Where to eat in Baguio? 20 Must Try Restaurants in Baguio City

Updated as of January 2023.

Ever wondered where to eat in Baguio? In my previous article, I have gathered the top 20 best things to do in Baguio City. You can read it here: Top 20 Best Things to do in Baguio City. Now, I’m going to round-up the top 20 must try restaurants in Baguio City to answer everyone’s most asked question: “where to eat in Baguio?”.

Some of the restaurants/cafes I’ll be mentioning in this food guide might be ringing bells in most people’s ears by now. So here’s my surprise for you! I’m going to share few secrets that only locals from Baguio know about. These places are less touristy than the usual and popular restaurants to visit in Baguio. Are you up for turo-turo restaurants or karinderyas that only students from Baguio know about?

If the answer is a big YES then let’s skip the fuss and check out the awesome restaurants or I should like to say “must try” restaurants in the City of Pines!

Top 10 Must Try Restaurants in Baguio City

1. Good Taste Restaurant

Where to eat in Baguio for budget travelers? The best budget-friendly restaurant in Baguio City 100%-ly invites every single tourist to come and eat here. Good Taste restaurant is very famous not only to locals but to tourists too. Also, did you ever wonder what makes everyone a return customer? It’s because of the restaurant’s buttered chicken and affordable price! This restaurant is certainly for budget travelers visiting Baguio.

Location: Otek Street near Burnham Park, Baguio
Operating Hours/Day: Open 24 Hours
Recommended by: Sir Chris Galvez and Nicole Foronda

Where to eat in Baguio

2. 50’s Diner

Another famous go-to restaurant when in Baguio is 50’s Diner. Literally a vintage-themed restaurant living in the 50’s. 50’s Diner is a famous restaurant because of its large size servings! The budget is also affordable, but above all, the plus size meals are really the best reason why people love it here. So don’t forget to swing by when you go to Baguio City. For recommendations, I highly suggest Guys On The Hood!

Location: Porta Vaga Mall
Operating Hours/Day: M-F at 8AM to 10PM and on Weekends at 10AM to 8PM
Recommended by: Yours Truly and Sir Chris Galvez

3. Arca’s Yard

My personal comfort cafe in Baguio! I just can’t explain the relaxing vibe that this chill cafe is giving me every single time I visit here. As a result, this is always my recommended restaurant/cafe to my friends who asks me where to eat in Baguio. I’ve made a blog and review about Arca’s Yard, you can check it out here: Arca’s Yard Blog & Review.

Location: Ambuklao Rd, Baguio
Operating Hours/Day: Open Daily at 9AM to 8PM
Recommended by: Yours Truly and Ron Jesus Lacaste

Where to eat in Baguio

4. Ililikha Artist Village

Calling forth all IG vains out there! A multi-level establishment built around overgrown trees and wooden structures, Ili-Likha no doubt promotes and is proud to present the humble nature and culture of Baguio. Read more about it here.

Location: Assumption Rd. (Walking distance from Session Road)
Operating Hours/Day: Open Daily at 9AM to 7:30PM
Recommended by: Yours Truly

5. Oh My Gulay

An IG-worthy cafe that sits on top of a building in Upper Session Road. This is another chill place to go especially for students in Baguio. Similarly, the vibe is very peaceful and you can relax here with your friends and family.

Location: Fortune Care, 108, Upper Session Road
Operating Hours/Day: Open Daily at 11AM to 9PM
Recommended by: Yours Truly

6. Grumpy Joe

Try their famous 5 Cheese Pizza! This is definitely most recommended to all cheese lovers. Aside from pizza, they also have pasta, burgers, fries, and specialty drinks. You can read WhenInManila’s review about Grumpy Joe here.

Location: Leonard Wood Rd., Baguio City
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 11AM to 8PM

Where to eat in Baguio
Photo by Jaybee Bernardino of Jebschap PH

7. Vincent’s Place

If you are on the look out for Cordilleran Cuisine, Vincent’s Place got you!

Location: Loakan Rd, Camp John Hay, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Operating Hours/Days: Open daily at 11AM to 10PM
Recommended by: Sir Lee Majors Fajilan

8. Kape Umali: since 1948

For authentic taste of coffee in Benguet, the only place for you to go is in Kape Umali! They are the pioneer of coffee distribution in the North since 1948. Not much tourists actually know about this place. So if you’re looking for a place to chill that is also less touristy, this is where you should go. Get to know more about them here.

Location: Shangri-la Village Baguio City
Operating Hours/Days: Check their Facebook page here for updated operating days and hours.
Recommended by: Jojo Regenio

kape umali

9. Zushi Me

Surprise surprise to all ramen and sushi lovers! Zushi Me is a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic ramen noodles in town. I shared about this in my travel Facebook page because I really enjoyed the food here. You might wanna check out more photos here.

Location: La Azotea Bldg., Session Rd
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 10AM to 12AM
Recommended by: Noel Pine and Jefferson Quiton

zushi me baguio

10. Hodori Korean Restaurant

Where to eat in Baguio for Korean food? My all time favorite Korean Restaurant with the best budget-friendly price! Given the limited amount of allowance back in college, I was only able to treat myself in a few restaurants in the city. Hodori is my all time favorite! It’s a mix of Korean and Japanese Cuisine.

I personally love their ramen noodles here and the traditional charcoal-grillers for the samgyupsal meats. Here, you’ll only spend about PHP 250.00 per person compared in Manila where most KOrean Restaurants has a minimum PHP 500.00 rate per person.

Location: Lower Mabini St, Baguio
Operating Hours/Days: Open daily at 9AM to 10PM
Recommended by: Yours Truly

11. Balajadia Kitchenette

Another underrated restaurant that offers Filipino comfort food will surely satisfy your cravings. This is the typical go-to restaurant of locals in Baguio. It’s like the Jollibee of every Filipinos. In Baguio’s version, it’s Balajadia Kitchenette.

Location: Near the Slaughterhouse Compound
Operating Hours/Days: Open daily at 6AM to 9PM
Recommended by: Joyce Valenzuela

12. Canto

Specializes in American food like burgers and hefty steaks but they also offer Asian and Filipino favorites. Canto has a very relaxing ambiance with a white structure of floors and ceilings and glass windows and doors. Its glamorous look invites every customers who pass by. You can read about it more here.

Location: 25 Kisad Rd, Baguio
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 11AM to 10PM
Recommended by: Sir BJ Apelado and Narie Hapa

Photo by Ako Lokal PH

13. Amare La Cucina

We have mentioned a few cuisines like American, Japanese, Korean and Cordilleran. To add another on the list, here is an Italian Cuisine that will surely satisfy your pizza cravings! Certainly almost everyone knows that pizza is the best menu of Italian cuisines. So if you are looking for a delicios pizza, Amare is the go-to place for that!

Location: Ignacio Villamor St, Baguio,
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 11AM to 9PM
Recommended by: Ms. Salemar Enoc and Ron Lacaste

Photo by Amare La Cucina

14. Secret Garden

Although Secret Garden is no longer a “secret” to many because of its growing popularity. It may still suit its name due to its slightly hidden location. Secret Garden offers a homey appeal because of its wooden structure and a close to nature ambiance. For recommendations, pizza here is a must-try especially the quatro formaggi.

Location: 34 Paterno St, Camp John Hay
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 10AM to 10PM
Recommended by: Joanna Pascua

15. Chocolate de Batirol

Anyone craving for chocolate and suman?! Chocolate de Batirol in Camp John Hay got you! Freshly made hot chocolate from cacao tablea is what customers can expect here. Furthermore, a menu of local rice snacks or kakanin like suman and bibingka with a hot chocolate comprises their top ordered snack. The price here is average and will surely fit your budget.

Aside from their famous chocolate drink made from cacao tablea and kakanin snacks, the place is not located in some busy street in Baguio. In here, you can enjoy a less touristy place with a cool ambiance. Also, you can buy your pasalubongs here.

Location: Igorot Park, Camp John Hay
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 8AM to 9PM
Recommended by: Ms. Shalemar Enoc

Where to eat in Baguio

16. Le Chef at The Manor

Let’s not go any further if the question is “where to eat in Baguio?” because Le Chef at The Manor is a great place for you to dine. Bringing to you a classic log cabin ambiance plus hailed as the best fine-dining restaurant in Baguio City. Le Chef has a great reputation when it comes to their food and service. As a result, it remained a must-visit restaurant in Baguio City for more than a decade now.

Location: The Manor, Camp John Hay
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 6AM to 12AM
Recommended by: Yours Truly

17. Cafe by the Ruins

The restaurant’s name says it all. In the area of the cafe, you will find original bullet marks from the WWII. This is where I think they got the name of the cafe. Chocolate drinks, coffee, pastries are their top ordered menu and for my personal recommendation, I suggest you try their champorado!

Location: along Shuntug Road across the City Hall
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily at 7AM to 9PM
Recommended by: Yours Truly

18. Laxamana’s Sisigan

Laxamana’s Sisigan is one of the famous turo-turo restaurants that emerged in the street of Cagouia and is specifically famous to all Louisians (students of SLU). It’s success is one of the most inspiring stories you will here in Baguio City. Starting off in a rented house serving their Kapampangan sisig, students immediately recognized and loved their food. Eventually, they had to expand customer tables outside their rented house as more and more students come there to eat. Now, they have to transfer to a bigger location which is now at the Cuesta building near the Bonifacio Street.

Where to eat in Baguio

When I was a student, I used to come visit my classmate living in New Lucban just near Cagouia street. And every time I pass by Cagouia Street I would buy sisig in the boardinghouse-like restaurant to satisfy my cravings. Ahh the good old days!

Location: Cuesta building near the Bonifacio Street
Operating Hours/Days:
Recommended by: Yours Truly and Every Single Louisian in Baguio

19. Cafe Yagam

Aside from its rich coffee culture, Cafe Yagam serves authentic Cordilleran cuisine. Cafe Yagam’s best traditional dishes include Pinuneg, Igwilas, Pinikpikan with Etag, Smoked Yagam Sausage, and Binungor. All their main dishes are served with “kiniwar,” a sweetened sticky rice dessert in dark sugar syrup. I think we should expect that when you dine in here, you’ll definitely get the best taste of Cordilleran cuisine that you are looking for!

Location: 25 J.Felipe Street, Lualhati,
Operating Hours/Days: Tuesday to Sunday at 12NN to 8PM
Recommended by: Dana Elcar

20. Soledad

Finally, Soledad restaurant is another turo-turo restaurant in Baguio City. It’s probably running in business for over 30 years now. Soledad has served thousands of students and probably including their parents as well. Hence, every single college student in Baguio surely know about this place because it hails the oldest food joint around its area.

Their home-cooked food is cheap and the serving is big. Soledad is literally for the budget of a student who has limited money for food. Not only that the food price fits everyone’s budget, but the food here is delicious too!

Location: Upper Bonifacio Street, Baguio City
Operating Hours/Days: Open Daily/School Hours
Recommended by: Noel Pine

Where to eat in Baguio
Photo by The Ghetto Eats

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