Jomalig Island DIY Travel Guide 2022: Golden Sand in Quezon!

The unspoiled beach of Jomalig Island hidden in the northeast part of Quezon Province will give you one of the many reasons why you should visit the Philippines. A lot of beaches with extremely beautiful landscapes lie in the outskirts part of the country that has already grown to popularity to both local and international visitors. But going to places that only few have seen is what makes up the best escapades of all.

I can still remember the time when I marveled at its gold sand and turquoise blue water. It was the closest to heaven that I ever felt after a long journey to go to this place. Even so, Jomalig Island DIY is the best way to go here. In this article, let me take you to this wonderful paradise!

Jomalig Island DIY

About Jomalig Island

Let me give you a heads up, the travel time going to Jomalig is quite long. It’ll take about 5-6 hours boat ride from the port and not yet including the land travel from Manila to the port in Quezon Province. This is a piece of cake for backpackers and campers who are always on the go for adventures.

The island is undeveloped which means there’s no hotels or air-conditioned boarding lodge so you will have to bring and set up your tent. The good news about unexploited beaches is the beauty that lies in it is natural and untouched by civilization.

The reception is fair, not very good but also not very poor. And last but not the least, the people you will come across who’s actually living there are absolutely very warm and welcoming. They complete the reasons as to why you should visit the Jomalig Island.

Where to eat

Food is not a problem, you can always buy home-cooked food in the houses residing there! It costs PHP100.00/person. The meal includes unlimited rice and 2-3 viands. It’s actually a cheap price since they’ll serve you seafood and this kind of food is very pricey in the city! For seafood lovers like me, I definitely enjoyed the meal served to us. It was freshly caught and at the same time cheap! Glad it wasn’t only my heart that was floating on cloud 9 that time but also my tummy.

What to bring

These things are pretty obvious and I bet you can handle this already. But for some who doesn’t have their list ready yet, here are a couple of optional things you can bring: sun block, rash guards, swimwear, tent, cameras, power bank, spare clothes, chargers, phone, money, floaties and personal necessities.

Jomalig island diy

How to go to Jomalig Island DIY-way

  • Ride a Raymond bus in Legarda going to Infanta, the fare for an ordinary bus is PHP175.00. The trip will take 4 hours minimum if you will travel during midnight and will take up to 6 hours during day time. Hence, best time and fastest way to travel is during midnight.
  • Drop off will be in Ungos Port. Ride a boat going to Jomalig Island, the fare is PHP400.00 with a free meal. The trip will take 6 hours minimum and 7 hours maximum. The boat you will be riding can accommodate 40-50 passengers which mean it’s not as small as you think like what most fishermen use but it’s not a ferry either. The boat we were able to ride has its own comfort room and kitchen inside. You can probably just imagine the size of the boat by the number of passengers mentioned.
  • The boat will not take you directly to the island at once. You’ll have to do the normal registration process first and pay the environmental fee of PHP200.00. An organizer will collect the fee once your boat arrives near the shore of Jomalig. After that, small boats that can acquire 10 passengers will arrive to pick you, there’s PHP40.00 fare going to the island of Jomalig.

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Jomalig Island DIY
Jomalig Island DIY

Tips From Joan’s Footprints

  • For Jomalig Island DIY travelers, you have to be at the port before 5 am so you’ll arrive in Jomalig Island during lunch time and you can still enjoy the heat on the beach. And also, that’s the first trip of the boat going to Jomalig.
  • It’s going to be a long ride in the sea, best to bring with you portable video games or you can just sleep all the way to the island so you can take a rest before having a dip in the beach.
  • Best to get a contact person, they respond timely and it lessens the hustle. Contact person: Ms. Lyra of L&J Resort. Contact number: 09307968665
  • Bring an action camera or a drone with you if you own one. Given that the water is crystal clear, it’d be nice to capture that as a remembrance for this extremely beautiful island.
jomalig island water
camping jomalig island

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