Trying “Tamilok” For The First Time + Puerto Princesa Food Guide

I’ve said this so many times before, the best way to learn about a particular culture is by exploring their local cuisine. The local food of certain destinations represents so much about its culture and tradition. I believe that it is the best way to understand the place. So let me share with you the must try food in Palawan through this article – Puerto Princesa Food Guide!

Woodworm Tamilok in Kinabuch / Dayon Restaurant

Balut egg is probably the most internationally famous exotic food in the Philippines. But in Palawan, the most famous exotic food that even local tourists dare to try is the woodworm tamilok. If it’s any consolation, tamilok is not really a worm. It’s actually a shell-less saltwater clam that bores holes into woods.

Tamilok can be found among rotting mangroves. It is freshly eaten just like oysters and can be dipped into vinegar sauce and/or calamansi extract to reduce the fishy taste and smell. But if you are used to eating fresh oysters and seafood then tamilok will ne just the same.

Moreover, restaurants that serve tamilok near Puerto Princesa Airport is Kinabuchs Grill & Bar. While in the South near Underground River, the Dayon Restaurant serves tamilok too.


Seafood Mukbag in Starfish Island

If you love seafood as much as I do, you should never miss a seafood mukbang in Starfish Island, Honda Bay. Below are some of the suggested seafood to look out for.

Shellfish Abalone

Unlike other types of seafood, abalone is not in abundance when it comes to quantity. This explains why it is more expensive compared to other shellfish. 5 pieces of abalone costs Php500.00 and they can cook it in sisig for you which is I highly recommend too!

Puerto Princesa Food Guide

Spider Shell / Ranga-Ranga

The spider shell of ranga-ranga taste like squid to me! Almost exactly the same. Although it wasn’t my first time to see spider shells because I’ve seen locals in Zambales and Pangasinan pick up some spider shells on rocky beaches. But I’ve never really tried it before so it was also my first time trying it in Palawan.

Puerto Princesa Food Guide

Fresh Sea Urchin

I gotta say, this one I love so much! Wasn’t my first time but I went for more. Lol. Fresh sea urchin costs only Php150.00 per 10 pieces at Starfish Island. That’s good enough because fresh sea urchins in Camiguin costs Php30.00 each and that’s a bit expensive for a single piece. Considering that sea urchins are very abundant.

Jus like oysters and tamilok which are eaten fresh, you can pour vinegar sauce and/or calamasi extract when eating it. It tastes like balut to me!

Puerto Princesa Food Guide

KaLui Restaurant

One of the best restaurant in town is KaLui Restaurant. Here you will be amazed by how they were able to preserve the rich culture of Philippines through its interior designing. The design and execution of its interiors and furnishings takes you to a journey back to the old days.

I’m not surprised that they are always fully booked especially during peak hours. So if you are planning to go here, make sure to book a reservation in advance. The prize of the food here is fairly affordable even for budget travelers.

Puerto Princesa Food Guide
kalui restaurant puerto princesa

Wild Civet Coffee

The famous Wild Civet coffee can be found at a store outside Palawan Butterfly Garden. This is the Asian palm civet (or the musang) that can be seen in the 20-peso bill. Why is it famous and so expensive? The coffee consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. It costs Php1,500.00 per pack, and buying a freshly brewed coffee costs Php150.00/cup.

wild civet coffee Must Try Food in Puerto Princesa Palawan

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