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Daang Kalikasan Tree Planting: Supporting The “Greening” Project

Photos of Daang Kalikasan may have crossed your timeline on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by now. Daang Kalikasan is an old road linking Pangasinan to Zambales which instantly became a local tourist hot spot in Northern Luzon due to its scenic view of grassland mountains.

Last October 24th, my good friend Milo invited me to participate in a tree-planting event that he specifically organized. With my undying love for our mother nature, I agreed to accompany him. Daang Kalikasan tree planting has been happening weekly and almost daily as per my college friend who resides in Mangatarem, Pangasinan. Of course, this great news overwhelms me!

Our mother nature has given us enough to support mankind’s race. For instance, nature continues to provide us with food, water and shelter. All it asks in return is to take good care of it. Small steps put together can create a big change. Daang Kalikasan is well-known for its grassland mountain, this greenery project will help wrap the mountains with lush greenery and dense forest in 5 – 10 years.

Daang Kalikasan

Temporary Closure Of Daang Kalikasan

Moreover, Daang Kalikasan was temporarily closed since February 2020 for the completion of the cementing of the remaining sections of the road. As for now, there are no official announcements yet about the re-opening of this 54-kilometer road.

The good news is even with the temporary closure, people found a way to make time useful. Tree planting events are held almost everyday and weekly to support the greening project of Daang Kalikasan.

As we all know, Daang Kalikasan is a scenic view of a grassland mountain ridge. In other words, it lacks trees to cover the mountains. No matter the beauty of the grassland mountain, it will still be better to cover it with dense forest. After all, plants and trees emits oxygen for mankind.

Daang Kalikasan Tree Planting

Daang Kalikasan Tree Planting

Different species of trees and flowering plants to green the gentle mountains and hills in Daang Kalikasan. Our froup planted a total of 150 seedlings last October 24th (130 mahogany seedlings and 20 cashew seedlings).

Imagine the vast mountain ridge of Daang Kalikasan covered with lush greenery. Isn’t it fulfilling to sleep at night knowing that you have contributed something good to our mother nature? If there is the slightest chance to change something, let’s take that opportunity and do something about it today!

Daang Kalikasan Tree Planting
Drone shot of our group helping hand in hand to plant the seedlings.

150 may be a small number. Yes. But I think it is not about the number because numbers will never change the significance of the actions and efforts.. It’s always the actions you make to create a better world, not numbers. Like what I always say in my blogs and other social media platform, there is always plan B but there will never be a Plante B.

Also, lemme take this opportunity to thank not only the people responsible for making this event happen, but also everyone who has taken time to go extra mile and create something like this. You have a golden heart and may you continue to live and inspire people to do the same thing!

Creating something like this is not for the sake of publicity and/or fame. Instead, creating something like this creates a domino effect. Blogging about this spreads awareness. And sharing this invites more people to do the same thing.

How To Request A Tree Planting Visit

Due to COVID-19, Daang Kalikasan is only accessible for residents living in the province. However, for tree planting services you may check the contact information below.

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