Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide

2022 DIY Travel Guide to Mt. Ulap in Benguet (Itinerary & Budget)

Mt Ulap is particularly a very famous go-to mountain for hikers and mountaineers when in Benguet. Aside from the famous Mt. Pulag and Mt. Ugo in the Region, Mt. Ulap also has one of the most breathtaking sceneries. For instance, it showcases some of the stunning details and trademarks of Cordillera such as the Pine trees, grassland ridges, burial caves and hanging bridges too. Moreover, this day-hike is accessible from the main city of Baguio which is just 40 minutes away. (Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide)

Although it is considerably a minor hike that beginners can climb back and forth in a day, most hikers would still consider it hard to climb. So I don’t want to spoil your excitement but let’s be honest here, minor hikes are NOT easy hikes. Those are 2 very different words.

Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide

Important Things To Know Before Your Trip

  • Contact the Tourism Office before your trip at least 1 week before. Brgy. Ampucao Tourism – 0998-9589549.
  • For COVID-19 travel updates, check out recent update through their Facebook Page here.
  • Mt. Ulap is available for day-hike and overnight stay
  • Best time to go there depends on what scenery you want to expect. For instance, if you want a clear sunny trail, you may want to go there during the summer season. But if you want a cloudy trail, I suggest visiting from the months of September – February.
  • Although it is a minor hike, don’t expect an easy hike. Bring trail food with you, packed lunch and sufficient water supply for a whole day adventure.
  • Bring power-banks with you and rain coats or ponchos, just in case you are planning to go on a rainy season.
  • Souvenirs are available when you are about to finish the trail hike and there are stores at the end point too.
  • If you have enough time to spare, plan a side-trip in Baguio City for the next day! Check out my Baguio City DIY Travel Guide here or the Top Things To Do in Baguio.

Mt Ulap DIY Travel GUIDE

DIY is my thing. And since I lived in Baguio for 5 years during my college days, going back and forth to Itogon from Baguio City is not new to me. In this travel Mt. Ulap DIY Travel Guide, I’ll show you how to get to the jump-off point if you are coming from Manila. Since I am living in Manila now for my work, here is how I did it β€” check out below!


There are lots of bus-line companies that offers this route from Cubao, Pasay or Sampaloc terminal in Manila. For example, (1) Victory Liner (2) Solid North (3) JoyBus and (4) Genesis. There are available trips almost every hour on a daily basis. The travel time will take roughly 6-7 hours and the fare is PHP 450.00 – PHP 500.00.

Did you know? You can now travel to and from Baguio City from Manila for only 4 hours with Joybus Premiere Class Bus? Read ‘s review and guide here.


From Baguio City, ride a jeepney going to Brgy. Ampucao via Philes-Bound route. The jeepney terminal is located beside Jollibee Center Mall. Just ask around for the jeepney that goes directly to Brgy. Ampucao or just tell the driver you are heading to Mt. Ulap. The travel time is around 40 mins and the fare is around PHP 30.00 – 50.00 per head.

Alternatively, you may also rent a taxi from Baguio City to take you all the way to Brgy. Ampucao. However, the fare may be expensive but it will be more convenient if you are traveling in 3-4 pax in a group.

For private cars, you can use Waze app for better navigation when you are already in Baguio City.

Upon reaching the Barangay Hall, register your names and pay the fees for your trip. Check out the fees below.

Mt. Ulap Suggested Itinerary & Expenses

This itinerary is assuming that you are coming from Manila to Baguio Citty and then Baguio City to Mt. Ulap jump-off point. (Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide)

Round-trip jeepney fare from Baguio CityPHP100.00
Registration Fee/headPHP100.00
Guide FeePHP400.00 (good for 5 pax per group)
OvernightPHP800.00 (good for 5 pax per group)
12 midnightETD Manila to Baguio City
4:00 AMETA Baguio City, breakfast, buy packed lunch or snacks in the market
5:00 AMJeepney from Jollibee Center Mall to Brgy. Ampucao
5:40 AMETA Brgy. Ampucao, proceed to Barangay Hall for Registration, pay the fees
6:30 AMStart of hike
5:00 PMEnd of day-hike, back to Baguio City
6:00 PMDinner around Baguio City
7:30 PMBus from Baguio City to Manila
11:30 PMETA Manila

About Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail & Attractions

Mt. Ulap is available for day-hike and overnight stay. As for us, we did a day-hike to this piece of heaven. Our adventures was filled with lotsa clouds on the trail, hanging bridges, rock formations and greenery hills. Out of all the mountains I have climbed in my country, Mt. Ulap is definitely one of the most unique and most beautiful too. The sceneries of the Cordilleran mountains are just incredibly breathtaking and too stunning to pass up.

View of the Pine Forest

During the first part of the trail, you will see dense forest of pines which is a very popular signature of the Cordillera mountains in the Region. There are few picturesque spots along the way and our guide was very polite to assist us in getting good pictures all the time! Honestly, the tour guides really know the best spot for photo-ops so don’t be shy to ask. πŸ™‚

Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide
Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide
Shot with my GoPro Hero 5

A Very Cloudy Trail

If you want to experience a cloudy trail, I suggest hiking in the months of September – December. These are particularly cold months to hike and the best months to experience a cloudy trail too. Furthermore, make sure to choose the right season for your climb depending on your preference. If you want clear views of the mountains and forest from afar, I suggest to go during summer season.

In my opinion, I particularly chose to go here during the cold months because I wanted a cloudy trail. After all, “ulap” means clouds so why not hike with the clouds around me!

Mt Ulap
Mt. Ulap trail
The view of the forest at my back was surrounded by thick clouds instead

1st Peak – Ambanaw Paway

We had our lunch after reaching the 1st peak – Ambanaw Paway. Also, you may bring you packed lunch/snacks with you and eat here. It has a very nice view to eat your lunch! Not only that, there are lots of things to see here like the greenery hills, animals like cows and cairns made by tourists and hikers! Cairns are human-made stacks, mounds or piles of rocks.

ambanaw paway mt. ulap
Mt Ulap cairns
Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide
Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide
We ate our lunch on top of that hill where I am pointing at!

2nd Peak – Gungal Rock

The gungal rock is the most famous attraction of Mt. Ulap. It is where the picturesque rock photos of hikers and mountaineers is located. You can take your time to get the most awesome photo here with your tour guide. As for us, we took our time and enjoyed the view on top of the rock formations too! The clouds made it look like we are just having some walk in the park except that it is in a heaven-like place.

Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide
The famous Gungal Rock Photo-op of Mt. Ulap
Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide
Lol. Behind the scene of struggling to get an epic Mt. Ulap’s gungal rock photo.

3rd Peak – Mt. Ulap Summit

Reaching the summit of Mt. Ulap offers you a fantastic view of the Cordillera mountains and villages. Some of the attractions included before getting here are mountain ridges, animals like cows, more rock formations and pine-forest trails. Since we came here in the month of September, the summit was very cloudy and it seemed like we were in heaven! The thick clouds covering every 5-meter distance from us! It was so surreal!

Mt Ulap summit
Mt Ulap mountain ridge
Mt. Ulap’s Mountain Ridge trail
Mt Ulap summit
Reaching the summit!
Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide
More cloudy trail! πŸ™‚

Hanging Bridges and Mini Waterfalls

The descent will not be the same trail as the ascending. So you can enjoy a different view while climbing down Mt. Ulap. Some of the attractions to see are hanging bridges and mini waterfalls. As for us, we had a short dip on the waterfalls after a tiring hike. The water was very refreshing!

As we reached the end part of our hike, we bought some souvenir shirts and bag tags for this memorable trip! πŸ™‚

Mt. Ulap philippines
Mt Ulap hanging bridge
Mt Ulap mini waterfalls

Have any questions about this Mt Ulap DIY Travel Guide? Leave a comment below! πŸ™‚

Help me improve my travel guide! By commenting suggestions in the comment section below, I am very open to new ideas. πŸ™‚
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