Aquaholics Freediving: A Freediving School Based in Pangasinan & Batangas

“Exactly 6 months ago — January 2021, the three of us built Aquaholics Freediving.”

I close my eyes and think of it again, repeating the exact words that keeps running in circles in my mind.. “Exactly 6 months ago — January 2021, the three of us built Aquaholics Freediving.”

It still gives me the goosebumps whenever I try thinking of it. Our dreams are as deep as the ocean, as pure and wide as the calm seas and as mysterious as the depths that lies underneath. Hmm, I think I’m bewitched. Probably, maybe, it’s possible. I can’t explain the genuine happiness so I’ll just consider myself enchanted.

(C) Kevin De Vera & (C) Milo

Who is Aquaholics Freediving?

The freediving community is founded by a group of 3 friends — Renard Joseph “Milo” Quinantoto, Eduardo “Empoy” Salvador and yours truly Joana Paola “Pao” Gutierrez. It was officially launched last January 2021.

However, the history goes way back 2019 when my friends and I first started freediving. I could go into details about our journey but it would probably take up too much space here. Lol. But if I could summarize it in 1 word, I’d say “legendary”. Haha!

Aquaholics Freediving

Mission and Vision

Our mission is (1) to teach everyone the importance of swimming and freediving as a relevant survival skill, (2) to provide a safe environment for both freedivers and underwater sea creatures where everyone can both co-exist, and (3) to create a domino effect that will allow us to share this wonderful mission to friends, family and strangers alike.

We have more than 7,000 island in the Philippines. And it’s quite ironic that more than half of the population doesn’t have skills in swimming. So we made it our mission to teach our students the importance of swimming and saving lives. When you become an ocean lover, protecting the ocean and saving it from those who wants to destroy it becomes your priority.

Aquaholics Freediving aims to educate their students not only with the survival skill but on how to take good care of our ocean! In line with this, we educate our students that every dive is a cleanup drive.

Pangasinan Freedivers
Photo by Marvin Geron
Aquaholics Freediving
Our Growing Family of Aquaholics Freediving! (C) Marvin Geron

Face Your Fears

“Face Your Fears” — goes our official tagline.

Freediving is more than just a sport. It is a combination of both 20% physical and 80% mental exercise. Freediving gives you a deeper understanding of building connection between your mind, body, and soul. It requires conquering your fears as you enter the depths of the ocean.

We all know that facing our fears is not easy. Nope. It’s definitely no walk in the park. Which is why we made it our official tagline and our goal to help our students face their fears and become ocean warriors in the process.

bani pangasinan
Face Your Fears by Coach Milo

Services Offered: Introduction to Freediving

Learn the basic fundamentals & safety aspects of freediving with Aquaholics Freediving. Explore the underwater world in 1 breath and be trained by our certified coaches.

As of April 2021, we offer Introduction to Freediving course which is open for beginners, swimmers and non-swimmers. Yes! We do accept non-swimmers and we guarantee these students to be confidents swimmers in the open water after the 2-day course.

The course is a 2-day lesson and costs Php2,500.00/student. It includes Lesson 1: Basics of Freediving, Lesson 2: Basics of Safety & Rescue and 1 free Aquaholics t-shirt for the student. The course outline covers a 2 hour discussion, practice drills, breath-hold (apnea) training, equalization maneuvers, proper duckdive technique, and an open-water training.

Aquaholics Freediving


Check our merch on Instagram! Message us to order your choice of shirt.

First Freediving School in Pangasinan

Meanwhile, freediving schools are often based in Batangas and Manila. As a result, it’s hard for people residing in the North to travel to and from Batangas. So we made it one of our goal to bring freediving closer to Northern freedivers.

We proudly introduce Aquaholics Freediving, first to ever operate in the province of Pangasinan! Our official headquarters is located in FDB Cabana, Sitio Olanen, Bani, Pangasinan.

pangasinan freediving
FDB Cabana, Sitio Olanen, Bani Pangasinan
Aquaholics Freediving
Photo by: Marvin Geron

Train With Our Certified Freediving Coaches

Be a certified Aquaholic freediver and train under our certified freediving coaches. Our course syllabus is specifically outlined under Molchanovs. The Molchanovs Movement is a global community of passionate, active freedivers with access to the latest freediving education, freediving training and workouts.

As we aim to provide a high quality training for our students, we proudly present our coaches to be trained and educated under Molchanovs Movement. Special thanks to our Freediving instructors, El Kapitan, Coach Kevin, Tiger and the rest of No Fins Freediver family for playing a big role of training our Aquaholics coaches. We won’t be standing here without you!

Aquaholics Freediving

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