Platform 1094 Singapore

Platform 1094 – Every Potterhead’s Best Spot in Singapore!

As soon as I read about this Harry Potter cafe in Singapore, I immediately packed my trunks (luggage) and my wand (phone) and went straight to this cafe to meet my fellow muggles in Singapore! Joking. I was alone when I came here as I was solo traveling to this highly advanced and futuristic country. Nevertheless, Platform 1094 is the cherry on top of my Singapore adventure!

Amidst the dullness of our day-to-day lives, I fairly believe that we all need a little time for magic! Whether it’s the 10-year old kid living inside my body or the “potterhead” that I am, let me share with you this wonderful and magical experience at Platform 1094 in Singapore! Sure it wasn’t as realistic as those seen on the movie itself but I think this cafe woken up the kid inside me.

Without further ado, my fellow muggles, let me take you to the most awesome cafe I’ve been to in Singapore!

Platform 1094 in Singapore

Why the name “Platform 1094” you might ask? The name is simply derived from the Platform 9 3/4 in the movie itself. Well if you are familiar with the trolley that goes through the magical wall to Hogwarts express then that’s it! Moreover, the cafe changed “9 3/4” to 1094 simply because 1094 is the exact street address of the cafe in Singapore. Thus, the name of the cafe. Merlin’s beard! How cool and creative is that?

The Cafe

To give you a heads up my fellow muggle friends and squibs, the cafe is merely a Harry Potter-themed cafe and not everything is alike just like in the movie. For instance, the tables and chairs are not like those of the Hogwarts dining hall with the manky old chairs and high walls. Surely not! However, you can expect great things in this cafe to match every potterheads expectations.

Alohomora!” Well you can add this to your adventure as soon as you enter the doors of the cafe while pointing your wand (phone) to the door. Nothing special, just wanna add a bit of excitement! Lol.

Platform 1094 Singapore
Photo Credits to Platform 1094 Facebook Page

The cafe chairs are inspired by the deer – which is a famous Patronous of the Potter family. Like I said earlier, nothing like the manky old chairs in the Hogwarts dining hall. Lol. Collectibles are also available in the cafe such as stuffed toys, wands, acceptance letter, time-turner, books and more! The 4 robes of the different houses (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff). Feel free to sort your house with the sorting hat available too!

The Food

The food is the key to Ronald Weasley’s heart, don’t you think? I bet the food in this cafe is as delicious as the food in Hogwarts too! I can’t imagine why Ronald can’t stop eating because I can’t stop too! Although I was alone when I came here, I managed to have the time of my life because of how freakin’ delicious and fantastic their food and beverage here!

In all fairness, the food in Platform 1094 exceeded my expectation. They have a lot of creative and magical food and beverage available. I honestly enjoyed just by reading the unique names on their menu. Check out their awesome cakes and pastries on their official Instagram account here.

Platform 1094 Singapore
(Took a picture of these lovely Singaporeans at the Cafe. Permission asked and approved)

FAQS Platform 1094

  • How to go there?  Platform 1094 is located on the North-East (purple) MRT Line. The cafe is located between Boon Keng (NE9) and Poton Pasir (NE10) stations. Hop on to the nearest MRT and drop off to any of these 2 MRT stations. From there, walk towards Platform 1094 for about 10 – 15 minutes. It is located in the 1094 street.
  • Location: 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192
  • What day and time is it open? Open everyday from 11AM to 10PM except Mondays.
  • Facebook Page: click here for Platform 1094 official Facebook page
  • Is the food pricey? Some are. But it’s worth it.

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