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Bui Vien Street – Eat, drink and party all night! Best Night-Life in Saigon

The best nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City is located in District 1 at Bui Vien Street. As early as 6PM, the restaurants and bars around the street open up their doors to customers and loud music can be heard while walking in the street. The influx of tourists and customers come around 9PM and this is where the street starts to get a little crazy. By 12 midnight, it gets even more crazier!

I met a good friend while I was solo traveling in Ho Chi Minh City last December 2019. Tony Nguyen told me so much about the Vietnam culture and traditions. He introduced me to some of the best food and things to do in Vietnam. One of which is the crazy night life in Bui Vien Street!

Night life in my country especially in remote islands where locals and foreigners dance the night away with beers and with the tropical island vibe. In Vietnam, here is another epic night life to watch out for! I remembered when Tony told me that all they do is to drink and drink and drink. So if you are up for this, never miss this out when in Saigon!

What to do in Bui Vien Street

As usual, I went to this backpacking trip without a prepared detailed itinerary. I was always good with just going with the flow and searching for things to do on the spot. Hence, I didn’t know that the hostel I booked is literally located in the wildest street in Saigon.

I came here with my jaw-dropping face as I immersed through the crowd of drunk people with my luggage bags with me. Everyone was just drinking and dancing and singing and crawling! Geez, I gotta say, I should be part of this epic night! Lol.

Street-food in Vietnam are the best!

Street-foods are “the best” in Vietnam. They are pretty much everywhere and you can find them anytime of the day. It’s best to try it in Bui Vien street while exploring the place with the craziest bars and clubs in every corner.

street food in bui vien street

There are exotic street-food like that of Bangkok’s exotic street-food in Khaosan Rd. Some of the exotic foods I recognized are scorpion, beetles, worms – lotsa worms, spiders and more! Other street-food I personally tried are seafood like shell fish, crabs, dried squid, etc.

For recommended food to try in Bui Vien Street, Tony suggested Banh Mi (sandwich) and Pho Noodles.

Party all night in Bui Vien Street

Party like it’s the end of the world! Beers, dancing and partying is the highlight in this wild street. I have been to the night life in Bangkok and for me, Bui Vien Street is incomparable. This is where you’ll see a crowd of mixed locals and foreigners drinking beers and just dancing until the sun is up.

There is no single dull corner in this street. The bars and restaurants are all literally full any day of the week. Doesn’t really matter if it’s weekend or weekday, you can always go here to party and get wasted pretty hard.

Bui Vien Street

Try the Vietnamese cuisine

There are restaurants near my hostel that serve authentic Vietnamese Cuisine. My hostel is Aquarizon Boutique Hostel and in front of it is the Five Oysters restaurant. This is where you can get a taste of authentic Vietnamese Cuisine.

five oysters vietnam

The Vietnamese Cuisine is more on seafood dishes and you’ll be surprised that you don’t need to spend a lot just to eat seafood in Saigon. Oyster is the most recommended food to try in Five Oysters and it only cost VND 10,000 per fresh oyster! I ordered shellfish soup, sauteed fish and 10 pieces of oysters here and I only spent VND 190,000. Yes, that’s how affordable the street-foods here! 5 Oysters Restaurant is also ranked by TripAdvisor as one of the must try restaurant for authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Saigon. Check their Facebook page here.

Bui Vien Street

Checkout the street market

There are local street market around the corner too! If you wish to go shopping for your next tour in Vietnam, you might want to check out the stores in Bui Vien Street.

Bui Vien Street

How to go to Bui Vien Street

Tip: you might want to get a hotel in District 1 so that it will be just walking distance to the Bui Vien Street. As for me, I booked my hostel in Aquarizon Boutique Hostel with Agoda and it’s located exactly in Bui Vien Street.

For those who did not book their hostel in District 1, download the BusMap app here to get detailed instructions on how to get to Bui Vien Street.

ho chi minh city night life

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