Northern Blossom DIY

2024 Ultimate Northern Blossom DIY Itinerary & Budget: What You Need to Know

Finally! I can now say that I’ve been to the famous Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok! This trip has been long overdue but I’m glad that I came here on my birthday. For someone who doesn’t know so much about plants and flowers, I truly enjoyed going here. (Northern Blossom DIY).

Located 2 hours away from Baguio City, you’ll pass by the scenic Halsema Highway which is btw one of the deadliest highways in the world. My partner Milo really love this highway, he is fascinated in a way that it is a dangerous highway and that he gets to drive here. Hmmm boys.

Northern Blossom DIY

FAQ’s About Northern Blossom Flower Farm

  • Operating days/hours: open only on Monday-Saturday from 6am – 11:30am and 1pm – 4:30pm. The flower farm is closed every Sunday.
  • Exact location: Sayangan, Paoay, Atok, Benguet
  • Is there a parking lot? Yes.
  • How much is the entrance fee? For adults age 11-59 the entrance fee is Php250.00, for senior/PWD is Php200.00 and for kids age 0-5 is free entrance. Entrance fee includes snack (bread and coffee).
  • Notice to all DOG OWNERS, dogs are allowed inside the farm given that they are wearing diapers and leash at all times.
  • Photoshoots and prenups are accepted only during weekdays, they do not accept photoshoots during Saturday and Holidays.
  • Best time and day to go here? To avoid the crowd, the best day to visit is always during weekdays from Monday – Thursday. Best time to visit is the earliest which is the opening time at 6am. You will get the chance to see the flower farm with sea of clouds.

How To Go to Northern Blossom In Atok, Benguet?

Step 1: From Manila

Ride buses from Cubao bound to Baguio City. The fare is Php550.00 – 720.00 depending on which bus line you will choose. For more reference and schedules of bus trips available in Manila read here.

Step 2: From Baguio City

From Baguio City, ride a taxi going to Center Mall (Php50-70.00). At the back of Center Mall in Baguio (Dangwa Terminal), there are available buses/vans that goes to Atok. Travel time is 2 hours and the fare is Php150 – 200.00 depending on your mode of transportation (bus/van). Take note that earliest departure everyday is 5am in the morning or until seats are occupied, last trip is at 6pm.

Alternatively, you may proceed to Slaughterhouse Bus Terminal. You may take a taxi going there and take any bus bound for Bontoc, Besao or Sagada. Tell the driver that you are going to Northern Blossom Flower Farm. Once you arrive, register and pay the entrance fees.

Where to Stay in Atok?

For accommodation, there are lots of transients around the area. Below are the suggested transient houses with room rates and contact number too.


  • Room 1 with own CR – Php1,500.00 good for 2 pax
  • Room 2 with own CR – Php1,500.00 good for 2 pax plus Php300.00 for additional pax
  • Upper House (3 rooms with CR and kitchen) – Php3,500.00 good for 10 pax
  • Lower A House (4 rooms with CR and kitchen) – Php4,000.00 good for 10 pax
  • Lower B House (2 rooms with CR and Kitchem) – Php3,000.00 good for 8 pax

SUNRISE CABIN – 09506587171

  • Room 1 (Private Room with CR) – Php2,200.00 good for 3 pax
  • Room 2 with CR – Php4,500.00 good for 7 pax
  • Attic without CR – Php1,500.00 good for 3 pax
  • Room 5 (Basement with CR & Kitchen) – Php3,800.00 good for 6 pax
  • Room 6 (With CR and Kitchen) – Php5,000.00 good for 8 pax

ISAAC TRANSIENT (Dormitory Type) – 09108515779 / 09301948630

  • Whole House – Php8,000.00 good for 15 pax plus Php500.00 for additional pax

For more accommodation information, you may also refer to the photo below:

Northern Blossom transient house accommodation

Where to Eat?

Restaurant is not a problem here, the Flower Farm has a restaurant called the M’s Northern Restaurant which operates Monday – Saturday from 7am – 4:30pm. For stay-in guests who would like to order for dinner should order before closing time. Below is a photo of their sample menu for reference:

Northern Blossom restaurant

What To See & Expect At Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Here are a couple of things to see and expect at Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok Benguet. A friendly tip on what to wear, it can be really cold early in the morning but the weather can also be humid when the sun is up.

The Flower Farm

Whether you are a flower enthusiasts or not, you will surely appreciate your visit at the Northern Blossom Flower Farm. Here you will see different kinds of plants and flowers with every size and color you can imagine. The whole sightseeing/walking tour may last 2-3 hours. After that there is a snack (bread and coffee) provided at the end of the tour.

Trivia: did you know that the flower farm is owned by Melany Ganayan and her husband. They manage the farm together and they also have a flower shop business located in Dimasalang, Metro Manila.

Northern Blossom DIY
northern blossom itinerary & budget
northern blossom itinerary & budget
atok benguet
atok flower farm

View of Mt. Pulag

One of the best view from the flower farm is the beautiful Mt. Pulag — Luzon’s highest peak and the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. Read here: Mt. Pulag DIY Travel Guide 2023

Northern Blossom DIY

Score Cheap Prices of Plants

This is probably the most exciting part for all plantitos and plantitas out there! Shopping spree of plants! Lol. The price of the plants and flowers are cheap here, you might want to bring a private car with you if you are planning to buy.

atok benguet flower farm

Side-trip At Old Highest Point

Located about 2-3 minutes away from Northern Blossom Flower Farm is the Old Highest Point. There is a view deck here where you can stay and admire the mountainous view of Benguet.

Old highest point viewdeck
old highest point atok
old highest point viewdeck

Sample Northern Blossom Itinerary & Budget

Below are sample itineraries. Whether you are planning to visit Northern Blossom Flower Farm as day trip or 2 days and 1 night it is both possible.

Day Trip At Northern Blossom DIY + Side-Trip

12mn Bus from Cubao – Baguio (Php600.00)
06:00am ETA Baguio, ride a taxi to Dangwa Terminal or Slaughterhouse Bus Terminal (Php60.00)
6:30am Breakfast
7:00am Bus to Atok (Php150-200.00)
9:00am ETA Northern Blossom, pay entrance fee (Php250.00)
12nn End of tour, lunch
1pm Side-trip at Old Highest Point
2pm Bus back to Baguio (Php150-200.00)
4pm ETA Baguio, free time
9pm Bus back to Manila (Php600.00)

2 Days & 1 Night Northern Blossom DIY + Side-Trip

6am Bus to Baguio from Manila (Php600.00)
12nn ETA Baguio, ride a taxi to Dangwa Terminal or Slaughterhouse Bus Terminal (Php60.00)
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Bus to Atok (Php150.00-200.00)
3:00pm ETA Northern Blossom, check in homestay (Php1,500.00 good for 2)
4:00pm Free time, proceed to Old Highest Point
6:00pm Early dinner
5:00am Wake up time, prepare
6:00am Northern Blossom Flower Farm (Php250.00)
9:00am End of tour, breakfast and check out
10:00am Bus back to Baguio (Php150.00-200.00)
12nn ETA Baguio, lunch and free time
6pm Bus back to Manila

northern blossom itinerary & budget

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