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Pugad Adventure in La Union Opens for Tourists During COVID-19

Hidden amidst the dense foliage of La Union’s old acacia forest lies a resort that will promise you a relaxing vacation. Last November 7th of this year, I had the chance to join my Dad and my brothers on a road trip with their motorcycle group. Well for the record, my first time was way back in 2018 and so this will be the 2nd. Moreover, our group went to Pugad Adventure in La Union and had a therapeutic break.

We travelled about 2 hours from Dagupan City Pangasinan to La Union. For those asking if it’s already permitted to enter La Union, well in our experience we were able to cross the boarders. Which would imply that checkpoints aren’t that strict anymore. Neither travel pass nor medical certificates were submitted. Yey for that!

So fast-forward if you are residing outside the province of La Union, you might wanna check this place out! It’s a resort located in the foot of the mountains covered by dense forest.

Pugad Adventure in La Union
Adult Pool

What You Need To Know

  • Due to COVID-19, the resort is open but only phase 2. Phase 1 is currently closed as of today (November 8, 2020).
  • There are only 2 pools available. 1 kiddie pool and 1 adult pool.
  • Activities are also restricted. This includes zipline, paintball, etc.
  • For inquiries, check out their official Facebook page here.
  • Here’s a complete travel guide I’ve written way back in 2018: What To Do In Pugad Adventure La Union. For rates, entrance fees and other expenses click the link!
  • Check out our motovlog on Youtube!

How To Get There

During COVID-19, public transportations are no longer available. With this being said, the only way to get here is if you have a private vehicle. It’s easy to find Pugad Adventure via Waze app and/or Google Maps. Hence, download these apps for easy navigation.

Just in case that travel is already permitted and public transportations are up, just ride bus from Cubao station heading to Baguio City and advise the driver to drop you off in the resort’s intersection. From there, rent a tricycle to take you to the resort.

Frequently Asked Questions During COVID-19

  • Is Pugad Adventure already open? YES.
  • Do I need a travel pass and medical certificate? There is no guaranteed answer for this question. For instance, I can say YES if you are coming from Manila. Since there are lots of checkpoints, it will be highly recommended and advisable to secure a travel pass and a medical certificate. But if you’re only coming from neighboring provinces, then you can give it a try to pass by the borderlines and checkpoints without providing any documents.
  • What type of travel pass should I secure? For those coming from Manila, it will be safe to provide a 2-day travel pass for emergency purposes. As we all know, it’s not really easy to cross boarders from Manila.
  • Is it allowed to bring food inside? YES.

Additional information, we went here in a group of 25 people and traveled via motorcycles. We were a bit too many that time and yes social distancing and wearing of masks were still observed.

Have any questions? Comment below! 🙂

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