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Making My Mermaid Dreams Come True With Mermaid Avenue PH: Customer Review

Almost every woman who freedives would love to get a mermaid photo/video under the ocean. And I’m one of those girls with that mermaid dream! At last, Mermaid Avenue PH allowed me to fulfill that long time dream.

Mermaid Tail From Mermaid Avenue PH

Mermaid Avenue PH will make your dream tail come true! They are based in Pasay, Philippines and they customize mermaid tails made of rubber latex, hybrid fabric tails and silicon tails. Whichever is your preference, they can make it for you!

mermaid avenue ph

Mermaid Avenue PH Price Range

Customize Fabric TailHybrid Fabric TailSilicon TailsAdd Ons
Skin Tail with Vinyl = Php9,000.00
Skin Tail + Standard Monofin with Vinyl = Php10,000.00
Skin + Mahina Monofin/Finis Foil Monofin = Php16,000.00

Production is 2-3 weeks
Fabric body and rubber latex fluke
Php18,000.00 with standard monofin

Production is 1-2 months
BRA/TOP = Php2,000.00

Tail Designs

There are ready-made designs you can choose from on their Facebook page, just visit their page and head to the albums tab. In addition, they can customize the tail design and color depending on your preference but with an additional charge (refer to the price range above). Some of their common tails are the signature tails and lion fish tail design and is also the cheapest tails on the list.

Click here for mermaid tail designs on Facebook

Contact Information

You can reach them thru their contact details below!

  • Address: Gutierrez Street, 1300 Pasay, Philippines
  • Contact Number: +639177636223
  • Facebook Page Here

How to order your tail & Measurement Guide

After choosing the tail design you want or finalizing your customized tail, you will need to settle 70% down-payment fee to proceed with production. Then the remaining 30% + shipping fee will follow once the tail is ready to ship.

Once down payment is settled, they will be sending you measurement guidelines to get your measurement for the tail. Take note that you should get your measurements with an experienced tailor for accurate measurements. I highly recommend that you advise the tailor to give extra adjustment on your measurements.

Production is 2-3 weeks from date of initial payment.

Customer Experience & Review

Here’s an honest review about Mermaid Avenue PH! So I’ve been hearing about this mermaid shop since 2020. My friend Ellen of Memories of a Mermaid, has one and referred me to this shop. I tried using her tail too and I fell in love the first time I wore a tail. The next thing I know, I’m buying one from Mermaid Avenue PH! Lol.

I’m a red color fan so that explains my red tail. After choosing the tail design I want and additional crown accessory, I immediately hit them up through their Facebook page and asked for details.

I chose the signature skin tail with vinyl which costs Php9,000.00. For my mahina fin inside, I ordered separately from Merdal on Facebook. I bought my Mahina fins from Merdal for Php4,500.00. There’s an option to add a standard monofin from Mermaid Avenue PH which will cost Php10,000.00 only. But I heard that mahina fins from Merdal is better.

Getting the dream tail from Mermaid Avenue PH!

After 3 weeks finally I received my mermaid tail! Just in time for summer. My orders were complete, 1 piece mermaid tail and 1 piece crown accessory and some freebies too (mermaid tumbler, mermaid cap, and a mermaid drawstring bag)! So happy!

However, upon checking the tail I noticed that some stitches particularly around the belly button was not properly sewed. As I tried to put it on, the broken stitch keeps falling off as the fabric stretches. I took a photo of it and sent it to them. They were kind enough to take the tail back for repair. I also asked if they could add some extra adjustment for the tail because it’s too fit for me. They agreed and so I sent it back to them and waited for another 2-3 weeks.

Finally, I received the tail after about 3 weeks and was able to use it! It’s so pretty and I love the color so much. The design of the tail and the crown is sturdy I had to give them a kudos for this! Thank you so much Mermaid Avenue PH for helping another ocean lover make her mermaid dreams come true!

mermaid avenue ph

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