Freedive Videos

Freedive video

Hi everyone! My name is Joan and I am happy to share with you some of my freedive videos I uploaded on Youtube. I started my mermaid dreams last April 2019 and honestly, I just can’t get enough of it!

To give you a bit of information, I first tried freediving at Summer Cruise. It’s a dive camp located at San Luis Batangas.

Read more here: Summer Cruise, Dive Spot in Batangas.

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Comment below if you want to join me on my next free-diving adventure!

Second time to try freediving in El Nido, Palawan
Every dive is a clean-up dive

Freediving in Apo Island, Dumaguete! Celebrated by 3rd month of being a mermaid here. 🙂

Dope edit by Biyahe ni Brant

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