Introvert’s Journey

An Introvert’s Journey To Make Friends: Entering The World Of Blogging

Let’s cut to the chase, making friends is a prerequisite if you are entering the world of blogging.

People can say otherwise but I think it’s safe to say that it is what the majority thinks. There’s no harm in trying to follow your dreams to blog and no one will force you to make friends if that’s what you like. But we also have to consider the factors that comes with the package. For instance, effective communication with a social group and building a friendly profile to everyone.

It’s not easy to communicate especially if you have selective mutism or if you are uncomfortable being around a group that contradicts your usual lifestyle. Believe me, I know.

Before I even entered my blogging career, I have the inability to speak and communicate in select social setting. For example, I communicate well with my close circle of friends, but when I’m introduced to a group with different lifestyle I tend to be shy and unable to talk confidently. Of course it happens to everyone.

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Introvert’s Journey
Introvert’s Journey

An Introvert’s Life Before Blogging

One way or another, we all have our own comfortable zone with our friends and family. As for me, I was super comfortable with my social group back in college. But everything about my personality got messed up when I started living in Manila.

So what happened to me?

At some point, I think an introvert personality has always been planted inside me just waiting for a situation to pour water and grow it. For the sake of this topic, it grew successfully and I finally became an introvert. As much as I want to put into details every situation that happened to me, it’s just too ugly to let it out here. So to cut the story short, I experienced countless backstabbing women and flirting men. Failing in a lot of friendship does hurt like a knife stabbed on your chest. Which eventually resulted to me keeping distance to everyone.

We all have our own level of thinking, and for me keeping my distance is the best defense mechanism I could ever pull. My experiences made my trust very expensive to people who wanted to be my friend.

Introvert’s Journey
Introvert’s Journey

Dealing With Introvert Personality

As a self-born introvert, I know that a lot of us may have been experienced this at some point in our life. But then again, we all have our own level of perception on how to deal with things. Some people handle ugly things nicely, and some handle it pretty sloppy. Myself included.

My experiences led me to cutting friends and of course avoiding social groups came after that. The factor of living alone in Manila is another reason. And voila, the birth of my social anxiety or my fear of being rejected in a social group.

It was a rough 2.5 years period for me. Starting December 2015 to mid year 2018 I learned to shut my mouth and only open it when spoken to. I wasn’t used to it since I’m a very chatty friend and student in school before.

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Introvert’s Journey

How Did I Came Back As An Extrovert

I met traveling. Then I met you, I met blogging and my readers.

I started my travel page and website to start writing about my experiences. Writing is the best way for me to communicate and be chatty to people because all I have to do is to write down what I feel. I may erase or edit if I typed down something unnecessary.

Blogging helps me to become chatty again. This way I know that my readers are people who truly cares to listen. In blogging, I have no more fear if people rejects me or doesn’t care about me. Because people who takes time to read my blogs are only those who care enough. I don’t have to think anymore if people likes me or not.

But, that was just a temporary solution.

Introvert’s Journey

Making Friends Is A Prerequisite In Blogging

As time passed by, I realized that I can’t keep myself inside a box or within my comfort zone. Someday, I know I have to get out of the box which I created for myself. Someday I know that I need to start trusting people and making friends again. Of course, making friends out of your purest intention. Not just because it’s a prerequisite.

Bloggers needs to know a lot of people and friends in order to get in line. Our contents are from our experiences with co-bloggers and content creators. In this industry, you have to meet co-bloggers as much as possible and do some collaborations and stuff. It’s not easy but I’m thankful that the first blogger I met was a very kind-hearted and down to earth person.

Knowing that blogging is my passion and it’s the career I want to pursue in the long run, I accepted the challenge and decided to be an extrovert again. Up to this day, sometimes I feel like I want to be alone like my introvert personality is coming back again but I just learned to divert it.

Divert, divert, divert. Just continually repeating the process. It may sound unrealistic, but trust me, making a lot of friends isn’t really that bad. Sometimes you get lucky and find a treasure in a pot of dirt.

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