First Timer’s Guide to Bomod-ok Falls: Sagada’s Big Falls

I can definitely say that Bomod-ok Falls was the destination that made me try trekking for the first time. I was 18 years old and it was a school field trip in Sagada. So for starters, Bomod-ok Falls is definitely friendly to beginners. This travel guide to Bomod-ok Falls contains everything you need to know about Bomod-ok Falls, where to stay in Sagada, rates, etc.

Guide to Bomod-ok Falls


About Bomod-Ok Falls

There are 3 popular waterfalls in Sagada namely (1) Bokong Falls, (2) Pongas Falls and (3) Bomod-ok Falls. Moreover, Bomod-ok falls being the biggest of all three earned its nickname “Big Falls.”

  • People & Language – the local residents of Sagada are Igorots /Kankana-eys who speak a language called Kankana-ey. Most people can also speak Tagalog and English so don’t worry if you need to ask for directions.
  • Currency – the currency accepted in Sagada is Philippine Peso (PHP). Some establishments like restaurants accept online payments like Cash, bank transfer and credit cards.
  • Best month to visit – the coldest month of the year in Sagada is January. Moreover, Sagada has 2 seasons – rainy and dry. Hence, the best time to visit Sagada is during dry season from November – April and the lean season is during the rainy months of May – October.

How to get there?

If you are not traveling in a time-sensitive manner, I highly recommend P2P Bus from Cubao to Sagada. The time of departure is at 8:00PM and travel time is 12 hours.

Otherwise, you can follow the DIY steps below to get to Sagada.

Step 1: Manila to Baguio by bus. Ride a bus in Cubao going to Baguio City. The fare is Php550.00 – 720.00 depending on which bus line you will choose. Travel time is 7-8 hours.

Step 2: Upon arriving in Baguio, take a taxi cab to GL Trans Terminal. Then ride a bus to Sagada for Php220.00 and travel time is about 6 hours. Take note that the earliest schedule is at 5:30am and latest schedule is 1pm. Make sure to be in Baguio before lunch time.

Step 3: Proceed to the Tourism Office located in the town proper just beside the Police Station. Hire a local guide and pay the registration fees. 

Insider tip: if you are staying for 2 days in Sagada, I highly recommend Bomod-Ok falls in the afternoon or the last part of your itinerary for the day.

Bomod-ok Falls Rates

Take note that you have to pay the tourist registration fee (Php100.00) at the tourism office before going to the jump-off point. You will need this receipt upon entering all activities in Sagada such as Marlboro Hills, Echo Valley, Sumaguing Cave, Bomod-ok Falls, etc.

Registration FeePhp100.00
Entrance FeePhp10.00 each
Guide FeePhp500.00 (group of 1-10 pax)
Shuttle ServicePhp650.00 per group

Important Note: the shuttle is Php650.00 for specific hostels in Sagada. Additional Php250.00 if your homestay is not included on the list. But if you have private vehicle, you can opt not to get shuttle service and navigate Boomed-ok Falls jump off point via Waze or Google Maps.

Where to Stay in Sagada?




If you have budget for accommodation, I recommend staying in Sagada Heritage Village.


Bomod-ok Falls: Sagada’s “Big Falls”

So we trekked to Bomod-ok falls during our first day in Sagada at around 2:20pm and finished by 5pm. Upon arriving at the jump-off point we paid for our entrance fee (Php10.00/pax) and guide fee (Php500.00). By the way there are trekking poles available which are free use so don’t forget to get one.

Going to Bomod-ok Falls requires you to trek down which is the easiest part. Going back up is the challenging part. Anyhows it took us 2.5 hours for the whole experience.

Guide to Bomod-ok Falls
Jump-off Point/Parking Area
bomod-ok falls itinerary

Passing by Fidelisan Village

The trail from the jump-off point going to Fidelisan Village is a cemented stair so it will be a lot easier especially for beginners. It took us 20 minutes to get to Fidelisan and we had a short 5 minutes rest.

In the village there are small stores where you can buy water and snacks too.

bomod-ok falls diy

Rice Terraces

From Fidelisan, the trail will start to get a little exciting because you will pass by the rice terraces. We walked by the terraces for about 25 minutes before we got to the other side of the mountain where the falls is located.

The best time to visit Sagada for rice terraces is between April – May and October – November when the rice terraces are in their greenest.

Bomod-ok Falls rice terraces
Guide to Bomod-ok Falls

Breathtaking Bomod-ok Falls

Finally reaching the breathtaking Bomod-ok Falls after 45 minutes of trekking down! The falls is still as beautiful and magnificent as the first time I saw it in 2013.

We stayed there for about 20 minutes while our group is resting and taking pictures. My partner Milo decided to swim in its cold refreshing water.

Bomod-ok Falls itinerary
Guide to Bomod-ok Falls

We headed back to the jump-off point and it took us 1.5 hours to get back. It was pretty tiring because the trail is now going up, lol. This is the part where your trekking pole is gonna be very useful. Nevertheless, Bomod-ok falls is great for beginners!

Bomod-ok falls diy

Tips From Joan’s Footprints

  • To those staying in Sagada for 2 days, I highly recommend trekking Bomod-ok in the afternoon after Echo Valley and Sumaguing Cave spelunking.
  • Bring extra clothes if you are planning to take a dip in the refreshing cool water.
  • Don’t forget water bottle and sun visor.
  • Most importantly do not leave your trash.

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