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2022 Guide to Colibra Island Pangasinan: Itinerary & Budget

Colibra Island in Pangasinan is a short distance boat ride from Dasol beach which makes it an ideal island getaway trip! Due to COVID-19, I’ve been going around my province since August 2020. Dealing with the fact that travel is restricted and the only accessible places that doesn’t need a lot of travel documents is within my province. But on the brighter side, this pandemic gave me the chance to explore my province as I haven’t really been around it before. Quite ironic, actually.

Furthermore, as our boat approaches this teeny tiny island, I can remember the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I’m finally back at my happy place. Although it was my first time going here, I consider any island as my home.

Colibra Island can be explored in a day-tour but I would recommend an overnight stay. Why? This island has everything a backpacker and an island person wants. That includes no means of electricity, no luxury hotels, a small island you can explore, star gazing at night and most especially the pristine beach. Pangasinan brings to you a typical remote island escapade!

Colibra Island
As of March 2021

What You Need To Know Before Your Trip

Here are important reminders and other tips you need to know before your trip!

  • Due to COVID-19, Colibra Island is only open to tourists from Pangasinan. No visitors are allowed coming from outside the province. For further notice and announcement, you may contact them through their Facebook page: Rural Health Unit of Dasol.
  • Phone reception is good, considered that it is just 20 minutes away from Dasol beach.
  • There are cottages and tents available for rent. But if you want to reduce your expenses then you can bring your own tents and hammock.
  • For overnight, take note that there is no electricity in this island. Which means you have to bring your camping essentials like flashlight, cooking utensils, etc.
  • There are mini stores selling snacks but not meals. So if you are planning to stay overnight, make sure to bring cooked food or you can cook in the island too. Grillers are available.
  • Best time to go here is during summer season from March – June. Since we came here during a rainy season, the beach has a lot of seaweeds in the shore. But the water is still clear and pristine.
  • You may rent a boat either from Dasol beach, Tambobong beach or from Cabongaoan beach to access the island. The closest will be from Tambobong beach since it’s just about 15 minutes away. Moreover, renting a boat from Cabongaoan will take approximately 45 minutes. Hence, the boat rental fee will be more expensive.
  • Here is a budget itinerary for Cabongaoan should you wish to add it on your itinerary: Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool Travel Guide.

Colibra Island in Pangasinan

Although we first visited this island on a rainy season month of October, we still enjoyed it as we had the whole island to ourselves. We were the only people in the island which made it very special and therapeutic. I could go into details about our whole 2-day experience in this blog but it’ll probably just make it too long. So I’ll stick with the important details.

Our second time around this chill vibe island was last March 21-22, 2021 this year. So much has changed and improved since the last time we went there.

Did you know? Colibra Island sometimes called Culebra or Snake Island because of the abundance of sea snakes before particularly in the rock formations. However, as per the locals we met that there are no more sea snakes in the island as of today due to tourists frequently visiting the island.

colibra island 2020

During the night, we head out to the shore and spent the evening there. We heard nothing but the splashes of waves from a distant shore, the crackling noise a campfire makes, the chirping sound of the crickets and our chitchats. We also had an amazing chance of engaging with fireflies during the night.

It’s amazing how a simple 2-day trip could take away all the stress and just be captivated in the beauty of a place. With everything going on in the world right now, I’m happy that my province is blessed with such beauty.

Colibra Island

How to get there

Once travel is permitted and public transportations are open, below are the details on how to go to Colibra Island from Manila. If you are coming from Dagupan City or Baguio City, just make your way to Alaminos City Pangasinan and follow the next instructions below.


Ride a bus from Cubao terminal to Alaminos City in Pangasinan. The travel time is approximately 4 hours to Alaminos and the fare is PHP 400.00. Upon arrival, ride a bus bound to Sta.Cruz Zambales and advise the driver to drop you off in Dasol. The fare is approximately PHP 40 – 50.00. Charter a tricycle going to Tambobong beach for PHP300.00 one way and ride a boat to Colibra Island for 15 minutes.

tambobong beach pangasinan
Tambobong Beach/Boat rental area

Where to stay

You need to know that there are no luxury hotels available in Colibra Island. Only cottages, tents and hammock are the accommodations available. You have an option to rent in the island but you can also bring your own to lessen the expenses.

Cottages available are good for 5-8 people. Grillers are included once you rent a cottage too. Below are the updated expenses to expect when in Colibra Island as of March 2021.

Php 80.00/pax entrance fee
Php 400.00/pax free cottage
Php300.00/pax free cottage
Php 500.00/pax free cottage and tent
cottage for rent in colibra island
For day tour guests
Overnight cottages

Food & Water

When we first came here last September 2020, there are no source of food and water in the island and no means of electricity too. But for now things are slowly going back to normal or as what most people would like to call it the “new normal”, the influx of tourists coming to the island are slowly rising again.

As of March 2021, we came to the island on a Sunday – Monday schedule and I was a bit surprised that there are so many people visiting the pristine beach of Colibra Island. As a result, there has been a huge improvement when it comes to accommodation and food & water sources. There are small stores around the island selling snacks and alike.

Things to do in Colibra Island

There are no water activities available in the island like jetski, fly fish, paddle boards, etc. So the only activities available will be volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, exploring the rock formations, island hopping to Crocodile Island and stargazing at night. Take note that bonfire is not allowed in the island.

snorkeling and diving

Boat Rental Fee & Important Contact

For boat rentals, contact Kuya Jener below and say hi for me too!

  • Kuya Jener: 0948 981 4565 or 0945 522 9467

Below is the rate for boat rental, assuming that you are in a group of 4-8 person. Boat rental fee also includes island hopping to Crocodile Island which is just about 10 minutes away from Colibra Island. The park area for the boat is either in Tambobong Beach or Villa Balinmanok Beach.

Boat Rental Fee:
Day Tour (Maximum of 8 pax)Php 1,500.00
Overnight (Maximum of 8 pax)Php 2,000.00
Registration Area
Colibra Island rock formations
Rock formations in Colibra Island

Suggested Itinerary & Budget


12:00MN Ride a bus from Cubao to Alaminos
4:00AM Bus from Alaminos to Dasol town proper
4:45AM ETA Dasol town, buy food and water, charter tricycle to Tambobong beach
6:00AM ETA Tambobong beach, rent a pump boat to Colibra island
6:15AM ETA Colibra Island
7:30AM Breakfast
8:30AM – 4:00PM Beach, photo ops, swimming
4:15PM Boat back to Tambobong beach (same way to go back to Manila)
Note: If you are coming from Cabongaoan beach, just look for pump boats available that will bring you to Colibra Island for 45 minutes. The boat rental fee depends on your negotiation)


Day 1: Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool
12:00MN Ride a bus from Cubao to Alaminos
4:00AM Bus from Alaminos to Burgos public market (fare is Php 30.00)
4:30AM ETA Burgos public market, buy food and water, ride a tricycle to Cabongaoan beach (600.00 roundtrip; 1,000.00 overnight)
6:00AM ETA Cabongaoan beach, check in at Seawest Cove Resort, rest, settle
7:30AM Breakfast
9:00AM Proceed to death pool, swim, photo ops
12:00NN Lunch, rest
1:00PM Swimming, photo ops in Cabongaoan beach
7:00PM Dinner
8:00PM Socials, stargazing
10:00PM Lights off

Day 2: Colibra Island
6:00AM Wake up time, breakfast, prepare
7:00AM Rent a pump boat to Colibra Island
8:00AM ETA Colibra Island, rest, settle
9:00AM – 4:00PM Swimming, photo ops, socials
4:15PM Ride a pump boat to Tambobong beach (15 minutes; contact the boatman beforehand)
4:30PM Tricycle from Tambobong to Dasol town proper
5:30PM Ride a bus from Dasol to Alaminos City (Php 40 – 50.00)
6:30PM From Alaminos ride a bus back to Manila (Php 400.00)
10:30PM ETA Manila
Note: Read Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool Itinerary here.

Manila – Alaminos bus farePhp 400.00
Alaminos to Dasol bus farePhp 40 -50.00
Dasol to Tambobong beach (one way tricycle fare)Php 300.00
Tambobong beach to Colibra Island boat rental fee (good for 7 pax)Php 1,250.00
Docking feePhp 100.00
Environmental fee/personPhp 25.00

Travel Video On Youtube

Here is a travel vlog on Youtube last October 16-17 2020. Check it out!

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