TIMBA Philippine Bucket List

TIMBA Philippine Bucket List – 2020 Hottest Travel App (81 Provinces of the Philippines!)

Heads up travelers and Project 81 finishers! The hottest travel app – TIMBA Philippine Bucket List, is worth the space on your smartphones!

With over 7,000+ islands in a total of 81 provinces, how much of the Philippines do you actually think you’ve visited?

Exactly 3 days ago, TIMBA app was finally released with an IOS version! Since this app was originally released for android phone users only, a lot of IOS users requested and waited for this IOS version. And finally it’s available on both smartphones! The goal of this app is simple, collect memories and shade the provinces you’ve been to. It’s like a virtual version of Philippines scratch maps.

Who Created The App?

Ever wondered who the smart guy behind this app? TIMBA Philippine Bucket List is an app designed by a talented Filipino, Mr. Al John Quiapon.

“TIMBA actually started as a geography quiz app that I designed some time ago. Early this year, the KMJS Philippine Bucket List Challenge became viral so I decided to combine the two concepts into one app”, Quiapon said when I asked him his inspiration for creating this app. Quiapon, as a casual traveler, enjoys going on local and overseas trips. He has unlocked at least 15 provinces and 9 countries on his journey as a traveler.

As per Quiapon, he is also planning to add special features soon. However, nothing is set in stone yet as he continuously receives at least 100 suggestions from users. As a result, there are no definite details of what features will be added but he has assured users that updates will be available soon. I bet these new features will be very exciting!

How To Navigate The App

The TIMBA Philippine Bucket List app provides easy navigation. There are 2 current functions of this app, (1) to provide the perfect storage for your travels and (2) to help you keep track of the provinces you have been. Just like I mentioned earlier, this is the best app for people aiming to complete the 81 provinces! Or simply known as the Project 81.

Providing the perfect storage for your travel photos

For each province, there will be a dedicated storage for your photos. It will be a gallery of your travel photos that will help preserve the memories you have for each destination.

Helps you keep track of the Provinces you have been

You can also see the map of the Philippines with the shaded provinces once you have uploaded photos on each gallery. For instance, if you have saved photos on at least 10 galleries, it will reflect on the map as well.

In addition, you can also change the map color in the settings section.

TIMBA Philippine Bucket List
TIMBA Philippine Bucket List

Available on Both Android and IOS Users

YES! It is now available on both Androif and IOS users. The long wait is over for my IOS user freiends, including myself.

  • For Android phone users: Download on Google Play
  • For IOS phone users: Download on App Store

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