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2024 Complete Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool DIY Itinerary & Budget: What You Need to Know

I finally had a 2-day therapeutic trip to one of my province’s gems! My friends and I went to Burgos in Pangasinan to satisfy our thirst and longing for a beach vacation. As a result, here is a complete travel guide about Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool!

Living the island life, watching the sun setting in the same horizon, burying our toes beneath a thousand grain of sand, hearing the waves whispering to our ears as we watch the boats sailing from afar, walking by the shore with our bare feet and salty hair, camping with our tents and hammock and diving under the wide ocean. An experience that is definitely one for the books. Cabongaoan beach is a paradise waiting to be discovered!

Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool
Drone Shot: Milo D Xplorer of Yamang Pinas

Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool in Burgos Pangasinan

Tell you honestly, Pangasinan is my home province but I have never been to any places here except Hundred Islands in Alaminos. It’s quite ironic that I haven’t promoted my own province (yet) but I have been to lotsa places in my country already! Lol.

But because of this, I was even more surprised as I laid my eyes on the beach for the first time again in 5 months! With all the beaches I’ve been to in my country, I can say that this beach passed my standards. I have quite high standards when it comes to beaches and Cabongaoan in Burgos Pangasinan is definitely a must see!

Cabongaoan Beach

A mixture of turquoise green water by the cove’s shore and a bluish ocean from afar. This is what to expect when you go to Cabongaoan beach in Pangasinan.

Cabongaoan beach particularly features a combination of yelowish and pinkish grain of sands. The sand is yellow but there’s also a mixture of pink grain of sands from crashed pink corals and stones. Moreover, the beach also has rock formations that can be seen on the way to the famous death pool.

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Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool
Cabongaoan Beach DIY Itinerary & Budget

The beach of Cabongaoan’s cove is just a short walking distance from start to end point. I’ve done this a few times when I came here too. As you walk pass by the shore, you’ll notice the sand’s beautiful colors reflecting from the crystal clear water of the beach.

Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool

You might also want to check out this bent coconut palm tree for photo ops! Just walk by the beach and you won’t miss this coconut tree! (You can also hang hammocks here as long as you are checked in in this resort).

seawest cove resort
Cabongaoan Beach DIY Itinerary & Budget

This is the beach front of SeaWest Cove Beach Resort where we stayed. It has a magnificent view of the cove!

Cabongaoan Beach
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Death Pool in Burgos, Pangasinan

Not less than 3 years ago, Death Pool in Burgos Pangasinan rose to fame. Photos circulated around the internet and it became one of the most popular beach destinations from tourists coming from Manila. Countless of travel agencies offer a day trip or overnight in Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool in Pangasinan.

About 15-20 minutes away from the main beach cove is a natural swimming pool shaped by the rocky feature of the beach. Also known as “death pool” by the locals. During low tide, you can come here to bathe on the natural swimming pool. This is also a perfect spot for skindivers too!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to walk, you may rent a boat from the locals. Just ask the resort you are staying from to assist you on finding a boatman. I’ve asked the rate and they gave us PHP300.00 round-trip for a group of 5 people only.

Take note that it is not advisable to swim on the death pool during high tide since the waves and current are too strong. You will need assistance from local tour guides should you wish to proceed. But I highly suggest to come here when it is low tide which is usually in the afternoon around 1PM – 5PM.

death pool burgos pangasinan

Moreover, here is a sneak peek of the trail to the death pool. As I have mentioned earlier, the path to the natural swimming pool is rocky. Hence, you will know that you are coming closer when the path starts to get rocky!

death pool pangasinan
death pool pangasinan

You will also notice the colors of the rocks with the shade ow pinkish orange like. The reason why the color of the beach’s sand is yelowish and pinkish. A friendly reminder, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints! 🙂

Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool

Important Reminders/Tips

  • Phone reception is weak. You can manage to get 2 or 3 signal in some areas but it is only good for texting or messenger.
  • For budget travelers, pitching a tent or bringing a hammock will be the cheapest option.
  • You can also cook your own food in the resort so I suggest buy your food in the market before going here.
  • For DIY travelers, buy your food in Burgos Public Market before heading to Cabongaoan beach.
  • Bring aqua shoes if you’re planning to go to the death pool.
  • Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints. Please be a responsible traveler all the time. (Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool)
Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool

Where to Stay? (Rates & Contacts)

SeaWest Cove Resort
Contact: Sir Mark (0945 601 8972) (0915 386 3681)
Facebook Page: SeaWest Cove Resort
Day Tour: PHP100.00/head
Overnight: PHP1500.00 – PHP2500.00/room
Overnight: PHP250.00/pax (tent pitching or hammock)
Kitchen Utensils/Griller/Gas: PHP500.00

Roven’s Place
Contact: (0927 995 7606)
Facebook Page: Roven’s Place
Rates: Book Here

Amayaj Bora Beach Resort
Contact: (0956 412 1688)
Facebook Page: Amayaj Bora Resort
Rates: Book Here

Puerto Del Baher Sea-View Beach Resort
Contact: (0927 434 1565) (0956 009 6379)
Facebook Page: Puerto Del Baher Sea-View Beach Resort

seawest cove resort
Pitching our tents in SeaWest Cove Resort

How to go to Cabongaona Beach in Burgos, Pangasinan

Option 1: From Manila

In Cubao or Pasay, ride a bus bound to Alaminos City, Pangasinan.Daily trips are available with Victory Liner and Five Star Bus; fare is approximately PHP350.00 – PHP400.00; travel time is 3-4 hours. From Alaminos, ride a bus to Sta. Cruz Zambales and advise the driver to drop you off in Burgos Public Market. Fare is PHP30.00. Subsequently, hire a tricycle from the market to take you to Cabongaoan beach. The fare depends on your negotiating skills but theusual fare is PHP600.00 for a round-trip (day tour) and PHP1,000.00 (overnight).

Option 2: From Dagupan City

From Dagupan City, ride a bus to Alaminos City; fare is PHP90.00 – PHP120.00. rom Alaminos, ride a bus to Sta. Cruz Zambales and advise the driver to drop you off in Burgos Public Market. Fare is PHP30.00. Subsequently, hire a tricycle from the market to take you to Cabongaoan beach. The fare depends on your negotiating skills but theusual fare is PHP600.00 for a round-trip (day tour) and PHP1,000.00

Alternatively, if you are planning to go here via private vehicle, just download Waze app or Google Map for better navigation. Take note that phone signal in Burgos is weak for both Smart and Globe users. So navigate the map before getting there.

Cabongaoan Beach + Death Pool
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