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Ultimate Boracay Food Guide: Where to Eat + BEST Restaurants

Here’s what you should know about Boracay, this island is not just about its word class known white beach and magnificent crystal clear water. It is evident that the island is also for people who likes to binge eat because Boracay is a growing food hub that literally has all types of cuisines around the world in one island. (2003 Boracay Food Guide)

Yeap! It actually feels like you’re traveling from one country to the other because of these restaurants lined up just beside Boracay’s long stretch of white sand beach. I did my research and went food hunting in Bora! So here’s a 2023 Boracay Food Guide for you!


There is no denying that Nalka Seafood Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Boracay! Aside from it is always fully booked as proof that the food is delicious, it also ranks on top of Google search. Nalka is located in Station 1 front beach so it’s really difficult to miss it. Also, the best time to eat here is before sunset. It will give you a nice view of the beach, paraws and the beautiful sunset.

My friends and I tried Nalka’s best selling dishes like kinilaw (fresh) oysters, gratin oysters (cheddar, mozzarella, butter), matoyaki scallops (miso paste), garlic buttered crabs, grilled liempo, garlic buttered prawns, fried oysters sisig and grilled mahi-mahi. The menu is a bit pricey and you might spend a thousand or two but the food is definitely superb!

For someone who grew up in Pangasinan and is used to fresh oysters, I thought nothing will surprise me by how it tastes. But Nalka’s kinilaw oyster definitely killed it with ceviche dressing! I tasted all dishes and they were all so yummy! Definitely going back here for sure.

where to eat in boracay


One of the OG beach shack in Boracay which started way back 2002 serves hearty burgers and milkshakes. They are located at D’Mall beachfront so they are hard to miss too. If you’re looking for an IG-worthy laid back place with beach vibe, Jammers Beach Shack is the place for you!

We tried the famous Jammer’s Smashed Burgers, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Adobo Flakes, Cajun Shrimp and Horchata French Toast with roasted bananas. I personally loved the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Horchata French Toast, these are must tries!

Boracay Food Guide


If food can be a person who is classy, artistic and innovative at the same time it will be Salsa Fusion Restaurant! The ingenuity of Salsa’s brand of Mexican, Spanish and Filipino twist makes it unique from all the other restaurants in Boracay.

I can remember one of their signature food is the kangkong or water spinach-infused tortilla flatbreads. We ordered a lot on their menu but another one that I really enjoyed most is their Porchetta Bagnet.


Where to eat in Boracay for seafood galore? Sugba de Boracay got you! They serve massive platter of crabs, shrimps, oysters and many more! You can expect the typical seafood dish here in Sugba de Boracay.

They have 2 locations, one in Station 1 and the 2nd is in Station 2. Sugba de Boracay is owned by Sir Truly, a local resident in Boracay. According to him “sugba” means to grill or barbecue. The price of the food is affordable and reasonable.

sugba de boracay


This Php150.00 coconut ice cream is the best dessert that ever lived on the island! Coco Mama has 2 locations in Boracay, one in Station 1 and the other one at D’Mall in Station 2. Additionally, they were also able to expand 1 store in La Union.

Coco Mama serves vegan-friendly and lactose-free coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell. It contains heirloom sticky rice, coconut meat, ice cream, ripe mango and toasted pinipig. 2 scoops starts at Php150.00, 4 scoops starts at Php250.00 and 6 scoops starts at Php350.00. It’s a bit pricey for an ice cream but hey it’s worth the price.


Another must try dessert is Jonah’s Fruit Shake. They have like 2 or 3 branches in Boracay and they say you haven’t gone to Boracay without trying this fruit shake. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the fruit shakes are overrated. Price ranges from Php90.00-Php160.00.

I guess it’s safe to say that I only tried it because it’s one of the trending drinks in Boracay. Nonetheless, I think it is also fair to say that we have different taste on food and drinks. So if you’ve already tried the fruit shake, let me know your thoughts about it! 🙂


Where to eat in Boracay for Indian food? Little Taj is the place for you!

Located at D’Mall in Station 2, Little Taj offers authentic Indian street food and cuisine. Must try on the menu is their Pani Puri which is a popular Indian street food made with puffed doughs filled with potato and chickpeas. We also tried some chicken and lamb on the menu, gotta admit that Little Taj doesn’t disappoint!

Moreover, with regards to the price range it’s a bit pricey but not too challenging on the budget! Check out Little Taj’s menu below. Get as much as 15% off when you book through Klook:


I didn’t know about Two Seasons’ pizzas until I came to Boracay and a friend of mine told me that they have the best pizzas in Bora. So since I was curious, I tried to Google the best pizza in Bora and they actually rank on top of Google search. I knew then that that was my sign to try Two Seasons before leaving so we went for a bite!

We ordered Four Cheese Pizza (Php830.00) and Pizza Aloha (Php970.00) in family size. My first bite was a slice of the Four Cheese Pizza and I gotta say that it was really yummy! Pizza Aloha didn’t give me much of the excitement towards it but it was fairly good.

Oh and just a heads-up, they are always full. Make sure to make advance reservations if you plan on dining or you also have a choice to wait in line. The first time we had our name listed we were number 22. Lol. Could never forget that number.

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The restaurant is located at Station X in Station 2 and offers a relaxing and family-friendly ambiance. With its poolside view, guests can enjoy their food while being served by attentive staff at LA-UD.

Moreover, LA-UD offers Aklanon cuisine which refers to the traditional cooking style of Aklan. We had the opportunity to dine here several times because we stayed at Hue Hotels Boracay for 4 days and 3 nights. So our breakfast was provided by LA-UD. If you opt to book your accommodation with Hue Hotels, you’ll get free breakfast buffet here.

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