port, Tablas
8AM arrive at San Agustin port, breakfast
9AM charter a tricycle/habal-habal to Alcantara
11AM arrive at Looc Fish Sanctuary
2PM charter a tricycle/habal-habal to Aglicay beach
3PM arrive at Aglicay beach, check in, beach bumming, sunset

Day 4: Carabao Island
4AM charter a tricycle to the port going to Carabao Island
6AM ride a passenger boat to Carabao Island
8AM arrive in Carabao Island, check in at Kameo Lodge, breakfast
10AM Hambil beach, swimming
1PM charter a habal-habal for cliff-diving sites
6PM back at the hostel, rest, ready for dinner
8PM dinner at Bamboo Restaurant

(The next day, I rode a passenger boat to Aklan and continued my travel in Western Visayas provinces)

Budget and Expenses

Day 0: Batangas port to Sibuyan Island
– Ferry to Magdiwang port: PHP 1,100.00 Starlite Ferry Economy class

Day 1: Sibuyan Island
– Van from magdiwang port to Jenmar Lodge PHP250.00 / passenger jeepney PHP200.00
– Jenmar Lodge PHP200.00/person for a fan room
– Breakfast PHP60.00
– Tricycle to Cantingas river and Creta de Gallo port – PHP 100.00/person
– Cantingas river entrance fee PHP10.00
– Boat to Cresta de Gallo – standard boat rental fee for day trip is P2,500.00 (USD48) for 2-4 people and P3,500.00 (USD67) for 5-8 people. Note that there will be an environmental fee of P60.00 (USD1.15) per person.
– Dinner PHP60.00 – PHP100.00

Day 2: Romblon, Romblon
– Van from Jenmar Lodge to Magdiwang Port – PHP250.00
– Breakfast PHP100.00
– Ferry to Romblon, Romblon with Starhorse Ferry PHP190.00
– Check in at Muravion Hostel PHP600.00 for 2 pax
– Lunch PHP100.00
– Romblon island hopping boat rental fee PHP1,500.00 good for 3-4 pax
– Dinner PHP100.00

Day 3: Tablas Island
– Passenger boat to San Agustin port PHP100.00
– Breakfast PHP100.00
– Jeepney fare to Alcantara PHP150.00/head or rent a tricycle PHP600.00 for the whole tricycle which is good for 4-5 pax
– Looc Fish Sanctuary entrance fee PHP150.00/head
– Tricycle to Aglicay beach PHP100.00 for 2 pax / charter a tricycle for PHP100.00
– Aglicay beach entrance fee PHP50.00
– Dormitory room at Aglicay Beach Resort PHP150.00 – PHP200.00 per person

Day 4: Carabao Island
– Habal-habal or tricycle to the port going to Carabao Island PHP100.00 per head
– Passenger boat to Carabao Island PHP100.00
– Check in at Kameo Lodge PHP600.00 for 2 pax
– Lunch PHP100.00
– Habal-habal rental for cliff-diving sites PHP600.00 half day visit (still depends on your negotiating skills, entrance fee per cliff-diving site is not yet included)
– Entrance fee for each cliff-diving site is PHP100.00/head
– Dinner at Bamboo Restaurant PHP300.00 per head (this is worth it and walking distance from Kameo Lodge! Try their sinigang)

Tips from Joan’s Footprints

  • Most of the areas in Romblon are not yet developed which is why the availability of ATM machines are not guaranteed especially in Sibuyan island. Make sure to bring enough cash with you when you get to Sibuyan and Romblon, Romblon.
  • There are many tricycle and motorbike drivers that will harass you upon setting foot in Tablas. Make sure to haggle down to the reasonable price and do not ride with them until you have settled a proper deal.
  • Most locals see foreigners as walking dollars and money, always agree and make a deal with negotiable price.
  • Most of the areas in Romblon has a weak signal especially in Tablas and Sibuyan. Always make sure to read travel guides in advance.

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    1. Hi, MJ! Actually there are no joiner tour available considering that Romblon is a bit off the beaten path. So if you will go alone, you’ll have to pay the whole rental feel which is quite expensive.

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