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Her name is Joana Gutierrez, a mermaid born with human legs to explore the world. She started traveling at the age of 22 and started doing solo-travels at 23. She wants to do more in her life than just traveling, she wants to inspire and give tips about travelling. As a result, Joan’s Footprints Travel Page & Website was born.

Joan’s Footprints is a travel blog created to build beautiful memories and to create inspiration to many. It hopes to bring joy in the hearts of her readers and hoping that one day her travel diaries will be a source of inspiration to many that traveling the world is an unending happiness.

Why the name Joan’s Footprints? I was thinking about the 2 things that makes me happy at the time I was contemplating for my site title. And I thought about freediving and traveling. So I thought about the popular nursery tales about a mermaid who grew legs to set foot on land all because of love. I thought of myself as the mermaid who loved the sea and setting foot on land because of my deepest desire and love to see the world. That’s how the idea of Joan’s Footprints was made, a mermaid born with legs to travel the world.

Meet the Author: Joana Gutierrez

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Hello! My name is Joana, but most people call me Joan. I am a part-time traveler and a part-time mermaid. Joan’s Footprints is my brainchild and I share my travel stories here. I recently found out the biggest addition to my life, and that is freediving. Before, I can’t explain the happiness I feel whenever I bask under the sun, surrounded by tropical palm trees and my toes covered with grain of sands. Now, holding my breath to explore the underwater world makes my mermaid heart at peace.

Exploring countless of islands and watching beautiful sunsets in the same horizon. Walking under the sun in a bikini with my salty hair and super tanned skin. It’s the kind of living I will never get tired of doing. The island life calls for me every single time. I take my cameras with me to film these extraordinary moments in my life. Watching the same sun that sets in a horizon but in a different place and in a different time. I know in myself that I have yet set my footprints in no more than 1/4 of the islands in my country.

Get to know more about me!

  • I am a certified potterhead!
  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Saint Louis University, Baguio
  • Started living independently and away from my family at a young age of 16
  • Freediver and a solo backpacker
  • I have 7 minimalist tattoos on my body!
  • I play by my own rules
  • Adventures over wealth
  • Travel vlogger too, watch my vlogs on Youtube!
  • I love dogs, Gabby is my babygirl
  • Extreme addiction for dream catchers, mermaids, fairies, conspiracies and alien theories. Talk to me about it, I can stay up all night with that topic!
  • I am mostly suspected as bisexual because of my boyish moves and outfit. But, I’m hundred percent girl!
  • I can play several musical instruments like piano, guitar and ukulele
  • Last 2018, been diagnosed with the “D” word. Yeap. Depression. I had social anxiety, BPD and panic attacks. In order to overcome this, I started solo traveling!
  • Dreaming to visit all 81 Provinces of the Philippines!

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Send your proposal to me at contact@joansfootprints.com or in my personal email at jpiann4@gmail.com and let’s talk about it!

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