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2024 Complete Travel Guide to Mt Pulag With Itinerary & Budget: Everything You Need to Know

I was one of those people who got delayed on their Mt Pulag dreams because of the pandemic way back 2020. But surely it was a blessing in disguise to allow the mountains to rest from tourists! So yeah, everything is cool. (Guide To Mt Pulag)

The long wait is finally over now that I was able to conquer the highest mountain in Luzon. In this article, I am excited to share with you my trip to the Playground of the Gods. So continue reading below for some important tips and reminders!

Sunrise at Mt. Pulag
Guide to Mt Pulag

About Mt Pulag

Nestled 2,926 above sea level lies the famous and breathtaking “Playground of the Gods”. With its scenic view of rolling hills beneath the sea of clouds, you will surely feel like you are on top of the world. Sitting on the foothills are the Ibaloys and Kankanaey Village.

Mt Pulag is the 3rd highest mountain in the country next to Mt Apo and Mt Dulang-Dulang. Not only that it is famous for its sea of clouds but mountaineers go here to witness an exceptional view of the Milky Way Galaxy at dawn.

Did you know? The indigenous mountain of Mt Pulag is considered by locals as sacred because it is believed to be the resting place of their ancestors, people could appear and disappear. The elders suggest to ask permission to the anitos before entering so that they will not be disturbed. Otherwise, strong winds and bad climate will suddenly appear.

mt pulag indigenous mountain
Indigenous Mountain of Mt Pulag

Trails & Difficulty

Even if Mt Pulag is the highest mountain in Luzon, it’s difficulty is fairly 3/9. Meaning to say that the trail is easy to follow and with less difficulties compared to other mountains. The hike will take you about 4-6 hours depending on your pacing. For us we managed to climb it for approximately 5 hours and another 5 hours going back.

There are about 4 rails to Mt Pulag. The 2 famous trails are the Akiki and Ambangeg trail. Akiki is also known as the killer trail while Ambangeg trail is for beginners. For more information about the trails available, you may read more about it here.

ambangeg trail
The Ambangeg Trail
Grassland Mountain

Sample 2 Days 1 Night Itinerary + Attractions Via Travel Agency (Guide to Mt Pulag)

I highly recommend getting an arranged tour if you are traveling with a group, you may check Yamang Pinas on Facebook. A 2 days 1 Night Mt. Pulag tour costs Php4,200.00 (all included).

Side-trip at Ambuklao Dam

Our first side-trip was Ambuklao Dam which is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Baguio City. Here you will see a wide range of fresh water and hills circling around it.

ambuklao dam

The Ranger Station

Before arriving at the Ranger Station, there will be a short briefing and orientation at the DENR. You can walk around the Ranger Station to check out the village and the scenic view of the mountains. Below is a photo of me at the Ranger Station with the local kids.

We started the hike from the Ranger Station at 1:00 in the morning and was able to reach Camp 1 after an hour. After Camp 1 is another 2 hour hike to Camp 2.

ranger station
Kids at the Ranger Station

Mossy Forest

Prepare yourselves for a very entertaining trek! The mossy forest is one of the best view during our Mt Pulag 5-hour hike. Honestly I think it took us about an hour for photoshoots during our descent. It’s like an Alice in Wonderland theme or Into the Woods.

The mossy forest will start after Camp 1 until Camp 2. Here you will witness how rich and indigenous Mt Pulag is.

mt pulag mossy forest
Guide to Mt Pulag

Sea of Clouds

I think this is the most awaited part for most tourists! The sea of clouds at Mt Pulag never disappoints!

Pulag DIY Itinerary
Mt Pulag Sea of Clouds

Dwarf Bamboo Forest

Subsequently, just after the Mossy Forest is the Dwarf Bamboo Forest. This starts from Camp 2 going to the peak of Mt Pulag. Before reaching the peak, you will pass by Peak 4, Peak 3, Peak 2 and the summit itself. In this trail you will also see some indigenous plants around.

Guide to Mt Pulag
Dwarf Bamboos around us

The Summit & The Grassland Mountain

Mt Pulag is every hiker’s dream and it’s not hard to see why! The exceptional view of the grassland mountains will surely take your breath away. At last, after 2 years of patiently waiting, here lies in front of my naked eye one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I finally conquered Mt Pulag!

We were blessed with such beautiful scenery that can only be seen after working hard for it. I am proud to have been given the chance to climb this humble mountain.

Guide to Mt Pulag
Mt Pulag DIY Itinerary
Guide to Mt Pulag (DIY Itineray & Budget)

Mt Pulag DIY Expenses

Below are the expenses and fees to expect when in Mt Pulag. For DIY travelers, homestays are everywhere near the Ranger Station, just ask around. I highly recommend SMR Homestay, they have internet in case you need it. You can reach them at 0907 255 4014.

Updated as of May 2024:

HomestaysPhp500.00 each
Entrance Fee for Non-local ResidentsPhp250.00/pax on weekdays
Php350/pax on Holidays and weekends
Administrative FeePhp25.00/pax on weekdays; Php50/pax on weekends for locals
Php200/pax on weekdays and weekends for Tour Operators
Guide FeePhp1,200.00 (1-5 pax) and additional Php240.00
for every exceeding number of pax
LGU FeePhp300/pax
Environmental and Cultural Heritage Fee
Porter Fee (optional)Php1,000.00 – 15 kilos and below
Additional Php100.00 for every exceeding kilo
Camping Fee (Camp 2)Php100/pax/night on weekdays
***camping not allowed on weekends***
Medical CertificatePhp150.00/pax
Climb CertificatePhp50.00/pax

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  1. Hi, would you know if the porter fee of 1000 is only one way going up to Camp 2? Does this not include going down from Camp 2. Thanks!

  2. Hi Joana, are guides available around the area. Or should the climb be booked through a travel agency?

    1. Hello Raymond! Guides are limited in the area as well as the number of visitors, you can expect it to be fully booked on weekends. If you wish to go without a Travel Agency, it is best to contact the DENR in advance for reservation. To avoid the hassle might as well book with a Travel Agency. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Joanna, couple of questions, do you leave your other stuff/bags at the homestay when you hike up to Mt Pulag? If you’re staying at the homestay, do you still need to bring blankets, towels & utensils or will all these be provided?

    1. Hey Charlie! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah we leave our bags at our homestay and bring only water and gadgets with us. Blankets and utensils are usually provided.

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