hong kong & macau travel hacks

Hong Kong & Macau Travel Hacks: Effective Tips To Lessen Your Expenses!

The goal is to travel to Hong Kong & Macau without having to spend much.

I can still remember my trip to Hong Kong & Macau last June 2019. Although it’s been a year, I want to share with you my Hong Kong & Macau travel hacks and tips.

Most people would agree that to travel abroad means a huge amount of money. Which sadly most people doesn’t acquire. But in my opinion, you don’t have to be that rich to travel abroad. Sometimes all it takes is a street-smart mindset and you’re good to go! As they say, if you really want something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Hong Kong & Macau Travel Hacks
iVenture Card, Octopus Card, Discounted Disneyland ticket and 4G Sim Card From Klook

Avail Discounted Tours and Vouchers From Klook

The ultimate secret to enjoy a budget-friendly travel to Hong Kong & Macau is to avail discounted tours! I personally recommend Klook for your activities. Honestly speaking, I had lessen my expenses around 5,000.00 to 10,000.00 pesos because of this hack!

FYI, Klook is an international third-party travel selling platform. One of the most recommended activity to buy is the Hong Kong & Macau iVenture Card.

Hong Kong & Macau Travel Hacks
Parisian Hotel in Macau

Hong Kong & Macau Travel Hacks

You will not believe what these hacks can do to your travel budget!

So here are the things you should take down noted if you’re planning to go to Hong Kong & Macau in the future! Of course, when it’s safe or after COVID-19. For now, you can save this reference for future use.

Pre-travel Tips and Hacks

  • For Discounted tours: download Klook app and sign up through my link here.
  • Book your airfare during seat sales and score Php 1,800.00 roundtrip ticket from MNL-HKG-MNL. In my case, I booked during Cebu Pacific’s piso fare.
  • For hostels, book through Agoda. If you are the backpacker type who’s ok with a small room with decent bed, air-conditioner and a bathroom, book rooms at Chungking Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui. Why? Because;
  • (A) good exchange rates of PHP to HKG is also located in Chung King Mansions.
  • (B) souvenirs are cheap and Mongkok night market is a short walking distance.
  • Buy your OCTOPUS CARD! To reduce the hassle of buying your MTR tickets again and again. And for fast transactions of purchasing your food. They accept octopus card in almost all establishments in Hong Kong. However, take note that octopus card doesn’t work in Macau. So better use all the amount left in your card before going to Macau.

Other Hong Kong & Macau Travel Hacks

  • Thrift-shop or ukay outfit. Whenever I travel, I make it to a point to visit thrift shops and score cheap but stylish clothes for my outfit. Believe or not, all my outfits during my trip are just thrift clothes!
  • Disneyland hack: (1) Book tickets through Klook and (2) buy mickey mouse ears headband in Divisoria or Carriedo Ukay in Quiapo. Why? Mickey mouse ears headband in Disneyland costs Php 1,000.00, so I suggest to better grab that Php30.00 mickey mouse ears headband in Divisoria. Yeap! Got mine for Php 30.00 only. Saved a lot.
  • Visit FREE entrance destinations like Cultural Centre, Clock Tower, Symphony of Lights every 8PM at Tsim Sha Tsui. Another reason why you should get you accommodation in Chungking Mansion since it’s just located in Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • Food is a bit steep here and there are not much rice meals offered in restaurants. Mostly are dumplings and noodles. So if your Filipino tummy is looking for rice meal, head to KFC or Mcdonalds. But then again, that’s just for people who want to lower down their expenses. If you have enough budget, I suggest hot pot and dumpling in The Drunken Pot or Dim Sum Icon. Both are in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Hong Kong & Macau Travel Hacks

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