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Honest Review About Trudive Wetsuits & Why It’s The Best Pick!

Haven’t decided yet whether or not you should buy Trudive Wetsuits? Well I bet you’ll have an answer after you finish reading this article! I’ll give you all key points that you have to know whether positive or negative plus an honest review about this wetsuit. And if you’ve finally decided to get that suit you’ve been eyeing for months, I’ve got an amazing discount you won’t be able to refuse!

So who is Trudive? Before anything else, let me give you a bit of information of who Trudive is. The brand has been making wetsuits globally for over 20 years now. And recently, Trudive has been taking over countries in Asia in the last few years. Making Trudive the most popular wetsuit brand in terms of Freediving here in the Philippines.

Trudive wetsuits
Molchanovs Freedivers (right and left) & Molchanovs Instructor (middle)

What is the Purpose of Wetsuit?

1. Helps Retain Body Heat Temperature

Wetsuits are used by people who engages with water activities and/or sports like swimming, diving, surfing and freediving. The main purpose of wearing a wetsuit is to retain the body heat temperature of the human body. Therefore avoiding what is called “hypothermia” — a dangerous condition that happens when a person is exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

Although Philippines is considered a tropical country, Freediving athletes who goes deeper than 10 meters will start to feel the need of wetsuit. This is because temperature from deep water starts to get colder. In addition to this, during the cold month season from September – January the ocean water in the Philippines is at its coldest.

2. Protection From Harmful UV Rays, Jellyfish Stings and Diver’s Itch

Aside from retaining body heat temperature, wetsuits are also the best protection from sunburns, jellyfish stings and diver’s itch. Our skin tend to get a lot of irritation and skin disease from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

So aside from using reef-friendly sunscreens like Magwai‘s (use JOANA10 for discount code), protect your skin with the best wetsuit from Trudive! Like they say, prevention is better than cure!

3. Gives You The Best Performance

When it comes to performance, Trudive is tried and tested by different Freediving instructors and elite Freediving athletes like World Champion and multiple World Record Holder Marianna Gillespie. Truly it gives the best performance whether you’ll use it for dynamic or constant weight.

Choosing Your Wetsuit

Trudive offers a wide array of choices when it comes to (1) style, (2) material used, (3) color preference and (4) thickness of suit. So whether you are looking for a neoprene suit, quality streamline suits for performance or stylish bikini suits, Trudive got you all covered!

Freediving Zone

The Freediving Zone offers a variety of full-on wetsuits such as 2 piece suit, 1 piece jumpsuit, sleeveless jumpsuit and more! You can choose which style/color you want and they also offer stretchy neoprene, smooth skin, glide skin and open cell suits.

Trudive Wetsuits

Mermaid Bikini Zone

To all my girls out there, as I’ve mentioned earlier Trudive Wetsuits gives you the best comfort while still in style! This is one of the best feature that I love about Trudive. And if you’re someone who cares about how you look on the camera, Trudive will give you that fiery look!

trudive bikini for women

Surfing Zone

Not only it provides suits for Freediving, Trudive also offers suits good for surfing!

trudive surfing

How to Purchase Trudive Wetsuits + Amazing Discounts

Step 1: Navigate to their official website at here.

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots menu, and hover to which zone you prefer (Freediving Zone, Mermaid Bikini Zone, Surfing Zone)

Step 3: Select the photo of the style you want. Check the size chart reference located at the bottom of the page and carefully select the right size for you. Select the color if there is any provided.

Step 4: Proceed to check out. Fill out your information and select the mode of payment you wish to pay. (Paypal or Debit/Credit Card).


Important Note: Custom or tailor-made is also available, but the size chart is very convenient sizing. It takes about 1 week for the production of Mermaid Bikini Suits and 2 weeks production for full-on wetsuits.

Honest Review About Trudive Wetsuits

Now here’s my honest review about the Trudive Wetsuits! I created a table below for the summary of my overall review.

Firstly, I personally love how user-friendly their website is. You can easily navigate to their website, choose the style you want and click purchase. After that you’ll receive confirmation email for your order. Wetsuits will arrive in 2-3 weeks time.

Secondly, I am impressed by how the wetsuits are not fragile. Compared to other brand of suits I’ve used before which are very fragile and easily damaged by sharp rocks/things. Most suits with smooth skin / glide skin material are pretty fragile! I’m VERY SATISFIED that Trudive suits are above quality and well built.

Lastly, my only comment is its price and shipping cost. Trudive Wetsuits are not cheap, but they are a good value for your money! The shipping cost starts at USD65/PHP3,770.00 for 1 wetsuit. The price is a bit steep but here’s a solution for that! Look for friends who will buy suits too so you can ship it together. That way you will minimize your shipping expenses. Do not forget to use my code JOANA15 to get 15% discount on your next purchase!

So what are you waiting for? BUY TRUDIVE WETSUITS HERE.

Design/Style/ColorExcellentThe ingenuity is superb!
QualityExcellentVery sturdy – love it!
Material UsedExcellentHas variety of choices.
PriceFairThe suits aren’t cheap but they are a good value!
Shipping CostFairA bit pricey.
Delivery PeriodExcellentShipment is fast! Took 5 days for me. (overseas)
Overall ExcellentBest value for money!
Trudive open back bikini

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