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Life of a Freelancer – What is “Freelancing” and How To Earn Money From it?

“Life of a Freelancer”

This phrase always sounds good every single time, at least for me. Freelancers are what they like to call in the modern world as digital nomads. They are individuals in our society who can work anywhere they go! So long as there’s an internet and laptop, freelancers can survive. To give you a bit of information, there are different kinds of freelancers. In this article, let’s try to give a few examples and I’ll share my experience as a freelancer too.

Bloggers and Vloggers are the perfect epitome of “Freelancers”. Yeap! There’s no denying on that because most people would regard Freelancers as Youtubers and Bloggers. However, freelancing has a broader coverage and you’ll be surprised by how much jobs are categorized under freelancing.

In this article: Life of a Freelancer – What is “Freelancing” and How To Earn Money From it?, I will try to discuss the fundamentals and helpful pointers. So if you are interested, continue reading!

Life of a Freelancer
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What is “Freelancing”?

Firstly, let’s define the word freelancing. As defined on Google, freelancing is working with different companies and brands rather than being employed under one company. Freelancers get to decide of their working schedules too. That’s probably one of the best things about this job. Working anytime according to your preference and choice.

Furthermore, freelancing has a complicated way of earning money too. Unlike in regular jobs, employees earn depending on the work hours they have rendered. Freelancing on the other hand has a very different way.

Most Common Freelancing Jobs

Apart from Blogging and Vlogging, which are example of jobs that did not exist 10 years ago, some of the most common freelancing jobs are: Social Media Manager, Copywriter, ESL Teacher, Programmer, Tutor, Photographer, Film Makers, Logo and Graphic Designers.

If you want to know more about these jobs, check out’s list of jobs to do at home.

Freelancing jobs can be done anywhere, which means that people can most likely do it while traveling. But for most people, they would usually do it at home like teaching English online or encoding data. As of now, I have started teaching English online too due to COVID-19’s effect. But even before, I’ve been living the life of a freelancer through my travel page and website. As a result, I’ve been earning money from it too. More of this topic below!

Life of a Freelancer

How do Bloggers and Vloggers Earn Money?

I believe I’m giving everyone the exact pointers on how we earn online through this article. In this section, I’m spilling the beans to help out people looking for answers. As a matter of fact, I started in this industry without knowing a single thing about the list I gathered below. So I know how hard it is to start without having enough knowledge.

For you not to go down the same difficult road as I did, check out the pointers below! Like I’ve said earlier, freelancing has a more complicated definition. For instance, how to earn money as a blogger or vlogger will be one of the most challenging part of your journey.

1. Earning From Google Adsense

As a blogger or vlogger, the most common source of income will be from Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense? These are advertisements placed on your website or Youtube videos. However, in order to get these ads from showing on your platform, you will have to accomplish the requirements given by Google. For example, if you plan to be a blogger on your website you will need to buy your domain and web hosting. Take note that Google Adsense do not allow free websites to acquire advertisements. In this case, invest money on your website first.

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For aspiring Youtubers, there is no need to buy any platform since you just have to sign up for an account. However, you need to comply with Youtube’s Requirements before getting approved by Google Adsense to put ads on your videos. If I am not mistaken, I believe that the current requirement as of today (June 2020) are: (1) minimum of 1,000 subscribers and (2) total of 4,000 watch hours.

Helpful Read: YouTube Partner Program Requirements

Earning money from Google Adsense is just the tip of an iceberg. If you’re done with this step, let’s check out more ways on how to earn money below!

how to earn from google adsense
Here is a sample data from Google Adsense earnings

2. Paid Promotions

The second way to earn money is through paid promotions through promotional contents. These are promotional photos and/or videos that influencers with high post-engagement post on their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook Page.

Moreover, in order to get clients on the hook, you should have an enticing social media platform with lotsa followers. Yeap, there is no beating around the bush here. Remember that more followers means more organic post reach for your clients. And more clients mean more chances of getting paid promotions for you. BUT never ever buy followers! It is easy to locate social media influencers who buy followers.

So how much do influencers earn through paid promotion? The talent fee varies on the influencers and their post coverage. If you have 10,000 followers you can only expect 20 – 30 USD per post. But then again that depends on how many people sees your platform. This is just a hypothetical example.

3. Collaborations

Another way to earn money is through collaborations with brands and companies. This category will fall mostly on resort owners, tour agencies and brands who are looking to promote their place/brand on social media.

As a result, marketing managers will choose to hire bloggers and youtubers to create a content in their resort. The usual benefit of these collaborations are: (1) all expense paid tours/free stays/free items and (2) talent fee.

Collaborating can be similar to paid promotions too. The only difference is that paid promotions are photos or videos that brands and companies email to the influencers/bloggers/youtubers to post on their timeline or Instagram feed. Collaborating on the other hand is working to create a content usually with all expense paid tours and/or free gadgets. Subsequently promoting it through their social media platforms after creating the content.

life of a freelancer

4. Voucher Codes and Commissions

This works well with both the brands and Bloggers. The most common example are voucher codes to get a discount in a hotel, restaurant and gadget shops.

So how does this work? Usually, brands will give you a unique voucher code to promote to your followers online. Whenever they use your code to purchase gadgets or reserve a night in a hotel that you promote, you will get alternative commission from it. Hence, earning money just by giving a discount. Most bloggers find it easier to earn money through voucher codes since it’s a win-win situation. People will get discounts, brands will get exposure and you will get commission too!

To get clients on the hook, your platform needs to have high engagement as well.

zenrooms voucher code

5. Paid Link Insertions

The last pointer I’m going to give you is only applicable for bloggers who have their website. Paid link insertion is a common marketing strategy that brand owners with websites use.

How does it work? Company owners who have websites needs viewers coming from other websites who has good reputation on Google search and SEO. For website developers, it is important to get linked by another website since it increases your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As a result, some brands pay bloggers to link their website on their posts.

How much do I earn? Actually, it depends on how good your website is and the domain authority (DA) score is also important. For websites with more than 20 DA score, they can demand 50 – 100 USD for 1 link insertion. Those bloggers with below 20 DA score can expect 30 – 50 USD.

Here is an example of Paid Link Insertion

The Life of a Freelancer

In conclusion, the life of a freelancer has a lot of meanings. Firstly, it can be really enjoying as you can earn money in a lot of way while going to different places. However, this kind of lifestyle only works well with specific freelancing jobs such as blogging and vlogging. Most people can only stay at home and do freelacing online.

Secondly, freelancing can give you the benefit of earning from your talent and ability to think of quality contents. You will spend most of the time with your phone and laptop too. That’s going to be a lot of screen time for sure! But if you will ask me, so far I am enjoying the life of a freelancer. It feels good to work on your own time and preference. The opportunity to talk to Marketing Managers and collaborating with Bloggers in the field is enriching and rewarding.

I will be writing more articles about Freelancing and Blogging soon! So stay tuned and subscribe on my newsletter to get email updates whenever I post a new article. Also, follow me on my Instagram account!

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    1. Thank you so much! I totally agree! With everything happening in the world right now, we could use some freelancing and earn money while staying home. Good luck! 🙂

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