Life Is Not Always About Rainbows And Butterflies

“Life is not always about rainbows and butterflies.” This phrase may be a dominant trend in a day to day conversation that also usually gets tossed by people avoiding the reality. But what is the reality? Reality dictates that life is not meant to be easy. It is not supposed to be a flat line of happiness and forever smiles. Rather, it is a continuous surge of ups and downs and of twists and turns.

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Life Is Not Always About Rainbows And Butterflies
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Life is meant to be a roller coaster ride — a journey.

It is supposed to be filled with uphill battles, a staircase of challenges and countless numbers of crossroads with different people. You were meant to ride this coaster that will take you to a long, wild, and crazy unpredictable paths. A journey that will teach you the greatest lessons in life.

But where do we get the idea that whenever we start something new in life like “new life, new me” or “new job, new life”, life is going to be smooth and easy? How come it is always the stereotype of people to think that life is going to be easier once we start fresh in life?

My dear, life is a journey. Sometimes you walk, sometimes you crawl and most of the times you climb. It is a unique adventure that will make you experience and see different walks of life. And by different walks of life it means that it will always be difficult. It is not always easy, because if it does then you’re living your life wrong.

Because pain demands to be felt

Let’s go to the most avoided emotion by people. Pain.

Life is not meant to be lived with only one emotion. It’s not meant for only rainbows and unicorns and cotton candies all day.

YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL PAIN. You need to be hurt, you need to feel the agony. We are supposed to feel terror and loss. But that doesn’t mean we deserve it. It means that we need to go through these emotions because these are what makes us who we are. It’s the part that makes us human.

Falling in love and getting our hearts broken, but we learn.
Trusting the wrong people, but we learn.
Losing someone we never want to go, and that’s called love.

At the end of our struggles, we gain knowledge and lessons in life. Lessons becomes the result of pain. Pain is the result of love. And love is the result of happiness. Pain is what makes us human. Pain teaches us the lessons in life.

But you were born to be a soldier

You are meant to fight.

Many of life’s greatest rewards don’t come easy. You get it by working hard for it by maximizing your fullest potentials. By pushing yourself and keeping that fire going inside you.

Remember, you can’t fix a problem overnight. But you can always choose to wake up everyday and fight.

So here is an unsolicited advise.. Smile when you need to, laugh when something funny came up. Cry if you have to, break and bend if you’re tired. Fall down again and again and that’s ok. You’re human.. But when you’re done crying, get yourself together again and fight.

Learn from your mistakes. Promise this to no one but yourself, “Today, I will be a better version of myself.” And then smile, this time with meaning. Know that all your struggles will someday be worth it.

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