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Her name is Joana Gutierrez, a mermaid born with human legs to explore the world. She started traveling at the age of 22 and started doing solo-travels at 23. She wants to do more in her life than just traveling, she wants to inspire and give tips about travelling. As a result, Joan’s Footprints Travel Page & Website was born.

Joan’s Footprints is a travel blog created to build beautiful memories and to create inspiration to many. It hopes to bring joy in the hearts of her readers and hoping that one day her travel diaries and success stories will be a source of inspiration to many.

Why the name Joan’s Footprints? I was thinking about the 2 things that makes me happy at the time I was contemplating for my site title. And I thought about freediving and traveling. So I thought about the popular nursery tales about a mermaid who grew legs to set foot on land all because of love. I thought of myself as the mermaid who loved the sea and setting foot on land because of my deepest desire and love to see the world. That’s how the idea of Joan’s Footprints was made, a mermaid born with legs to travel the world.

Meet the Author: Joana Gutierrez

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Hello! My name is Joana, but most people call me Joan or Pao. I am a part-time traveler and a part-time mermaid. Joan’s Footprints is my brainchild and I share my travel stories here. I recently found the biggest addition to my life, and that is Freediving.

I wasn’t born privileged, but I’m working my way to make ends meet. As a result, I became a DIY traveler. Hence the DIY Travel Guides! I’ve had countless misadventures like getting scammed or sleeping outside bus stations just to save spending money on hotels. It wasn’t so bad at all, because these experiences gave me something to write, something to advise to all my readers so they could avoid going down the same road as I did.

Exploring countless of islands and watching beautiful sunsets in the same horizon. Walking under the sun in a bikini with my salty hair and super tanned skin. It’s the kind of living I will never get tired of doing. The island life calls for me every single time. I take my cameras with me to film these extraordinary moments in my life. Watching the same sun that sets in a horizon but in a different place and in a different time.

Meet the Photographer/Drone Pilot: Milo Quinantoto

Milo is a Freediving Coach and a Travel Content Creator. He has an eye for landscape photography, underwater photography and aerial shots. Flying his drone is his thing whenever he travels, aside from binge eating ***roll eyes** lol. Milo is Joana’s constant travel companion and together they make a good match for creating quality contents.

Milo shares a lot of common denominator with Joana. Whether it be mountain trips, camping, backpacking, island hopping, swimming and/or diving. As a result, his passion grew in creating travel contents and has contributed a huge part in this blog’s graphic materials.

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