Mo Chit Bus Terminal to BKK Airport

Mo Chit Bus Terminal to BKK Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) – Step by step guide

Getting to the airport from Mo Chit Bus Terminal for backpackers can be really tricky since it’s a bit far. Mo Chit bus terminal is one of the biggest bus station in Bangkok since it’s where you can get access to buses going to and from the different areas of Thailand. For instance, Chiang Mai in the Northern part. Now if you’re coming from Mo Chit bus terminal to BKK airport, keep in mind that there are some things you need to know.

Why is taxi not recommended for solo travelers?

Taxis will give you the minimum of 400THB and grab fares are much higher. I tried booking for grab bike to the airport, unfortunately there are no available grab bikes to the airport. Since I’m a solo traveler, I didn’t want to spend 500THB in one taxi ride. So I did it the DIY way and if you are a solo traveler too you may want to follow my steps below. It’s easy and it’s not confusing. Also, there are signage available for you to follow.

BUT, if you are traveling in a group, renting a taxi and splitting the fee and reducing the hassle may not be so bad.

Mo Chit Bus Terminal to BKK Airport

Mo Chit Bus Terminal to BKK Airport

Beside the Mo Chit bus terminal is the Bus Stop Port Bus Terminal, ride a bus with the bus #138 then stop at Mo Chit BTS station (train station). You will see a stair with the BTS sign, go upstairs and buy your ticket to Phaya Thai station. Once you arrive in Phaya Thai station, just follow the sign that says “to Suvarnabhumi airport” and buy your token to the airport. Total fare all in all is 98 baht.

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